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Final Chapter

The epilogue has been added to The Other Road Home.

I’m taking some time off from posting to hopefully get some stories finished &/or polished enough for posting.

Enjoy everybody!


The Other Road Home chap 11

Chapter 11

is ready and waiting for you to read :).

New stuff

Hey all :).

I have some new stuff for you this week!

The Other Road Home chap 10 is up!

I have a new section called books.  It is for book recommendations and reviews.  Right now these will be my favourite books over the years starting with Karen.

I also have a new Fanfiction review for you :):  Switched by Mysecreto



The Other Road Home chap 9

Chapter 9 is now up! 

I’m thinking of doing some book recommendations.  I know it seems like I spend an inordinate amount of time reading/writing about Sookie Stackhouse but that’s not true!  Honest!  I do read other authors and not all of them are in the fiction/fantasy genre either!

Enjoy the chapter.  It’s a shortie but it’s still good.

The Other Road Home chap 8

Hello all you lovely readers!  Chapter 8 is up!

We’re nearly to the end but I am considering some outtakes from the reviews I’ve gotten over on  Please, if you have any ideas give me a shout out!


Chapter 7

The Other Road Home now has chapter 7 added!

Mother Nature seems to be going through a form of menopause!  We had July weather in May and now we’ve got late March/early April weather in June!  Grrrrrrrrr  Please!  Make up your mind!

New Chapter

Chapter 6 of The Other Road Home is now up!


The Other Road Home Chap 5

That’s right folks, chapter 5 is up!  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I am also adding a recipe section to my blog!  It will be more than Southern Fried clogged arteries too!

The recipes will be some of the staples in our household, things we eat regularly.  Some of them will have the associated link since a lot of my recipes come from online.  Some of them will be wonderful southern comfort food (I am Southern, born and bred), others will be desserts, other nationalities, etc. 

If you have a favourite and would like to have it added please send it to me here, FFN, facebook (my link isn’t working so I’ll fix this at a later date), twitter or, if you have my email you can do that.  If, after three times trying it, we decide it is yummy, I’ll add it here with full props to the one who sent it.

New Chapter

Something New has a new title!  It is now The Other Road HomeThank yous go to treewitch703!

The next chapter is up!  I think you’ll like it, too :).  Godric follows through on a promise. 


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