Two Nights of Bliss Part 1

part of her now esShe now had two nights away from her Maker. The first since her turning.

She was to spend those nights with her Lover. Apparently he had things planned for them, plans which he wouldn’t share with her, wanting to surprise her.

He was picking her up tonight. He had asked her to actually dress up. No jeans and tees, no sundresses. He wanted to see her in an actual cocktail type dress?

Where the heck was he taking her?

When he arrived not only was he NOT driving his corvette but he was dressed in a tuxedo! If it were possible her heart would have been palpitating! YUM!

She was wearing a strapless turquoise dress that flared at the bottom with matching heels. His own heart would have been palpitating if it were possible! He growled in appreciation.

She twirled to give him the full effect and saw the evidence of what she was doing to him, playing with fire he would say, when she once again faced him.

“Lover, you are breath taking! Are you ready?”

“Eric, you are probably the handsomest man on the planet! That tuxedo…Do we really have to go out?” He laughed, “We do. We have reservations so yes, we have to go out. Besides, don’t you want to spend a couple of uninterrupted nights, and days, with me?”

She would have blushed. He knew how much she wanted time with him!

Godric was wonderful but no matter how wonderful a parent is the young still need time away from them sometimes. The parent sometimes needs a break from the young as well.

She sighed, “You know I do but really, I can only hold my lust for you off for so long before I end up fighting myself! You are so gorgeous dressed in that tux that it won’t take long before it is obvious to even the non-supes that I want you in a most lustful manner!”

He winked at her and led her to the car. Once they were both in they were off to whatever he had planned.

“Where are we going Eric?”

“It’s a surprise my Love. I know you like surprises so please, don’t try to ruin this one.”

She huffed but kept her peace. She really did like surprises, she just didn’t like the anticipation of them, the not knowing. If they were going to give her a surprise they knew not to tell her she was getting a surprise ahead of time because she would simply end up wheedling the information out of them one way or another anyway, she could be VERY persuasive when she wanted to be.

They sat in silence, lost in their own thoughts and enjoying each other’s company.

“Close your eyes Lover, we are nearly there.”

“Are you serious Eric? Close my eyes?”

“Yes, close your eyes. Please.”

She closed her eyes reluctantly.

Soon she felt him stop the car. He was at her door almost instantly, helping her out and guiding her to their destination.

She could hear many voices. What’s that? She could feel her bond with Godric and it was strong, as though he were in the same room with her.


“Open your eyes Lover.” She did and found herself in the middle of a room full of vampires and other supernatural creatures. Even Isabel and Alcide were there!


“Happy Rising my Love. We realize we’re a little late but we thought you would appreciate it more now.

You have been a vampire for a year now.”

She hugged him tight then gave Godric, Pam and Isabel a hug as well.

“Jason? Lafayette?” That did it, the dam burst and tears started.

“Thank you all!”

She looked around and was thrilled when she saw The Dead Man Can Dance Band! They were waiting for their cue to strike up the music. When Eric saw where she was looking he cued them and led her to the dance floor.

They danced and twirled until she had to call a break to feed. She felt like she was flying high!

They had even called in live donors!

Everyone wanted a chance to dance with her! Isabel, Pam, Godric, even Alcide was allowed a fast dance with her! She was even able to squeeze in a couple of dances for Jason and Lafayette!

It looked like everyone was having a good time. They had even arranged for those who came from out of town to have a room at the hotel so they wouldn’t have to go back home too early or travel during the day.

As the final surprise for the night a very special friend had come to sing Happy Birthday to her! “Bubba!”

“Miss Sookie! I understand you’ve been a vampire for a whole year now!”

“That’s right Bubba, I have. It’s so good to see you!”

“It’s good to see you too Ma’am. I’m here to sing for you on your special night.” He launched into a very special rendition of Happy Birthday and, as a special surprise, he sang ‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love’ as a duet with Eric.

The whole time he was singing Eric was looking right at her, singing TO her! This may have been a few nights late but everyone sure was making her feel special, especially Eric!

By the time the song was finished she had happy tears making their way down her cheeks and a smile on her face. She made her way over to Godric, “Thank you Godric!”

He smiled warmly at his child, “Don’t thank me child, thank Eric. This whole evening was his idea, my only part was giving permission for your two nights with him.” Her eyes lit up. Eric had done all of this for her?

She felt him approaching before his arms wrapped around her waist. She turned in his arms and looked up at him, teary eyes and red streaked face be damned! “You did this for me? Thank you Eric! This was the best Birth Night present ever!”

“You are quite welcome my Love.

Come, let’s find our room so we can continue celebrating in private.”

She made the rounds of those who were there and thanked each and every one of them for making her night so special!

When they got to their room there was someone standing outside their door with a bouquet of flowers: dandelion and forget-me-not surrounded by fern standing for sincerity, true love and protection.

