WMHB chap 12

“So, Sookie, are you truly okay?”

She didn’t say anything, she couldn’t. What if she made the wrong decision about Bill? What if the binding backfired and got one of them killed?

He picked her up and flew them to a nearby motel. After getting them a vampire friendly room he called Pam to let her know not to expect them that night.

“Sookie, my child. It’s OK. There is no right or wrong decision here, only what you want to do.”
He sat down in one of the chairs and pulled her into his lap, letting her feel what she needed to feel. When he started humming the tears finally started flowing, her body wracked with gut wrenching sobs. Finally her body stopped heaving and she looked up at him with a tear streaked face, “Eric, I need to feed badly then I think I’ll be able to talk.”

“Of course my child. Let me call room service for a couple of donors. Do you have a preference tonight?”

She shook her head so he placed the call and soon there was a knock at their door. There were two busty redheads on the other side. He invited them in. Once they were in they seated themselves on the side of the bed as they had been trained. She didn’t waste any time on small talk, she simply went in for the bite. She was soon sated and back in control of herself. She smiled up at him as the girls were leaving, “Thank you, I needed that. Let me wash my face then I’ll be ready to deal with things.” She was soon back in his lap, exactly where she wanted, needed, to be.

Once she started talking it all came out in a rush of words, “Physically I’m fine, Bill didn’t even know where I went after Izzy told me she was in the kitchen and to come on down. I went out on the balcony, floated down to the ground and looked in the kitchen window. I saw him holding a knife to her chest so went up on the roof since he can’t levitate that high, texted you, went and got Izzy’s phone from her room and called the Sheriff. Unfortunately they didn’t get there soon enough to save Izzy but they have him in custody. My mental shields are suffering but I’m able to hold them up with a little effort. I am feeling guilty about the deaths, Izzy’s more so than the others.

I have been thinking about what you told me before I went to rest today. I haven’t been able to think about much else other than finally being in your arms again.

I want him to suffer and I feel guilty for wanting him to suffer. Other than wanting him to suffer I don’t know what I want regarding him.m I want him to suffer Eric, suffer for a very, very long time but I don’t want to be tied to him as I would be if any of us were bound to him.

You said you had a surprise for me?”

“I do but I wanted to spend some time alone with you first before we went over to the island to meet with Pam and Thalia.

I am proud of you Sookie, very proud. You kept your wits about you and called for someone you knew would be able to help rather than trying to deal with the situation yourself. That was the right thing to do. It didn’t save Isabel but she died with honor Sookie. She died in defense of her charge. She will go to whatever God she believed in. She was happy to take this task on. She felt it helped make up for the mess with Hugo by being able to do this.”

“I think she’ll definitely be happier Eric. She wasn’t looking forward to going back to Texas to take her punishment so I think this was preferable for her.”

“I’m sure it was. It’s always an honor to go to your final death in battle or in defense of someone, or something, you hold dear and she definitely liked you. Godric didn’t even have to ask her to come with you, she volunteered once the situation was explained to her.

You have no need to feel guilty about her death. She was happy to do it and you said yourself that she would have rather faced her final death than to go back to finish out her punishment.”

“I know Eric, still just barely out of the grave here so trying to get over being human, having human feelings.”

“That’s why we’re here rather than with Pam and Thalia. I didn’t think you wanted them to see you at your weakest, besides I wanted some time with you, just the two of us, before reality came crashing down on us again.

Now let’s get the rest of the unpleasant part of the evening over with then we can relax.
What do you want to do about Bill? First you need to decide whether you want to let the Sheriff have his fun with him. I should also mention that the funds from the liquidation of most of Lorena’s assets has been deposited into a European account for you. The money is yours to do with as you will although I will offer you suggestions if you wish.”

“Money all my own? I’ve never had much to be able to do anything with. Sometimes we barely had two nickels to rub together but we managed. I wish Gran could see me now.”

“I’m sure she’s smiling down on you from heaven my child, proud of you and how well you’ve handled yourself in the circumstances you’ve been thrown into.”

“I know she is Eric,” She smiled up at him, “but I guess I have at least one decision to make tonight. I’m leaning toward letting him have his fun with Bill, he took his child from him and should be made to pay.

Yes, I’ll let him have his fun for a week so I have time to decide on the rest although I would like you to talk to Pam and Godric to see if they would be willing to be tied to him if you don’t want to do it.

