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Another New One Shot

Gooooooooooooooooood Morning!

It’s a beautiful sunny morning here, which is putting me in an excellent mood! And it’s a holiday here to boot, which just adds to that awesome mood!

I’ve another new one shot for you. Yes, I can hear you grumbling, “but what about the longer stories?”

My muse for anything much longer than a one shot, maybe a two shot, hasn’t returned yet, but I’m just happy to be writing again, I don’t really care! lol

This was written for the Sing Me A Rare: B Side competition in the Fairest of the Rare Facebook group.

It’s in the Harry Potter Universe again.

There is a trigger warning with this one though. It contains domestic violence, so if this is a trigger for you, please do NOT read it just to leave a review or a thumbs up or whatever. I’d rather my readers be happy and healthy.

Anyway, enjoy Happiness?

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Superhero Contest

BB Superhero Fest Entry 2016

Click to go to the contest page for rules and submission dates.

Guess who wrote something?

Yup, me! WOOT!

Entries are due tonight at midnight PST so I hope you’ve got your entry in or are just putting the finishing touches on your story!

Good luck to all who submitted something!

New One Shot

I wrote A Christmas To Remember for kittyinaz’s December 2015 writing challenge.

I hope you like it.


I did it! I really, really did it!

I got second place, twice, in The Villain’s Turn contest with The Men In Black! WOOT!


most original storyBest Villain Created


I am so happy. And proud! And thankful! And very surprised! I enter these contests for the fun of it and to try and coax my muse back from her very extended vacation. It seems she comes back and considers my little stories the vacation. Maybe she’s living with somebody else and comes back to me when I have an idea she considers worthy?

Anywho, this is my first original story. I hope you enjoy it.

The Men In Black wouldn’t have even gotten off the ground without my boyfriend, Breathes. He’s the comic guru in this apartment. I told him about the contest and he was off and running. Thank you Breathes for putting up with my insanity while writing.

Thank you also goes to Natsgirl1 for giving it the once over for me.

Most especially though, thank you to The Darkest Falling Star for conceiving this contest and The Non-Canon Awards for hosting it.


Hugs and kisses to everyone who voted for my little story.



Five hours left! (Midnight CST!!!!!) | Kittyinaz

Five hours left! (Midnight CST!!!!!) | Kittyinaz.

Four and a half now! Get them in folks!


Now, I’m thinking of running a small contest…by small I mean it might be the only one I run.
I read VictoryInTrouble’s 100 word story  and thought it would be cool to see what other people could come up with for after, or even as a continuation (I will talk to Victory to see if that’s okay).
I’m also thinking of limiting the word count since she did such a wonderful job with only 100 words.
I couldn’t offer banners or anything cool like that but I could do a blog post of it and put it under My Two Cents’ Worth with a link back and put it on the front page of my blog for a week before putting it under My Two Cents’ Worth.
I thought this might be particularly interesting to the beginning writers or those who don’t have a large following (I don’t have a large following either but I cross post absolutely everywhere!)

It wouldn’t have to be a fanficiton fandom either. It could simply be what your imagination comes up with, character names, or not, whatever. Once I get a general consensus I will let you know if I will be running it.
What do you think? Is anybody interested?

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