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First of all; today’s Fanfiction Minions post is up.

If you have gone to the site rather then reading in email lately you will have seen that I’ve made some changes.

I’m still writing; just not exclusively Eric and Sookie and certainly not exclusively in the SVM/TB fandom. Those stories are still in me a little bit but I feel I’ve written all there is for me to write in that vein, especially since so many others do it so much better than I ever could.

I have written a story for The Non-Canon Awards The Villain’s Turn contest. The link will lead you to the first story.

In the last year or so I have written for several contests and had fun writing each of them.

There have even been a couple of crack fics written because of inspiration from someone else’s story or prompt and I wrote Birthday Surprise for the recent Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood Fanfiction Exchange. Fairy Tale Amber wrote Pledge To A Viking for me during the exchange :D.

If you want to see all my contest entries they can be found on my Brag Page.

Why am I changing things?

My own focus has gone from writing what I love to reading what I love and I’m hoping to reflect that with the changes.

I am still writing and they will be posted here as time, life and deadlines/voting permit.

I am still posting the bi-weekly updates on Fanfiction Minions.

Any recipes will be posted at Kittyinaz’s Food Group Blog.

Natsgirl1 has reached the end of The Far Reach. I can’t recommend this series highly enough, and that’s not just because I beta it either. It truly is a wonderful idea. The first of the series is Swimming For the Light and the final story, A Distant Horizon will be starting sometime next month.

I will be doing The Ultimate Blog Challenge this time around but I will be doing it over at This ‘N That to help me continue posting over there and to maybe meet others who have varied interests as well.

This ‘n That was started as a way to delve into my other interests without boring those of you who have found me here at SVM and TB Stories. Stories is a niche site and I didn’t want to take away from that plus This ‘n That is my way of paying a small tribute to the late, great Ericizmine.

As most of you know she had many interests and her interest was shown in her writing. Well, the first story of hers I ever read was Sinners and Saints and there is a line in there where Sookie is asked what she’s been up to. Her answer was ‘A little of this and a little of that’. The web address is lilathisnalilofthat as the tribute.

I’m getting distracted by new and shiny so I’ll sign off for now and see you in a lil bit over at This ‘n That :).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Updates 6-3-15

Energize WIP Awards

Dirty Lemons Lay Low

California Kat United, Every Contingency

Kelpie’s Korner Sunday Sexiness, Story Spotlight, Tuesday Tossup

kardamon Forget Me Not

natsgirl1 The Far Reach

mommy4thomas Ties That Bond

dragontraynor Destination Eternity

Fangbangers Anonymous Completed Fics and added Authors

Little Lowe Rooftop Confessions

jc52185 My Wish

Queen of Area 5 True Blood/Vampire Diaries/The Originals The Strength In Weakness, Masque Of the Red Death

Just Wandering Never Lost Save Me

Biting My Thoughts Twilight/Vampire Diaries Reaping Of New Orleans, Bella the Witch, From the Ashes

Non-Canon Awards Story Review: Come Back To Me

IDream3223 Night Vision

hisviks 6 Months To Live

kittyinaz June Contest

kleannhouse Meant To Be

Updates: 5-24-15

First off I want to thank Gyllene and 4padfoot for accepting my offer to continue the awesome work they started on Fanfiction Minions. I will be starting the posts this coming Wednesday, May 27, 2015 and continue them twice a week. Anything posted on the Minions Facebook Page from 12:01 am EST Sunday, May 24 to midnight May 26/27 will be included in the update.

Just as a little help: midnight my time is 9:00 pm PST,  5:00 am in parts of Great Britain and at least parts of Germany and about mid afternoon in Australia. I am -5 hours GMT. And that’s the extent of my time differences knowledge, lol.

Here’s a tool to help you figure it out if you aren’t sure.

This is a new endeavor for me so it will take some time to iron out the kinks in my own system so I can get a posting day down pat.

Until the message reaches everyone it reached before I will be including the wordpress and fanfiction dot net authors I receive in my email inbox so I don’t send out empty emails.

I visited 4padfoot’s website for the first time yesterday and she has some AWESOME work! Visit her, you won’t be sorry and I KNOW you all have visited Gyllene’s site, since you read her, right? Right?

