BVS: Pledging chap 2

“Eric, can we go to Paris?  I want to find my pledging gown and I can’t think of anywhere I would rather look for one.  Can we bring Pam along as well?  She’s got the most fashion sense of anyone I know.”

“Of course.  Would you like to do the pledging there or here in your adopted country?  I have friends who would be only too happy to witness it for us.”

“Here please Eric.  I just want it to be small and intimate with you, me, Pam and the officiant.  Nothing huge, nothing flashy as it would have had to be if you were still in politics.  We are just ordinary citizens now and I want to keep it that way for as long as possible.

I didn’t really adopt this country, I was born here as a vampire.  I may have been American as a human but I was never as happy there as I have been here.  Eric, this is home, I don’t want to live anywhere else.”

“Sookie, we can stay out of politics for as long as you want.  I don’t miss the backstabbing, ass kissing and subterfuge.  I simply want you to be happy.  You’re happy without the politics so I am as well.”

She caught him in a huge hug and placed some very hot and passionate kisses on his face.  The longer she was vampire the less inhibited she was becoming.

There were still some elements of her humanity left though.  She was still very compassionate with all creatures and she still maintained relationships with the folks back in Louisiana although those  relationships were becoming less important to her the longer she stayed away.

She had a huge smile on her face now, something which was not infrequent these days, she seemed to be happier now than during the years he had known her as a human.

He paid their bill and picked her up to give her a deeply passionate kiss which she returned with interest.  He strode out of the club with a huge smile on his own face which matched hers in intensity, still holding her close.

“Eric, when can we go to Paris?  I want to do this as soon as possible.”

“Call Pam to see what her schedule is like and we’ll go from there.”

She took out her phone and hit speed dial #2 and was soon speaking with her favorite sister.
“Hey fav, what’s your schedule look like for the next month or so?  We’re wanting to go to Paris and thought you might like to come with.”

“Paris?????  You DID say Paris, right?”

“Yes Pam, I said Paris.  When are you free to go?”

“Yesterday!!!!!!!  For as long as you want to stay.”  If she had been human Pam would have been screaming this, as it was she did sound excited.

Sookie was laughing now, only fashion and shopping, or the combination of the two, could get Pam this excited.  Add Paris into the equation???  She might not return to earth for a month after they returned from their expedition.

“Are you near a connection?  If so go ahead and make the reservations for the earliest flight tomorrow night please. Use my Anubis account to make the reservations.  If Anubis is unaccommodating call me back with the info for other flights and I’ll take care of it before dawn.”

“Who are you and what have you done with our Sookie?  Our Sookie never spends unnecessary money without being threatened with punishment!”

“I’m fine Pam, this really is your sister and soon to be rebonded to Eric, Step-mom!  Now, get your fingers moving on that mouse and keyboard!  Love ya sis.  Any message for Eric before I hang up?”

“Did you just say rebonded?  I didn’t even know he was going to ask.  I take it you said yes then?”

“What else would I say?  No stopped being an option long before I was turned.”

“How are you so calm about this?”

“Vamp now, remember?  I can control my emotions better now.  That doesn’t mean I’m not jumping up and down on the inside though so get clicking!  Bye.”

“I take it she was a little put out that I didn’t ask her opinion first before I asked you?”

“You could say that.  You’ll probably end up buying her a new collection or something to make up for it though.”

“Don’t I know it.  She’ll get over it.  She really does need to find someone other than us to help her fill her time.  She’s been with me over three hundred years now, you would think she would be itching to move along,” he shrugged, “I love her, I spoil her.  I guess I don’t really want her to move on.”

“Eric, she doesn’t spend nearly as much time with us as she did when we were in the States.  That could be because of my lack of humanity now or it could be because she’s finally growing up and getting ready to spread her wings and fly.  I love her to bits too and will be sad to see her go when she decides it’s time but it’s something she’ll have to decide on her own in her own time.

In a way this decision for her is like my decision to become vampire.  I had to be ready and willing to have it happen before it could happen.  The same is true for her.  She’s not ready yet but I can see it happening soon.  Maybe not in the near future soon but I would say sometime in the next fifty years she’ll strike out on her own.  You’ll be sad to see her go but you’ll also be happy for her and know that you’ve done your best by her, and for her.  She’ll be fine.”

“When did you become so knowledgeable about Pam?  It seems like roles are reversed now.  I used to go to her for advice and help with you and now you’re giving me advice about her.  Do you two ever give each other advice about me?”  He was smiling, he knew they did.  He had the two most awesome vampire children one could ever imagine.

“There’s something else I want to talk to you about as well but I need to do it at home.  The car isn’t conducive to the right frame of mind I need to talk to you about it.”

He looked over at her.  It wasn’t very often she put off a conversation so she could get in the right head space and when she did it was because it had to do with vampire matters which meant she really needed to be alone for a little while when they got home if that was the case.  

“Will you need some space when we get home so you can get your head in the right place?”

“Yes, please.  I’m a little hesitant to talk about it so I need that time to clear my head.”

“Very well.  I’ll go visit with Pam for an hour or so, get her thoughts on our Pledging and see what she’s got booked for our flight and make hotel arrangements as well as an appointment to see the King to let him know we’ll be in his country for a while.”

‘Thank you Eric.”

