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The Lovely Lady Tarara and I did something. We collaborated.  On a story!  For the Out Of This World Contest. Together!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the results are in!

2nd for Most Unusual Pairing

2nd for Most Unusual Pairing


3rd for Best Supporting Characters

3rd for Best Supporting Characters


3rd for Most Shocking Twist

3rd for Most Shocking Twist


3rd place for Most Original Story

3rd place for Most Original Story


2nd for Best Overall Story

2nd for Best Overall Story

I present to you, Over the Rainbow, with many thanks to The Non-Canon Awards for this awesome contest and to Lady Tarara for collaborating with me and having such wonderful ideas! The story will eventually continue but we both have real life to contend with so it may be a while. Enjoy!

Squeeeeee! Again!

Good news, good news!

The You Want Blood Awards

Final Round is Live!

And guess what?

A Christmas To Remember made it to the final round for Best Hybrid and I made it to the final round as beta! WOOT

Good luck to all who have made it this far. May the best in each category win!

So…Go, read, vote!


The You Want Blood Awards initial round is up for voting!

And guess what?


Love Makes the World Go Round and A Christmas To Remember were nominated for Best One Shot!


A Christmas To Remember was nominated for Hybrid Award.


And I was nominated for EagleEye!

This is the first time I’ve been nominated as a writer and the second time as a beta!

I didn’t expect any of my stories to be nominated, really. I’m honored and flabbergasted!

Thank you to all of you who nominated me and those of you who vote for my stories. I love writing when the muse hits and I love that you all enjoy them enough to even remember them when this time comes around.

Thank you! Now, go and vote for your favorite stories, authors, banner makers and betas! There are many, many worthy stories and authors nominated, it will be a tough choice. May the best in their category win!

And many, MANY thanks to 4padfoot for putting this all together and working tirelessly (and sleeplessly) over the last three days to verify all the links and get it up and running as quickly as she did. WITHOUT any help!

Weekend Coffee Share and Movie Review

I think this is the first Coffee Share I’ve done over here so I’ll explain it.


If you’ll click the coffee cup above you’ll be taken to a place where you can find new blogists (is that a word?) who take part in this weekly thing called weekend coffee share. It’s a place where we can have a little fun and share a bit about our week

It was started by Part-Time Monster a while back and there are plenty of us who do it, some more than others, some less (ahem…me…ahem) but it’s a way to connect, have fun and maybe find something new to read.

If we were having coffee on this HOT, sunny Sunday morning I would let y’all know that I am not impressed with last week’s humidity or what’s supposed to be coming this week, although I am very thankful it broke for yesterday.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I got to meet one of my Facebook friends for the first time last night. She was totally awesome and I’m looking forward to another movie night!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that we went to see Tarzan last night.

I was totally jazzed, mostly because I was meeting someone new but also I was going to the first movie in a long while AND it starred Alexander Skarsgard (sorry for the misspelling, I don’t have the Swedish keyboard setting), Margot Robbie and Samuel L. Jackson.

It seemed like Robbie and Jackson did the acting while Skarsgard provided the comedic relief and the eye candy.

You know those Tarzan reviews out there? The ones talking about his abs and lack of shirt for 2/3 of the movie and the fact his long johns sat way down over his hips? (Can we say ‘V’ boys and girls? A little further south of the border and we might have got what we paid for.) They’re all extremely accurate.

I watch a movie for the entertainment value so when I notice inconsistencies you know that, aside from spending FAR too much time with my boyfriend, it wasn’t a great movie. Unfortunately, it was utterly and achingly forgettable for me.

Funny thing: They tried, tried, to imitate the Tarzan yell. It sounded more like Samuel L. Jackson yelling because he was frustrated because he couldn’t keep up with Tarzan. Or a hippopotamus mating call.

Now, how was your week?

New One Shot

I wrote this months ago for the Tease the Muse Contest but, since they cancelled, you get it a couple of weeks early.


Modern Day Lady Godiva

New One Shot

I wrote A Christmas To Remember for kittyinaz’s December 2015 writing challenge.

I hope you like it.

Written FOR me!

Fairy Tale Amber wrote Pledge To A Viking for me during the fic exchange! Updated 9-23-15 to say Fairy Tale Amber posted Pledge To A Viking today :).

Thank you Fairy Tale Amber! I’m looking forward to the rest of the story.

She hasn’t posted it to her site yet so the above link takes you to the story on the Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood Fanfiction Exchange site, I’ll update the link once I have the one for Fairy Tale Amber’s wordpress site.

Truly, I love it and can’t wait to see more of the story.

There really were a lot of totally awesome stories written for this first Exchange which was hosted by the totally awesome Queen Of Area 5.

Author Reveal will take you to the post of who wrote what and for whom.

Well done everyone! I hope the next one has just as awesome a turn out as this one did!

This is YOUR chance to have your voice heard!!!! | Kittyinaz

This is YOUR chance to have your voice heard!!!! | Kittyinaz.

Vote for which of Kittyinaz’s stories you want her to work on.

Guest Reviews

I had a guest review over on ffn today for my one shot, The End.

The was terribly sad and unnecessary. Wish I hadn’t read it. This could of ended so much better but your ending was super bad and dumb.

I can understand someone not liking a story, really. There are plenty out there that I don’t like as well but if that’s the case I cut my losses and leave the story rather than a review. Why? Over there there’s no way to tell, just by looking at the numbers, whether the reviews are good, bad or indifferent and I don’t want to add any more of my presence to a story I didn’t enjoy than I already have (clicking the link counts as visiting the story).

Since it’s a guest review I can’t reply back to them and ask what they didn’t like about it. Since it’s in my top 5 of the one shots I’ve written (along with The House Always Wins, Sookie’s Gift and Looney Tooney) that I actually enjoy reading time and time again I can’t understand.

Maybe it’s because I don’t WANT to understand?

In both the books and the show Sookie didn’t evolve, or if she did she quickly devolved. She did stupid shit that didn’t get her anything but more heartbreak. She didn’t get the guy, she didn’t get the HEA I feel she should have had.

Mind you, Eric didn’t really have an HEA either.

They never spoke again after he talked to her to get her to talk to the douche.

In my opinion, and others considering the reviews I got on here for The End, they needed that last conversation. They needed closure.

Eric needed to let her know that she HAD hurt him and that he was moving on with his life and he wanted her to do the same.

When I look at their relationship now I see toxic written all over it.

What would you call a relationship where the participants couldn’t communicate? Where they were either constantly arguing or having make up sex? A relationship that your family and friends didn’t approve of?

I’ve been there, done that and own the damn t-shirt store!

It was time Eric took back the reigns in his own life and got on with the business of living instead of mourning that which was never really his to begin with. sigh

It was time he took his balls back from both Sookie and Pam and started being a man again! smile

Would I have liked it if he had told her he would be there when she was ready to move on? Hell yeah but in my eyes it would have still been more of the same: Miscommunication and toxicity.

I know at least one person asked for a sequel of sorts and I am working on it. It’ll be part of a writing challenge (not allowed to say which one) so it’ll be a while before you see it but it is in the works.

And they are done! | Kittyinaz

And they are done! | Kittyinaz.

The Kittyinaz Fairy Tales contest!

The banners are done which means, guess what? The stories are up for reading and voting on!

So please. Go. Read. Vote!

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