My 2 Cents’ Worth Time’s A Waiting, Swimming To the Light

California Kat United, The Marks Within, first place in the Area 5 Bloody Pen fanfiction contest, From the Inside Out

hisviks The Challenge. An entry for the Area 5 Bloody Pen Historical Fanfiction contest. From Time Immemorial, Beehl the Constipated Cat (This one is the best of the series so far)

kjwrit Northern Star (beginning)

American Android Godric VideoWhispers On the WindAmerican Android Radio Interview

kelpie’s Sunday SexinessSunday Sexiness 2

kelpie’s Story Spotlight Chance Encounters, Cop Car (MI), Two Princes (OUAT)

kelpie’s Humpday Hotness

kelpie’s Tuesday Tossup

kelpie’s fanart Friday

MistressJessica1028 Nymphomania, Waking Up Dead and one shot The Appointment

Victory In Trouble Worth The Wait, Birthday Wishes and Latte Love (a birthday story for IDream3223). She also does poetry. Who knew? Sweet Torture

kardamon Forget Me Not

kinnik Into the Blood, Shame and Grace, an entry in the Area 5 Bloody Pen Historical Fiction contest.

WOOT! Alphafang Die Tonight, Rule Tomorrow

fairytaleamber Or Watch Me Die, an entry in the Area 5 Bloody Pen Historical Fiction contest. Dead and Loving It

Carroll E. Stewart The Man I Want To Be

Carroll E. Stewart’s 100 word count story: The Clerk, The House Over the Hill

Non-Canon Awards Story Review: Funeral

Zofya The Children Of the Night, an entry in the Area 5 Bloody Pen Historical Fiction contest.

Just Wandering, Never Lost Save Me

Magsmacdonald Beauty and The Vampire Beast 

IDream3223 Night Vision

kleannhouse Meant To Be

meridian Eric Northman: After the Show

The Darkest Falling Star When the Past Comes Knocking, Gambit’s Siren

kittyinaz Tinman This Is Not the Beginning, This Is Not the End, Such A Heavenly View

Fanganger’s Anonymous Story Recs: On Duty

Jasper’s Goddess of War Twilight story The Willing

Summary: We all have a little darkness within all of us. A darkness that lies inside, waiting for us to give in… It won’t let you though, not until you’re willing…

and Twilight/Supernatural Charmed

Summary: She was tired of being used, betrayed; let down by those she cared about. She was tired of anything having to do with putting trust in anyone but herself. Trying her damndest to hold in her tears, she knew it was only a matter of time until her efforts would be useless. Originally a one shot, but will be a multi-chapter. CONTAINS MATURE THEMES AND ADULT LANGUAGE

Biting My Thoughts (all are Twilight/Vampire Diaries) From The Ashes Comes A New Beginning, Reaping Of New Orleans, Bella the Witch

Natsgirl1 The Far Reach

Harley’s Twilight/Avengers About Italy, Twilight/Spiderman A Webcatcher’s Dream, X-Men/Twilight Love Me Till It Hurts

reainla Twilight/True Blood Run Me Over

magpie Tales Crash and Burn, The Black Forest

Dirty Lemons Lay Low

Summary: Sookie’s been down on her luck and when her car needs repair, she ends up with job at a local garage. She’s the only female in a frat house environment and ends up becoming friends with Eric, the service writer. That friendship quickly evolves into something more but it’s not easy to keep things quiet in a small town like Bon Temps. It’s even harder at work, but they’re going to try.

MySecretO Detox

The Non-Canon Awards Story Spotlight From the Ashes Comes a New Beginning which is a story from Bite My Tongue who is listed above. They are looking for nominations for Cross overs. Some of the suggestions.

The Viking Trubie Seven Days

Melodious Nocturn Sweet Home Louisiana

missaliceunsub Time’s A Waiting, Character Sheet

buggyfiction The Originals/Twilight Sanctuaire

Reinla Just A Little Spark

jc52185 My Wish

Updates 3-13-15

Okay, I’m trying to get caught up. There’s no excuse really, other than laziness. So here’s the latest set of updates.

Happy Friday the 13th, especially those of you willing to brave Port Dover in the snow.

I hope everyone enjoys Pi(e) Day (3.14) tomorrow!


Harley’s Twilight/Avengers Iron Men and Thunder Gods, Twilight/Spiderman Webcatchers Dream

Kittyinaz’s Harry Potter/Twilight Such A Heavenly View, All I Want, The Sun Holds the Moon is a LOTR/Twilight X-Over which is still in the works so all we have currently is the summary.

Summary: Things go differently for Bella when Edward leaves, and after college, she leaves to travel through the mountains.  Imagine when she wakens to a whole new world that only had been hinted at in a book that is regarded as fantasy.