When the flowers were handed to her she looked at him, “Eric?”

He opened the door and led her inside where he handed her a full bloomed white rose to symbolize his eternal love for her. In the bedroom she found Jonquil and Red Tulips all over the room!

She was crying again! He had said everything he needed to say with flowers!

When she turned to face him again he was down on one knee, arms open, waiting for her to embrace. She walked into his arms, “Sookie, I love you with all that I am will you bond with me?”

“Explain bonding then I will give you my answer.”

He stood, lifting her with him and settled them both into a chair. “A blood bond between vampires means something very different from what a bond with a vampire and human means.

With two vampires we would become closer to Maker/child. We would feel each other more clearly than we do now, more strongly, we would be able to call to each other directly rather than through Godric. The effects will not wear off, it will be for eternity or until one of us meets the true death.

I realize that some of this we are able to do now because you had some of my blood for your transformation but you did not have enough to form a complete bond. My commands to you now are for minor things such as to stay until an unseen danger is past, they do not allow me to command you in more serious situations.

This will negate that, make it no more. We will gain something unique though, a better understanding of one another. We will be able to see each others memories in the blood, they are all stored there from the moment of our human conception through our mortal death and on through our immortality

Not so long ago you said you would like for us to go further, take what we have a step further.”

“Eric, I have been wanting to take this step for a long time but did not know what to ask for. This is the answer I was looking for.

Yes, Eric, I will bond with you.

The only questions remaining are when and how.”

“Tonight, here and one exchange more is all it will take for us to truly belong to each other for eternity. That is why I have not drunk from you in so long. You have drunk from me, as is your right since you claimed me, but I have refrained until I could ask you to formally bond with me.”

“Why did it take you so long Eric?”

“You have been rather busy with your training and I was waiting for the right moment to ask you.”

“It has been the perfect night so far Eric, care to make it more perfect?”

He growled in response. They were both quickly divested of their clothing.

She was on her back squirming under his ministrations. His tongue would make a Nun change loyalties! He had it all over her body from her head to her toes and all points in between, paying special attention to that special spot between her legs!

His hands were just as busy as his tongue and mouth. He played her like a finely tuned fiddle! She was soon crying his name, squirming beneath him, begging him to bring her the release she needed so badly! He brought her several!

She reversed their positions and used her mouth to great effect as well, causing him to sing her praises in as many languages as he could speak! Her hands were just as talented as his were. By the time dawn rolled around they were both sated and more than satisfied with how they had ended the night.

Eric had one more thing though, “Would you still like to bond Sookie? We have just enough time before sunrise.”

“I would like nothing better Lover mine. Jag älskar dig min man, skulle jag vilja något hellre än att band med dig.”

He looked at her, eyebrow raised. “You have been practicing. Jag älskar dig också min fru.”

He sat up and leaned against the headboard and she straddled his lap, positioning herself just so, knowing what would happen when they bit into one another. She bit into his neck but didn’t feel anything different from the other times, at least not until he bit her as well.

When the exchange became mutual something happened. He had told her but she had not prepared her for the intensity of what she would see. The colours and sounds! The colours were bright, vibrant, brighter than what she could see with her physical eyes! These colours could blind her they were so brilliant! The sounds were nearly deafening!

She saw his whole existence flash before her in the few mouthfuls she took: from being cuddled and sung to as an infant through his pride at receiving his first practice sword to his first kill as a warrior and so much more!

He was just as surprised as she was by the intensity of the colours and sounds.

He saw how she had been treated her whole life because she was different but he also saw the happy moments she had had. He felt the love her Gran had had for her, how intensely she loved those she cared about, how much she truly loved him!

When her mind returned to her own head she could feel, and smell, just how aroused the two of them were so decided to do something about it. She slowly lowered herself onto his erect and oh-so-willing cock and rode him slowly, waiting for him to return to the here and now.

When he returned to her all it took was one thrust from him to send them both tumbling over the edge into the oblivion that was a well earned oragasm. She returned from oblivion just long enough to give him a kiss and was out for the day.

He sat there as he was with her laying on him and held her, inhaling her scent. He reflected on what he had seen and the fact it was fifteen minutes past sunrise when she died.


full bloom rose means I love you, white means eternal love
Jonquil means-desire for return of affection
Red Tulip means – my perfect Lover
Jag älskar dig min man, skulle jag vilja något hellre än att band med dig. – I love you my husband, I would like nothing better than to bond with you.
Jag älskar dig också min fru.-I love you too my wife. (Or at least that’s what google translate told me it meant, lol.)



  1. Yay they bonded and it was beautiful! I love the language of flowers too.

  2. Loved the surprise party Eric gave to Sookie..
    So glad they decided to bond…

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