BVS: First Year chap 3

He was awake before her the next night and took care of her newborn paperwork while waiting for her to rise. There was just one question he needed to ask her, where did she want her status registered, Sweden or the States.

He felt her mental stirrings before her body started to move. “Eric, is there some blood in the house so I can drink before we go out? I’m starving and don’t want to hurt anyone because I’m so hungry,” she thought at him.

“Of course, I’ve got some bagged blood here for just such an occasion. I’ll heat some while you finish waking. I do have one question for you though: Do you want your vampire status registered here or in the States?”  He got up and left the room, leaving their mental connection open in case she needed him.

When he came back she was sitting on the side of the bed looking around. The bedroom was naturally dark but she could see all the details. The walls were a medium colored wood with pictures hanging here and there, the carpet was a deep, rich cream color, the furniture was a dark cherry and the bedding was red silk. “Eric, this is beautiful.

I want my status here, in Sweden. There were only three good things that came of my life there. Hunter, you and Pam.”

He handed her her glass of blood and had one himself, “Thank you my love. You have made me very happy. I was hoping you would say Sweden. How are you feeling other than hungry?” He went back to the computer, completed her paperwork and sent it in. She should receive her Vampire ID card in about ten days.

“I’m feeling remarkable. I can’t wait to go out and start exploring again. I know you said something about presenting ourselves to the Sheriff. What’s the protocol for that? What should I wear? Can I use your computer? It’s easier to email Pam, takes less time too since she can type all she wants and I can read at my leisure. I also want to email my family and friends and let them know everything is good, that I’m happier than I think I’ve ever been.”

“I’m very happy to hear that you are enjoying being a vampire. You don’t need to borrow my computer, there’s a laptop in my office for you when you’re ready. As for protocol it’s really quite simple. We’ll go in, present ourselves and hopefully find a couple of willing donors. You’ll answer any questions she has for you, you’ll speak only when spoken to while in her presence and not mention anything about your telepathy. As far as the political scene here goes you are nothing more than a new vampire who’s learning about her abilities, not an asset. We’ll both bow to her, swear fealty and that will be it. If you have any questions you can ask them of me mentally since it seems the Maker/child telepathy is there. Can you hear what I’m saying?”

“I can hear you. Do you have to direct the thought at me or can we pick up each other’s thoughts without trying?”

“Right now I’m directing them at you since that’s the only way I’ve ever done it with Pam.”

“Okay, I can handle it if we direct our thoughts at each other. I don’t want to be able to read vampires although, from the little experience I had with it yesterday, it seems that I can control it better than I did before. I’ve only tried it with you, the house staff and the donors last night though.”

“We can test it out tonight while we’re exploring. We’ve got a couple of hours before we have to present ourselves and it’s a 45 minute drive with my lead foot so let’s go take a shower and get dressed. Do you need more blood first?”

“Are we going to have time to hunt first?”

“I doubt it. We can do that after if you like instead of finding a couple of donors.”

“More blood now please, probably several, and let’s see how bad off I am afterwards before we decide which route to take.”

“That’s fine. Let me start the shower for you then I’ll go get you some blood .”

He started the huge shower. Vampires definitely knew where to splurge. The hot water felt wonderful on her cold skin. She finally figured out why vampires loved their showers and baths and smiled at the thought. She stood there marvelling at how sensitive her skin was now. She had tried all the different settings on the shower head and discovered that a gentle rain felt the best, the others stung too much. She could feel each individual drop on her skin. She could see each individual drop with her eyes. She turned her head up and opened her mouth, she could taste the chemicals the water was treated with, she could smell them too. She spit the water out and picked up a bottle of body wash. It smelled wonderful, like a spring day after a rain storm.

“Enjoying your shower Lover? You’ve been in here for twenty minutes already.”

“Really? I was just experimenting with the different shower head settings, discovering which one feels best to me and watching the individual water drops. This body wash smells heavenly, no chemicals or anything.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself but we really do need to get going.

I have the body wash and shampoos made special. I don’t like the chemical smell of the commercial products.”

“So that’s why you always smell so good. Even when I was human you always smelled really good. I would hug your pillow when you weren’t there just so I could inhale your scent.”

He smiled, “I never knew that.

Come on Sookie, it won’t do to keep the Sheriff waiting.” He got in the shower with her and started washing her to hurry her along. Instead of letting her wash him he sent her out to dress and drink her blood so they could get going.

When he got back to the bedroom two of the three bloods were gone and she was dressed in a knee length skirt and blouse with garter, stockings and pumps. He sniffed, “Did you put on underwear Sookie? It doesn’t smell like you did.”

“Nope. I like the feel of the air down there, plus it makes for easier access later on.”
He laughed, surprised. The human Sookie would have never gone out with panties or admitted to the reasons if she did, “Yes, it does make for easier access. Unfortunately I want you wearing some tonight. I don’t want other vampires to be able to figure out exactly how aroused you are.”

She pouted but went to put some panties on. She put on her skimpiest pair and called it good. She drank down the rest of her blood and they were out the door.

