What Did You Do?

I was visiting another blog this morning, answering a question about long car trips when I had some inspiration!

What did you do to occupy yourself, or your own children, while on long car trips?

We did the classic I Spy, name all the states/provinces alphabetically or geographically, how many out of state/province license plates can you spot, how many rigs (transport trucks) can you spot (developed specifically for my 5 year old, at the time, brother), card games, Yahtzee, Boggle, reading, dinky cars, sleeping, arguing sigh. Those were the days, now we hardly see each other.

Ooohhhh, we also did spelling and grade specific math without pen and paper, a calculator or anything else other than our brains and fingers and toes :D.

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  1. Love that you play games how about counting motorcycles on the road so when they drive they will be aware of us.
    Thank you

    • Love that idea!
      My kids are too old for it now (21), and it’s the wrong season since there’s snow on the ground, but that is awesome! Early learning about road safety is never a bad idea :).

  2. We had the radio on usually.i had either a book in my hands or watching the scenery go by.sometimes i write a whole story in my head..

  3. Punch buggy..it was awful, but car trips can be boring…if you aren’t familar, whoever sees a VW bug first calls it out and gets to punch the other person in the arm.. my sons loved it, but had to stop them before it got too violent. Never forget driving through a town in Ohio and passing a repair shop that specialized in VWs.. there must have 20 or 30 of them on the lot…

    • Good grief! I can just imagine the bruises I would have had on my arms if my brother had come across that as a teenager! *shudder*
      Of course, I would have probably tried to replicate the bruises on him, lol.

  4. I still play those games! I-spy is a big one for my kids; also songs – sooo many songs especially for the 18 month old. Old MacDonald had a farm… Yep but we make it a bit weird and add dinosaurs and pirates and cool stuff.

  5. After my brother, sister and I spelled out where the boundary lines were located on the back seat (you are in my space! Mom!) we did a lot of license plate game and we sang. Remember 100 bottles of beer on the wall? My mother should have been made a saint.

    • I remember the song, unfortunately I can’t carry a tune in a bucket with a lid, and since I had a captive audience…well, I didn’t want them bleeding from their ears, lmao.

  6. I would usually sleep on car trips. Srsly, I’d bring my pillow and a blanket and pile up in the back seat and end up snoozing. But, before then I’d color (huge fan of coloring books and crayons/pencils even then), or just stare out the window at the passing scenery or the pretty lights at night until, yeah, snooze time. If it was rainy, the sound of the wipers would lull me to sleep even faster. What can I say…I was an easy, boring kid when it came to road trips.

  7. Hmmm….would make a cute drabble.

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