A/N:  This is a one shot out take from The Choice.

What does Sookie do when she discovers just how sexy her fangs are?  Who is the  recipient?  Let’s find out!

She was in the bathroom, gazing in the mirror.  What did her fangs look like?

She willed them down and opened her mouth to see.  She smiled.

Yessssssss, so pretty.  No too long, slender, pointy, sexy!


She experimented.  She ran her tongue over the length of one and felt a now familiar ache low in her belly.

She ran a finger down the length of one and felt her panties dampen.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder……….?

She peeked around the door frame, yes, he was there!  “Ericccccccccccc……….”

He looked at her, saw her smile, the fangs, “Sookie?”

“Please?” she said as seductively as she could.

He was in front of her now, still clothed.  “Please what my love?”

“May I see your fangs please?”

He smiled for her, fangs already in place.  So long, so pointy, so sexy!  She ran a finger over one, he growled lightly and she could smell her own arousal now.

She grabbed a handful of his shirt and pulled his face down to hers.  She lightly ran her tongue over one and found herself pressed against the door frame before she could remove her tongue from his fang and felt his erection poking her through his jeans and her  panties.

“Sookie, you’re playing with fire again.”

“I know.  I am on fire and you have just the equipment to put the flames out!

You have too many clothes on!”  She set about ripping them from him, she flung them around the two rooms, not caring where they landed as long as the end result was him naked and inside her.

She had a brilliant idea!  She sucked on the tip of one of his fangs and felt hers lengthening, felt her own arousal leaking through her panties, her nipples grew even harder.

He pressed her even more forcefully into the door frame, his own arousal more than evident as he rubbed himself against her wetness, eliciting a growl from both of them.

She ground herself down on to his length and was instantly wetter at the moan she heard coming from him.

“Who has too many clothes on now, Lover?”  He ripped her panties and tossed them, not caring where they landed as long as he buried himself deep inside her heat.

She didn’t wait for  him to lift her onto him.  Instead she pulled herself up and rubbed him along her folds, letting him feel exactly how wet and wanting she was and only for him!  In less time than a thought she had him buried deep within herself, pumping for all she was worth.

She was lost to the lust, the need that was part of a vampire’s basic nature.  The need that was sex in its most basic form.  The primal urge to claim what was hers, no matter the cost, and she knew now, without a doubt that he was hers!

A roar ripped from his throat as she bit into his chest, drinking, fulfilling another of those basic needs, the need to feed as she fucked.  It didn’t matter that his blood could not nourish her, it only mattered that she took him within herself, felt his blood flowing through her veins, mixing with hers.

He gave in to his own lust when she bit, when he felt his blood coursing through her.  He had her flat on the floor, her legs wrapped around his waist.  His weight could barely contain her, barely hold her down so he could thrust on his own.

As he bit into her neck she let go and howled with joy.  She was a vampire now!  It was good to give in to instinct, let it take over, have its way!

She lifted his head from her neck and attacked his lips at the sight of her blood on them.  She devoured them, kissing, licking, sucking, biting, nipping.  She was wild with her lust.

Some small part of her brain was watching and urging her on, telling her what she had always known, even when she was human.  He was hers and no one was going to take him away from her.

Her lust was receding a little now, sated somewhat now that her vampire need to be animalistic had been met.  Now it was time to slow down and let him know how much she needed him for more than just a primal urge to mate.

She flipped them and sat astride him, running her fingers along her body, letting him see how much she had enjoyed what they had just done by how sensitive her body was to her touch.

He took over, delighting in her shivers and moans from his touch.

He put his hands on her hips and lifted her up and down, setting a more sedate pace, showing her he was sensitive to her need for change, he needed it too.  “Show me your fangs my Lover, MY Sookie.”

She leaned over, bracing her hands on his chest and bared them, full length, for him.  She watched her reflection in his eyes, watched his reaction to them.

“Magnificent!” he breathed.  He reached up and touched them both at the same time, watched her shiver with anticipation and need and felt himself stiffen within her at the sight and feel of them.

He pulled her head down and ran his tongue along first one fang then the other and felt her orgasm from just that touch.  “Like that Lover?”  She purred as she nodded, too intent on her own feelings to put words to that which was coursing through her.  She lay her head down on his chest, rubbing herself against him, taking his scent onto her as she left hers on him.

She sighed in contentment.

“The dawn is coming my love, let’s get you cleaned up and I’ll stay the day with you.”  He lifted them both off the floor and carried her to the shower where he proceeded to show her exactly how possible it was to get dirty in the shower before you got clean!


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