When they got to the garage she was surprised to not see a red corvette sitting there, “What? No corvette here?”

“They don’t handle well in the snow and ice. I’ve got more weather appropriate vehicles here.”
He unlocked a Lincoln Navigator and they got in.

He pointed out points of interest as they drove, promising they would do some proper sight seeing in a few days, once some of the newness had worn off for her.

They pulled up to an office building and she looked at him. She was used to the Sheriff running their business from a club or other vampire friendly business. “Yes Sookie, this is the Sheriff s office. We have an appointment in about fifteen minutes. Are you ready?”

She opened her door as she answered, “Yes Master. I m ready. Do I walk beside you, behind you, what?”
“You are my wife, you walk beside me where a wife belongs. Why do you call me Master only sometimes and Eric at others?”

She grinned at him, “Master is for when others are around, Eric is for when it s just us. Pam gave me a few tips before you turned me.”

“She was right, that is as it should be although as we get to know more vampires here I will allow you to relax that a little with certain ones.”

“Okay. Let’s do this Master.”

They got out and went inside. The security guard looked at them and asked their business, Eric nodded and said, “Eric and Sookie Northman to report to Sheriff Valdis.”

“Master, I can smell something funny, like gun powder and something is stinging the inside of my nose.”

“Interesting. You must be smelling his firearms. I don’t know what the stinging could be. We’ll have to experiment with that later on.”

The security guard pointed to the bank of elevators on their left,” tenth floor, suite 1010.”
They nodded and went to the elevators. There was someone on the elevator when they got on. Almost immediately Sookie got behind Eric and buried her face in his back. “Master, it’s silver that’s stinging my nose. That woman is wearing silver jewellery.”

“We’ll have to experiment with this to see how far away you can be before it affects you. This could be a very useful skill. You do know you can call me Eric telepathically, right?”

“Yes Master but I’m afraid I’ll slip up when others are around so I want to do it this way until it’s second nature. Less chance of embarrassing either one of us this way.”

“That’s fine if that’s how you’re more comfortable. You do know I love hearing you call me Master, right?”

She just giggled.

They got off the elevator and walked in the door of the Sheriff’s suite right on time. “The Northman’s to report to the Sheriff,” Eric told the receptionist.

“You’re right on time. Have a seat and she’ll be with you momentarily.”

They nodded and took a seat. Sookie looked around her, shielding her eyes a bit. The bright fluorescent lights were hurting her eyes. “Master, the lights are hurting my eyes.”

She had no sooner spoken than the lights were dimmed and the receptionist asked, “Is that better? I didn’t realize you were a newborn or I would have turned them down sooner.”

“Yes, thank you. That’s much better Ma’am.”

They waited about five minutes and they were called into the Sheriff s office. They gave a deep nod and waited for her to speak. “Eric, Sookie. I’m glad to meet you. Sookie, I understand you’re a newborn. Is the lighting hurting your eyes or is it sufficient?”

“It’s sufficient Ma’am, thank you.”

“Master, My nose is stinging again. She must have some silver somewhere close by.”

“Most likely as a means of defence, thank you for the heads up though.”

“I understand the two of you are just over from the United States, Louisiana to be exact.”

“Yes, we are. We’re hoping to make this our home.”

“That’s fine. Are you planning on starting a business?”

“Not presently. My child is a newborn so I want to devote some time to helping her adjust and discover any abilities she has.”

“Understandable. Please, feel free to stay. If you have any problems you know where to find me.”

They nodded again, “Thank you. My child needs to feed, is there a place with donors nearby?”

“We have a new business that just opened up here. It’s a farm that allows you to hunt willing donors. They are given a fifteen minute head start and do their best to stay ahead of the vampires. It’s in a wooded area, about 500 square kilometres actually, so lots of room to run and hunt. The perfect place to train a newborn I would think. Once you catch them there are private rooms where you can take your catch since there is no biting in public here.”

“That sounds perfect. Do we require reservations?”

“Yes, but I took the liberty of making them for you since I assumed your child wouldn’t have had time to feed yet tonight.” She gave them directions and leave to leave and they were on their way.

“Are you okay with hunting Sookie? The way it sounds like they’re doing this actually sounds kind of fun and safe.”

“Let’s check it out. I won’t know if I’m okay with it until I try it. I didn’t think I’d be able to drink right from the source, because of the telepathy, but I can. By the way I can read vampires about like I could Weres before. I can get a sense of their emotions or intent but that’s about it.”

“That’s good to know but that is one ability which must be kept quiet. Not many vampires would be willing to let you live if they knew you could do even that little bit. We should keep the silver sensitivity quiet as well. The less your enemies know about you the better since what they don’t know can help you survive.”

“I know. Oh, look, there’s the sign for the farm. It s such a pretty area.”

“Yes, it is. Let s go check in and go hunting!” He was thrilled that they were hunting tonight, even in as tame an environment as a farm.


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  1. Wow Sookie gets to go hunting…let’s see how she will do!

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