Tin Man All I Want, All I Don’t. Contest


MistressJessica1028’s A Queen’s Command

kinnik’s Into the Blood

Terri Botta’s Vampire Diaries The Rain King

Hisviks Beehl the Constipated Cat, From Time Immemorial and an Outtake, 6 Months To Live

IDream3223’s The Demon Is In the Details, Jesus For the Jugular, Vicious Traditions

Dirty Lemons finished Unwritten

keplies’ Sunday Sexiness, Story Spotlight. I beta’d the story in this spotlight and I agree with kelpie 100%! It is an awesome story. In case you haven’t come across it yet it’s Healed by kardamon. She also reviewed All In by kjwrit. Kelpie seems to be on a roll lately :), doing my favorite stories and all, lol.

Author Spotlight Victory In Trouble, Humpday Hotness, Fanart Friday OUAT, Plot Bunny Palace has some new additions. Mortal Instruments Story Spotlight

jc52185 Everything

kjwrit’s All In Outtake The Glamorous Life, Love Somebody (How I managed to miss this one is beyond me but it is now on my reading list :))

Natsgirl’s Swimming To the Light This one is getting to the end folks but I do believe she has a sequel in the works :). Go! Love this story!

mommy4thomas’s Vampire Diaries/Twilight The Devil Inside is a new story.

Summary: Bella Swan is now living in Mystic Falls, happy and madly in love. The return of Edward Cullen ruins the life she had made for herself. A certain event occurs and causes her to flip the switch on her emotions. She is dangerous, smart and cunning, wrecking havoc. The love of her life will do anything to get her back. Just how far will he go to get the girl he once knew back?


AlphaFang updated the character list for Die Tonight, Rule Tomorrow

Darkest Falling Star’s Heart Of A Fallen Goddess

Carroll E. Stewart A Light Under My Feet, The Third Tower, Brothers To the Bloody End, Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3, Vous Et Nul Outre, Dessert First Will Spoil Your Supper

Magsmacdonald’s Even the Dead Can Scar. This one is shaping up to be really awesome! Just imagine Sookie going AGAINST what someone told her to do! Can you imagine it? Me neither! LMAO! We really need a sarcasm font.

kardamon’s one shot The Door Is Open. This is set during the time when Eric is killing the Yakuza in Sookie’s yard only this time Sookie doesn’t ignore the fact that it’s happening or who it is saving her life once again. It really is an awesome one shot even if it is open ended so we can use our imaginations to dream about what might have been.

Reinla’s Just A Little Spartk

Dream On started a short story called Tattoos and A Pierced Lip.

Summary: Sookie is an executive assistant, working for lawyer Bill Compton. A chance assignment for a couple of months, has her, along with a team of lawyers, working at Appius Livius Ocella’s estate. Who could she possibly meet at such a dreary place? Surely not a hot blonde tattooed biker with a pierced lip and a penchant for breaking rules.

A free verse poem Pictures In White and Black

California Kat’s Inner

evenflo78’s Avenger’s story Uncharted Territory

Meridian’s Decisions, The Moon

Gyllene’s Black Friday

Fairytale Amber My Heartbeat Song. There is no summary but it looks like a different take on Sookie’s reaction when she met Eric and the aftermath. Dead and Loving It

Vitzy’s Harry Potter A Unique Experience

DeeDeeINFJ’s Hunger Games story Sold

wannabewriter24 Spellbound

American Android seems to be feeling better so we got some updates from her. Strength Of the Soul, Whispers On the Wind

fuzzypurpleunicorn’s Mortal Instruments Facebook for Shadowhunters

Buffy (Spike) gifs

Magpie Tales Crash and Burn

My Secret O Up All Night

Buggy’s Originals/Twilight Sanctuaire

Yes, I know, this IS a lot but I am caught up now 🙂


Updates 3-9-15

Okay, so I got a little lazy. Sunny blue skies, not worked in 3 weeks…just didn’t feel like doing much of anything yesterday

Gyllene has a new one out: At That Moment


This story begins  at the start of Definitely Dead. Eric shows up at Sookie’s house just as she is leaving to go out on her date with Quinn.  I am trying to fix just one of many mistakes.  This story goes AU fast, so do not expect a retelling of the books.  There will be some aspects from the books, but seeing as how I will never read them again I have to go with my very imperfect memory.

I realize that Quinn comes to her for their date before they go to New Orleans, but in my story this scene happens afterward.

Ooshka’s OUAT Kind Hearts and Cat Flaps

Queen Of Area 5 Lifting the Veil

Another Flash Fiction Prompt from Victory In Trouble

Hisviks and the TB/SVM directory are having a prelaunch.