Ten minutes later, “Here you go my love, you’re home.  Do you need me to bring home a donor or will bagged be ok for tonight?”

“Decisions, decisions.  I’m supposed to meet my dinner tonight so can we fly over there before you leave to see Pam?  It might actually help me get my head where it needs to be.”

“Of course we’ve got the time.  You’re not on a time line are you?  Other than be home before dawn that is.”

“Nope, no time line.  It’s just that I know the longer I take to have this conversation the harder it will be.”

They had gotten out of the car and taken to the air.  She still couldn’t flat out fly but she could levitate about twelve meters in the air and move at speed.  Eric slowed down for her when she insisted on ‘flying’ herself, which she was doing tonight.  She needed to clear her head and this was a great way to do it if there was nothing to fight.  When she flew it took them ten minutes to get to the alley.  When he flew it took them four or five minutes.  She had been meeting her meal every three nights, except her one week punishment, since her first city hunt.  He was still sick and twisted but he was healthy and his blood reflected that.  She sensed another being in the alley with her dinner and did not like it.  “Eric, there’s someone in the alley with him.  I can’t get an accurate reading but it is some form of mortal.”

“Would you like me to check it out or would you like a real hunt tonight?”

He laughed quietly, “Very well my love, you know what to do.”

They lowered to the roof of the apartment building and she listened to what was happening below.  Apparently the father of one of the children her meal had raped and murdered had found him and was hell bent on ending him.  She landed just behind him in the alley and made some noise which caused him to turn and look at her which was what she needed in order for her glamour to work on him.  “You don’t want to kill this man, he’s not worth the jail time.  Your son was but this sick fuck isn’t.  Go call the police and tell them where you are and that you have found the murderer of your son so they can come and justice will be done that way.  He will not last long in jail and you will still be free for your wife and daughter.  They need you more than he does.  Now go, call the police and come back in fifteen minutes.”
He left and she went to partake of her meal, knowing it was the last time she would be able to have this particular brand.  When she was finished, “You are released from your obligation to me.  The police are on their way for you.  You will stay right here until they get arrive and take you into custody.  I will leave my fang marks as a remembrance.  You will remember every minute of the last year feeding me.  You will become aroused every time you think of each and every feeding but you will not be able to get off, no matter how hard you try, unless you are being fucked.  When you are in your cell you will try to jerk yourself off by remembering my bite and how aroused it makes you feel but will be unable to have your release.  The only times you will be able to have an orgasm is when you are sucking your Master’s cock and only after he has filled you with his cum or when you are fucking yourself up the ass.  You will search out the cell leader and offer yourself to him, offer to be his bitch, offer to let him take your virgin ass and you will smile and remember me every single time he fucks you although you are forbidden to mention me or any part of this past year with me to anyone.  You will do everything he asks of you whether it’s to fuck him, suck him, dress in women’s clothes for him or go naked through the cell block.   Every time you suck him off you will remember each and every one of the children you have raped or murdered and you will feel the need to tell your Master about each and every one of them each and every time you suck him off although you will say nothing to him about them.  You will no longer be able to get a hard one from looking at or thinking about children although you will still feel horny.  Good-bye meal, it’s been a blast,” and with that she released her glamour, smiled at him and left knowing the rest of his short life would be hell.

She floated back up to her to the rooftop and Eric, “Lover, that was magnificent.  I’m sorry you didn’t get to hunt but you did well although I probably would have drained both of them.  That is one of the reasons I respect you and your decisions.  You see things differently from me and your punishments to others are usually a torture in and of themselves.  You have taught me things this last year too, you know.  You have taught me that physical pain isn’t always the way to go.  Sometimes mental anguish is a better deterrent. and believe me he will be in hell for as long as he lives.”

“High praise Eric, high praise.  Let’s go home, I’m ready to talk.”

With that they took off and she allowed him to fly her home.

“Give me ten minutes please?  I wish to make some things ready, please meet me in the den?.”

“Very well.  I will see you in ten minutes.”

During the wait he called Pam, “Have you made the reservations yet Pam?”

“Yes Master, I was just about to call Sookie with the details.  We leave two hours after dark tomorrow and we will land an hour and forty-five minutes later so we’ll have plenty of time to pay our respects to the King before finding a hotel.”

“Perfect my child.  I’ll make the hotel arrangements now.”

He went online and found his favorite place to stay in Paris, Première Prise de Sang à Paris (First Blood In Paris) and booked two rooms for the next week, requesting bagged blood in place of bottled in the bar fridge in the room.  He then made arrangements for a car to pick them up at the airport and emailed the details to Pam so she would know what to expect.  He then called the King to request an audience with him the next night and was given an appointment for an hour after they landed.  Just enough time to make it to the hotel and freshen up.

By this time the ten minutes were up so he got up and went to the den, wondering what Sookie wanted to talk about.  She didn’t often have problems voicing anything she needed to talk about.

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  1. Wow just put Paris/fashion in the same sentence and Pam is doing a happy dance!
    So sad to think that Pam will want to leave Eric and Sookie to start her own life…but hopefully that will happen in another century at least!
    Loved the speech Sookie had the fucker!
    Yes dear Eric Sookie is right! Mental anguish is the better punishment!
    Wonder what Sookie wants to talk about!?

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