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Plot Bunny Palace | Kelpie’s Korner

Plot Bunny Palace | Kelpie’s Korner.

As the title suggests Kelpie has started Plot Bunny Palace.

I think it’s a great idea! I wish I had thought of it first actually, lol.

I would like to add a couple to it, too.

  1.  After the Moon Goddess foul up Sookie goes to Eric and requests her right to Punish Pam for aiming that rocket launcher at her.

  2. Eric is able to get out of the Oklahoma pledging because he secretly pledged to Russell centuries ago.  Russell is older than Appius by more than a few centuries so has plenty of knowledge of how the old world worked and knows that those ways cannot be brought forward into the future. After all, blending in has served him well for well over 2 millennium; some of the old ways must change or be dropped entirely. He knows of Appius’s reputation as a cruel master so he wouldn’t put it past him to try something as sneaky and demoralizing as forming a contract with someone in order to continue to exert his control over his progeny.

They do like each other although love is a horse of a different colour…it’s more like respect. It’s not an eternity pledge since either one can cancel it at any time or bring others into it with the agreement of the other.

This was more of a protection for Eric since he was still young, by Russell’s standards, in the way of the vampire and still had plenty to learn.

  1. A twist on the Godric/Eric/Nora timeline. Godric turns Sookie the night Vesuvius erupts. Centuries later she begs Godric to turn Eric. Instead of turning Eric himself he releases Sookie so she can do the deed herself.

Okay, so maybe that was little more than a couple, lol.

If you are so inclined feel free to use one of the plot bunnies.  All I ask is that you either link back to me when the story is posted or comment to let me know the story is up (if it isn’t wordpress I don’t know if it will ping me or not).

Ohhhh, I would also like to know if someone, or more than one someone, uses one of them so I’ll have something to look forward to.

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