My Secret O Up All Night

Natsgirl Swimming To the Light

Meridian’s The Moon

Harely’s Twilight/Spiderman X-Over A Webcatcher’s Dream

Carroll E. Stewart’s Dessert First Will Spoil Your Supper

Dirty Lemons Unwritten

California Kat’s Inner

Kelpie’s OUAT Story Spotlight When One Door Closes

FanOTheFang’s Walking Dead fic Together Whenever

I was dancing in my seat when I saw an update from kjwrit! The Venifica and the Vampire

A new author, missaliceunsub, has a story Time’s A Waiting. It is an extremely unique perspective on the beginning of the SVM series and I can’t wait to see how this one goes.

Summary:  When Sookie gets thrown back in time, all will be changed. Starting with a period of 9 months of baby growing. Being aware is not as fun as it seems, especially when you are so young.

Cuinawen’s Step To the Edge which I think is a Twilight/Vampire Diaries X-over.

IDream3223 Velvet Divorce

I will send more out later, I don’t want to overload your minds :), plus all this clicking hurts my wrist.

Why don’t I do reblogs? Each one hits your inbox individually and since that can sometimes be quite a lot (10 or more in a day) I don’t want to do that to you. Besides, this one was supposed to go out yesterday when most of us would have had the time to sit down and read :).

Updates 3-1-15

Happy March everybody.

I hope you enjoy the updates.

Ericizmine: Breathless I reviewed another of EIM’s stories just yesterday and it’s on the In Memoriam page.

Natsgirl’s Swimming To the Light

Vitzy’s one shot One January Morning in the Harry Potter fandom.

Carroll E. Stewart The Bloody Reasons, Clean Up On Aisle Six

Kelpie’s Story Spotlight: Morganstern Pride for the Mortal Instruments Fandom and Stories At A Bar for the OUAT fandom.

She interviewed Carroll E. Stewart

Fanart Friday

Sunday Sexiness

California Kat’s Inner

IDream3223 has been busy with one shots. All Alone, Thousand Miles, You Are A Tourist

Dirty Lemons Unwritten

Meridian Sookie Takes Charge

Lilly Gray The Vampire and His Pet.  WARNING!  This story is NSFW and has very strong BDSM and non consensual content.

Magpie Tales Crash and Burn

My Secret O Up All Night

American Android Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

Fairy Tale Amber Dead and Loving It

Thevikingtrubie has a new Short Story: Seven Days

Victory In Trouble’s Hollywood

Harley’s Twilight/Vampire Diaries A Crow In Search Of A Swam

Kittyinaz’s Harry Potter/Twilight Such A Heavenly View

Reinla’s Just A Little Spark

Kardamon’s Forget Me Not

The Darkest Falling Star The Heart Of A Fallen Goddess

Updates 2-25-15

I forgot it is Wednesday!

Natsgirl gave us a one shot that she wrote for Kittyinaz’s January contest, Tomorrow is Another Day and updated Swimming To the Light

Kinnik’s Into the Blood and new one she wrote for Kittyinaz’s January Contest called Madness

Kelpie gave us a generic one shot called Into the Curve. This one IS sad, there is no HEA but is still a very good read.

She also gave us some Sunday Sexiness. Beware, NSFW, especially if you want to watch the 3rd gif over and over and over and over…(Jason/Eric 😀 just as an FYI) and her Humpday Hotness

Kelpie also Spotlighted Your Presence Still Lingers Here by Lara Kingsley. She also interviewed author Koalakaos

Reinla updated her Twilight/True Blood Run Me Over and a new one called Just A Little Spark which is a G/S/E story.

IDream3223 seems to be on a one shot bullet lately :D. Memories, Fix You and Madness

JC52185 brought us some more of Everything

Fairy Tale Amber finished Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn Ya

I gave you a new My Two Cents’ Worth, a recipe, Frequently Read Fiction page and another story review.

Morggy’s gave us another chapter of Love Is A Party

Victory In Trouble updated Northman’s Nanny

Dirty Lemons gave us more of Unwritten

Mistress Jessica 1028 updated A Queen’s Command, Bridal Party Woes and Life In the Fast Lane and gave us a new one shot: Once Is Not Enough.

Vitzy gave us a one shot: Naming Their First Born which is a Harry Potter story.

The Darkest Falling Star updated Lune Vole and The Heart Of A Fallen Goddess

Buggy updated Sanctuaire, a Twilight/The Originals X-Over.