I want to look at all my options before making a final decision. I’m too young and inexperienced and don’t want the responsibility of being tied to anyone other than you just yet.”

“He will be most pleased. Would you like to tell him or shall I?”

“I guess, since he’s my responsibility I should be the one to tell him. Do you have his number and a disposable phone?”

“I do my love. We’ll buy one for you once our phone calls are finished.”

He handed her the cell phone he was using and she called the Sheriff, leaving a message on his voice mail, “Sheriff, this is Michelle Hale. I have decided you can have your fun with our little prize. I’ll make the decision about his future within the week so please don’t end him.”

She handed the phone back to Eric who called Pam, “Pam, we have a question for you and Godric. As you know Lorena’s assets have been signed over to Sookie, this includes Compton. She wants to look at all her options before settling on one. She wants to know if you would be willing to be bound to him, making him live out his existence with those whom he does not wish to be with, unable to escape. She feels she is too young and inexperienced for this responsibility and I agree.

She is letting the local Sheriff have his fun with Compton since he was Isabel’s Maker and that is what he wishes in recompense. She told him that she would give him a week and then give him her decision on Compton’s fate.

I will email Godric about this when we hang up. You have five days to make a decision.”

“Yes Master. Will the two of you be coming tomorrow night?”

“If all goes well we will be there shortly after first dark.”

“Very well Master, until then.” They hung up, she looking pensive and slightly gleeful, he thinking about how to phrase his email to his Maker.


Sookie is well now that we are together again. We will be on the island tomorrow night if all goes well tonight. She was in no shape to meet with her friends so we are staying in a hotel on the mainland for now.

As you may remember the Magister signed Lorena’s assets over to Sookie, this includes Compton.

The Sheriff in the area she and Isabel were staying was Isabel’s Maker and has asked for the right to torture him in recompense rather than money and Sookie has granted him his request for the next week at which time she will let us know what she wishes to ultimately do with him.

She has asked whether one of us would be willing to bond with him . She wants to look at all her choices so she can make an informed decision. I haven’t discussed the different ways a bond could be formed as yet, giving her tonight to relax and enjoy each other’s company before reality comes crashing down again. I’m thinking that rather than a blood bond with him a Maker/child bond would be more beneficial for all concerned.

We are anxious to have you with us again.


“I am done done Sookie. Is there something you would like to do? The rest of the night is ours to do with as we please. No pressure, no drama, just you and me relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.”

“Could we maybe walk along Via Vittorio Emanuele and see the Duomo? Izzy and I didn’t go out any, afraid of what might be out there I guess and I just want to get out into the fresh air, see the moon and the stars and just not be surrounded by four walls for a while.”

“If that is what you want that is what we will do. When we get back we can finish relaxing in the hot tub and watch a movie if you like, if there’s enough time.”

They took to the air and were soon over the Cathedrals. It looked rather strange from the air, so many different architecture styles, but it all came together beautifully.

They landed in an alley a short way away and walked up to it. She was enthralled. They went in and the mosaics were breathtaking. They spent an hour walking through, enjoying the peace and quiet of the cathedral.

“Eric, I need to feed soon then can we go back to our room and use that hot tub you mentioned?”

He smiled down at her, she was taking to this life beautifully. “Of course. It’s about time you learned how to hunt any way, now that your telepathy is under control we can concentrate on other things. Come, we’ll find you dinner then the movie and hot tub.

How are your shields?”

“Now that I’m not so stressed they’re fine.”

“Have some more of my blood any way to make sure they stay that way.” He offered her his wrist and she gently bit, taking only a couple of sips before letting go.

They went to an alley to find someone to feed from. It wasn’t long before she heard her dinner approaching. She was a mother of three, or at least she had birthed three babies, but all of them had succumbed to death by her hands although the authorities hadn’t been able to pin the deaths on her as yet.

“What are the rules for hunting here in Palermo?”

“Good question. No glamour, no killing.

She’s coming up our alley now.”

They shifted themselves so they were hidden in the shadows and waited. Once she had passed them by they followed her, staying right out in the open, doing nothing to draw attention to themselves. They followed her for several blocks before she turned down a side street, they followed. Once they were past a curve in the road, hidden from the view of the main street Sookie’s whole demeanour changed. She walked in a slight crouch, her fangs were out, her eyes took on the look of the predator she was and her arms came up in a defensive pose, just in case. With a whoosh she was in front of the woman and had her fangs in her neck less than a second later. After several mouthfuls she pulled away and they were gone before the woman could even begin to realize what had happened.

