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These French Vending Machines Sell Short Stories | Smart News | Smithsonian

I wanted to share this for Nationa Reading Month. Unfortunately, that isn’t until March and this is way too cool to wait!

I’d support this in a heartbeat!

Definitely healthier all the way around than the candy bars and chips you can find in most vending machines. Or even that AWFUL vending machine coffee! Yuck!

This might be an idea for museums, historic trails and such. It would give us a tangible memento of where we were as well as reference material for the writers, researchers and students who have to do a paper.

What say you all?

Super-short fiction that’s as good as any snack

Source: These French Vending Machines Sell Short Stories | Smart News | Smithsonian

Today’s News

Today at work we had the second annual employee appreciation BBQ.  The weather wasn’t the nicest since it was downright cold and very windy but still it was a fairly good time.  The union president was even there.

The union has always supported the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada in the wonderful work they do but this year Kraus decided they were going to get in on the volunteer wagon as well.

They chose to partner with Habitat for Humanity and honestly I don’t think I could think of a better fit for a flooring company than a volunteer organization that helps those who are down on their luck with their housing situations.

For the first time in a very long time I’m proud to say I work for Kraus Carpets.

They are finally pulling themselves up by their boot straps and getting out in the community, recognizing all the hard work their employees have put into their products and I, at least, am a lot happier with my job now than I can ever remember being.

The proverbial icing on the cake today was that I got a 25 year service award which includes a day off with pay.  The day off has to be used by December 31 and they have to make sure they will have enough workers to get the product out by the end of the day but I don’t see an issue with that at all :).

Kudos to Kraus Carpets and UFCW 175 and 633.


I know I already told everyone about my brother’s business and gave you his site address but I thought I would let you know, too, that he is looking for a pre-seller to help him build his business.

Help Wanted

We are looking for a pre-seller.

Will be on commission.

MUST have own transportation.


 Speak, read and write English fluently

Legible writing.

Good verbal communication skills.

Ability to do basic math.

Minimum 5 years experience in all aspects of landscaping.

MUST be a people person.

Extensive knowledge of the tools of the trade.

Ability to give estimates on jobs correctly.

Send resume to with subject line Pre-seller.

Thanx for reading everyone!

Product Review

On Friday I bought an eMatic tablet for my boyfriend.  He wanted to be able to play his Facebook games, check email…nothing too overtaxing for a quad-core anything until you realize it does not support Adobe Flash.

The eMatic is an Android which I do not have an issue with since my cell phone is an Android.

This tablet is supposed to have 8 gigs of storage (they call it flash memory) but with all the preloaded crap, most of which I will not use, or use so rarely as to be never use any way, there is less than a gig to store the stuff you actually do want to download and use and, since you can’t delete any of the pre-loaded apps you can’t create more space.

I am disappointed, to say the least.

The eMatic is fairly easy to use and it does use Swipe technology so it’s easy to get from one screen to another but I found it to be slow to respond to commands, almost seeming to freeze up quite frequently during the few hours I attempted to use it.

It didn’t matter whether I used my finger or a stylus for document editing; it was still almost impossible to place the cursor exactly where I wanted it to be.  In fact, the stylus made it more difficult, especially for the Swipe to work.  The stylus, which is not included but I had on hand for other stuff, was great for the touch screen keyboard though and the letters on the keyboard are easy to see since the keys are big enough that my fingers weren’t hitting two or three keys at the same time.

So, the pros for the eMatic tablet:

wi-fi capable
easy to use
Swipe technology
Google based
Good sized touch screen keyboard

The cons:

slow to respond despite being a quad core
not a lot of storage
cannot delete pre-loaded applications
hard to get exact cursor placement for editing documents
does not support Adobe Flash player

All in all I would say the eMatic 7 HD quad core tablet was a big disappointment.  It will be going back to the store today and will be replaced with something which is hopefully more capable of doing the things I do the most.

Blog Challenges

Okay, yeah, I know.  Another challenge I likely won’t complete BUT I am hoping it will help me in achieving my goals of actually posting something a little more often than whenever I feel like it or whenever I remember.

I DO want to give those book reviews I’ve promised and I do want to do the reviews for the fanfics I read.  Not to mention recipes, get back on track with my own writing and a whole host of other things but my get up and go is still sitting on its butt typing on this keyboard!

SO I typed blog challenges into Google search and found this at the top of the listings.

Maybe all I need is a little motivation?  Do you guys think you could help me with that?

I have a bunch of things I can blog about from the book reviews to promoting fics I’m betaing to the recipes I keep forgetting to post to something funny I’ve read or seen…You get the picture I’m sure.

Sooooooo, here goes…I’m posting my first July post on July 7, 2014.  Here’s to me finishing another challenge :).

New Chapter: Something New

Chapter 3 of Something New is now up!

I’m looking for a Beta.  With the release of the VERY UNSATISFACTORY final book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries, book 13, I am in the process of writing it so they get their HEA.  I haven’t read Dead Ever After and have no intention of doing so.

After reading the reviews and rants about the nonsensical ending to what was a wonderful series, at least until the last three or four books, I have decided to not continue on with reading any of Charlainne Harris’ writing.  I do have other books on my list of what I want to read.  Authors like Terry Brooks (Shanarra series), P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast (House of Knight series) and many others.

I will be continuing my SVM and TB fanfic, at least for a while, though since I do still have many ideas, but I think the majority of them will probably fall under the True Blood Tag since it is still ongoing and they haven’t written the Sookie we have all grown to either love, or hate, down and out for the count yet.  Truly, I hope the producers of True Blood give us, and Sookie and Eric, what we want:  An ending which is at least feasible!  Preferably they will have them end up together but that is still, hopefully, a ways down the road. 

Until next week, enjoy!


Something New chap 2

Chapter 2 is now up!

Thank you all for the comments, follows and likes!

I had some good action on my spotlight as well so I will continue on with it.  I’m not sure if it will be once or twice a month yet but you will know when the next one is up :);).

Unfortunately I own NOTHING other than this story, the characters belong to Charlainne Harris and/or Alan Ball :(.

Enjoy this chapter :).

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