Magsmacdonald updated Even the Dead Can Scar

Carroll E. Stewart’s 100 Word Story, Blinding White Light, Promises Kept

Harley updated her Twilight/Avenger’s story Gamma Love

Alpha EN updated Die Tonight, Rule Tomorrow!

California Kat’s Inner

Kittyinaz updated All I Want

Queen of Area five added more to her Downloadable Stories, they’re all PDF.

Lara Kingsley updated Dead Brief’s Tome 2

Meridian updated The Revealing of Andre

Thetruebie gave us a one shot but I linked to the post because it’s funny :D.

Gwyn is back to writing so got her story Queen Interrupted beta’d by me and posted :D. She also wrote Meet My Brother which was entered in Kelpie’s Twin Skars contest back in the fall (I think). Both are totally awesome :D.

Terri Botta updated her Vampire Diaries The Rain King

TammyDevil666 updated her Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.


Updates 2-22-2015

Ya know ya wanna!

No, really, ya wanna!

Ya wanna click and read some awesome stories!

Meridian Spotlighted Keplie! We finally get to see what makes the original Spotlighter tick! She also updated Eric Northman: After the Show

Natsgirl updated Swimming To the Light

California Kat’s Inner

Kelpie Spotlighted a Mortal Instruments story and some Once Upon A Time fan art as well as Spotlighting an OUAT story, A Body of Trouble

Buggy’s Twilight/The Originals Sanctuaire

MissPharao updated us on her life and what’s happening to keep her from writing. My condolences go out to her and many well wishes for her husband.

Mommy4Thomas gave us a teaser for her Twilight/Charmed story Chances Are. I swear! This woman has the power to suck me into things I don’t normally read! I loved her Christmas story and it looks like I’ll be reading this one as well since I adored charmed before Piper left the show sigh.

A reminder about the SVM/TB directory! I hope you all come out and help as you can!

Carroll E. Stewart’s 100 word stories

IDream3223 has been a busy bee! One shots galore! Reflections and a Flash Fiction called Sweet Things and another one shot called Brutal Mercies and another one called Bleed For Me

Dirty Lemons Unwritten

Reinla’s Twilight/True Blood Cross Over Run Me Over

Magpie Tales Crash and Burn

Thetrubie’s Never Back Down



The Darkest Falling Star gave us more of Heart Of A Fallen Goddess which is an Avengers/Twilight Cross Over. She also gave us a Twilight one shot called Fate’s Decisions

My Secret O’s Up All Night

Victory In Trouble gave us a Flash Fiction called Just So Tired. She links to the inspiration behind Flash Fiction Friday so you can figure out what it’s about. She also updated Northman’s Nanny

Kardamon posted the last chapter of Healed. I’m sorry to see this one end, just like any other story I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I hope she has some other wonderful stories on the horizon.

Kittyinaz updated her Harry Potter/Twilight fic Such A Heavenly View

American Android gave us a life update. Hope you feel better soon.

Morggy’s Love As A Party

Hisviks From Time Immemorial

Fairytale Amber’s Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn Ya

Harley’s Twilight/Batman Cross Over Chasing Images as well as her Twilight/Avengers Iron Men and Thunder Gods.

Wow! That’s a LOT of updates in the last four days!


Updates 2-18-15

Hi everyone, here’s you’re Wednesday version of fanfiction updates 🙂

Dirty Lemons gave us more of Unwritten. I finally got around to reading what they’ve got of this fic so far and it is really well written, like their other stories, and as they promised at the beginning it is light on the lemons.

Kinnik put up another chapter of Into the Blood

Hisviks gave us more Galatea’s Descent and 6 Months To Live

jc5218 Everything

Virala’s Finally

KellyBelle gave us Sympathy For the Devil

Fairytale Amber Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn Ya

Harley’s Twilight/Teen Wolf Cross Over Passing Of the Torch

morggy’s Love As A Party which is a sequel to Love As Drabbles and Love As A Game

Reinla’s Twilight/True Blood Cross Over Run Me Over

California Cat’s Inner

Kelpie did an OUAT Spotlight for Like A Pirate and TB’s Dead Brief’s Tome 2 as well as author deGorgeous and a chapter of Behind the Camera and her Mortal Instruments story The Sharpest Lives

American Android’s Whispers On the Wind

Missy Dee added a chapter to Friday Night Blues called Bottoms Up! Warning! Definitely NSFW and most definitely Slash! This may have been Missy Dee’s first foray into the world of same sex sex but you could have fooled me. She did a freaking awesome job and it was H O T!!!!!