She was fighting her lust now, wanting her Maker so badly she could taste it so she picked up her speed and almost beat him back to the hotel. As soon as their room door was closed she attacked him, ripping his clothes off him in her haste to reach what she wanted. Once it sprang free of his pants she was on it, had it in her mouth but he pulled her away and held her tightly until the lust abated. “Sookie, while I love making love with you, having my cock in your mouth while you’re in the throes of blood lust is not a very good idea since I like it right where it is.”

She cast her eyes to the floor, embarrassed for the way she had acted. “Sorry Eric.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of my child, I just do not have oral sex with anyone when in blood lust. That’s the time for primal, feral, animalistic sex not the sweet love making or oral we love so much. Sexual lust goes along, hand in hand, with blood lust and feeding. I was expecting it. Now that you know what to expect you will learn how to control it because it isn’t always possible for sex to follow feeding or fighting. Tonight it can if you still would like to but it’s not always possible.”

She turned in his arms and looked at him, “Eric, that meal was so different from any of the other live ones I’ve had. She was scared which made her blood run faster and gave it a more wild taste. I could smell her fear, taste it in her blood, it was wonderful.”

“Yes, the difference in taste between the wildness of fear and the complacency of those willing to give themselves to you without argument is quite arousing, I agree. The wildness has a unique flavor to it which I have missed while dealing with the blood bags at Fangtasia. I am glad you are able to taste and feel the difference.

How about that hot tub now?”

She nodded and went to turn it on but he beat her to it saying, “let me take care of you for tonight. You’ve not had my attentions the last few nights and I’ve missed you immensely.” She simply sat on the edge of the tub and watched his movements, the smooth way he always moved, the way the skin moved over his muscles in such a fluid way, the tightness of that perfect butt. She sighed.

When he looked over his shoulder at her she smiled and said nothing, instead sending a big wave of lust at him. He quirked his eyebrow at her and pulled her to him, growling in her ear. She wrapped her legs around his waist and ground down onto his covered erection, letting him know just what he was doing to her. His smile grew wider as he thrust upwards, making contact with her womanhood, feeling it as her wetness soaked through his jeans.

In tenths of a second he had both of them naked and in the tub, hardly making a ripple in the water. As he claimed her lips he gently lowered her onto his waiting erection and felt her growl vibrate through their chests as she took all of him into her wet center

He fit perfectly, her body moulded itself to him, making her feel more special than she ever had as a human. She sighed in contentment but suddenly her world was rocked as he brought forth a gigantic orgasm which caused her to slump against his chest in ecstasy and contentment.
When she came back to herself she looked up at him, smiled and asked, “was this a planned part of your plan to relax me?”

He laughed long and loud, “lover, this was but a side trip. We still have this hot tub to enjoy and a movie to watch although I’m not sure we could improve on this perfection. I am willing to try though, if you are.”

“The hot tub and movie sound heavenly.”

“Then that’s what we’ll do.”

They had a long, leisurely bath while cuddling and making slow, sweet love then they watched Serenity while cuddled up under the covers with each other. The dawn took them as the credits started to roll.

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  1. I just discovered this story. While I’m loving it, I cannot understand how Sookie, much less Wric, are even considering this whole “re-bonding” thing with Bill. That animal raped and beat Sookie for three weeks and they’re thinking about making him a part of the family?!? Sure, Sookie is forgiving, but come on. And I cannot imagine a Viking, vampire maker wanting to do anything other than slowly disassemble someone who raped and beat his lover. Instead they’re thinking about Sookie having to spend eternity seeing and speaking to someone who hurt her that way? Again, I am loving the story and the way that Sookie and Eric are communicating, but I sincerely hope they decide to kill Bill.

  2. Well Sookie is such a remarkable vapire! She is really adapting to this new life ! She’s making the right decisions! So glad that the Sheriff can have some fun with Bill.

  3. Glad the Sheriff will get some quality time with Scumbill. They need to find out how he escaped.

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Love to Garden? Learn Some Helpful Tips And Tricks To Help You Get That Green Thumb

From the Beginning

My Essential Oils Journey

Fiction by Jenna Tee

Fanfiction and Original Fiction by Jenna Tee

Robin's Aesthetics

My creations


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan


Fanfiction Shenanigans.

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“Writing is the only thing, that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else” Gloria Steinem

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