MistressJessica1028: A Queen’s Command, Deception, Nymphomania and three one shots One Time Thing, Rekindling the Romance (an IHH side story) and Strangers In the Night

J. R. Watkins Recollector

Natsgirl’s Swimming To the Light. We are getting close to the end of the first third of this story and it really is an awesome read. Swimming is a take on post DEA I haven’t seen before and so far there is low angst with a lot of setting up the rest of the story and insight into the characters.

Melusine10’s Into the Mystic

Darkest Falling Star’s Lune Voilé This is a Twilight Cross over with…something. Not sure what because it isn’t listed and she updated Heart of A Fallen Goddess which is another cross over. Plus entries for the January Contest Darkness Of the Lake (G/B/E TB/Twi X-Over), Death’s Muse (G/B TB/Twi X-Over)

Carroll E. Stewart 100 Word Story as well as this and this

Kittyinaz has the results for January’s Writer’s Challenge and she updated All I Want as well as her Tin Man Story This Is Not the Beginning, This Is Not the End

Dream on wrote Ghost Of the Bayou for the Writer’s Challenge

Gyllene’s Black Friday

Happy reading everybody!

Updates 2-15-15

Good morning all!

Happy day after and welcome to the Sunday (Sinday?) updates!

VictoryInTrouble gave us a new short story called Express To Forever. I like how her mind works, truly, I just wish I could come up with half the wonderful things she does!

The Darkest Falling Star gave us a new one shot Lune Voilé, a Twilight story. She also updated The Heart of a Fallen Goddess, a Twilight/Avengers Cross Over.

kleannhouse gave us New Life. Now matter how strange or funny that sounds New Life really is the title of the story.

Reinla updated Run Over You, her Twilight/True Blood Cross Over.

Dirty Lemons’ Unwritten

Harley’s A Crow In Search Of A Swan, a Twilight/Vampire Diaries Cross Over and her Twilight/Avenger Gama Love

Kelpie gave us an interview with Lara Kingsley and A Mortal Instruments Spotlight as well as one for OUAT.

Natsgirl gave us some more of Swimming To the Light. I seriously love this story!

I have serious love for Meridian’s The Moon too! And she updated Decisions. She also gave us a one shot called At Last. There is an attempted suicide trigger warning attached to this story so please listen and if that is one of your triggers don’t read it. I will tell you though that there is most definitely an E/S HEA so all is not lost.

The Incomparable California Kat gave us some of Inner

My Secret O gave us some more of Up All Night

Magpie Tales updated Crash and Burn

Buggyfiction, a new to me site, has an Originals/Twilight fiction called Sanctuaire.

Summary:  On a class trip to New Orleans, Bella stumbles upon history like she never anticipated. Learning about one’s self is never easy, but discovering new things is always an adventure to true independence.

The wonderful and hilarious Hisviks is giving us Beehl, The Constipated Cat. I linked to the introduction instead of the cartoon because seriously, her humour fits right in with mine most days and the warnings??? Lmfao!

Carol E. Stewart has been writing 100 word count stories and posting them for the last little while and I am now including them. As far as I know they are simply random bits of thought but I need to go back to the beginning to see if they are connected somehow. This one is Light Follows Dark.

You may remember a while back I linked to Queen of Area 5 and her Unconventional series. She posted another in the series called Wild and Wicked. Most definitely NSFW!

IDream3223 gave us a one shot, Happy Valentine’s Mr. Northman, from the Faux Universe. If you want smouldering this is the one for you :).

Kittyinaz updated her Mummy/Twilight story, Light Up the Path.

FairyTale Amber gave us some more of Dead and Loving It with a NSFW warning. She’s also got something new going on, Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn Ya. This is more of a ‘How would I have reacted in that situation’ type thing. I enjoyed it :D.

American Android updated Whispers In the Wind. When I read the title on the banner in Fanfiction Minions my brain must have been winding down or something because I read it as Whiskers In the Wind! Lmao! I had to do a double take and then laugh at myself. New glasses maybe? New brain? New eyes?

Kelly Belle has a story called Sympathy For the Devil.

Summary: Sookie is a 2,000 year old faery princess who gets tangled into the world of vampires, once again, when the vampire sheriff’s maker goes missing.


kardamon updated Forget Me Not as well.

Enjoy everyone :). That’s all until next time.

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Love to Garden? Learn Some Helpful Tips And Tricks To Help You Get That Green Thumb

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