BVS: First Year chap 7

When she came to her senses she turned around and licked her juices off his face and slid off him to the side, fitting herself into the niche which seemed to have been made just for her.  ” Mmmmmmmmm, Master, I think that was the most fun I’ve ever had. I never knew that taking control could be so fulfilling! We’ll have to do that again sometime.”

“I never realized that giving over control could be so freeing. You are the only one I will do that with though. You are the only one I trust enough to be able to give over control like that. Even then it must be here at home where we both feel safe and secure.”

I can feel you are starving. The bagged blood won’t fill you this time I don’t think. We have just enough time to hunt. There are still a couple of hours left until dawn. Go get dressed in something a little less sexy and we’ll go.”

She was gone in a flash and back just as fast dressed in jeans and a tee. “Where are we going to go hunting? We don’t have time to make it to the farm.”

“I thought we would hunt the streets of the city. It is allowed as long as we prey on the criminals and lowlifes which tend to infest the backwaters of any city and only feed, not kill.”

Her eyes went wide, “This means I can use my telepathy to find the molesters and rapists?”

“If that is what you wish to feed on, yes, that is what we will look for. Do you remember your lessons? I will fly us into the slums and then you may find what you need to satiate your growing hunger.”

“I would like nothing better. Let me levitate as high and far as I can as we go please? I want to test my limits, as long as we will still have time for the hunt and still be able to make it back home before dawn.”

“I will let you and then fly once I feel time will be too short if I don’t.”

They went outside and she lifted herself off the ground about a metre and started moving forward at speed, slowly rising higher and higher until she was about five metres off the ground. “Sookie, I do believe you will have the ability to fly when you are older. Come, let me fly us so you may feed and get back home before the dawn meets us.”

He floated up to her and let her get on his back. They were quickly in the nearest city slums when he set her down. “Do what you need to do my Love but be quick. We only have about an hour to get home, you even less since you go foggy beforehand.”

She sent out her telepathic net and was almost immediately hit with the mental stench of a child rapist. She went into his mind to see his surroundings, get a sense of his scent and she was off with Eric watching from close by. She was soon upon him and struck, sinking her fangs into his neck without any preparation. After a few pulls she backed away, “You may glamour him Sookie. The rules say you may not glamour away what he is but you may glamour away his memory of us.”

“How do I do that? I’ve never done it before.”

“Look into his eyes and talk softly, almost like you are making love to him, tell him what you want him to remember.”

She looked into his eyes and felt her revulsion and decided what she would have him remember, “You will remember you fed a vampire tonight, I’ll even leave the marks to help you remember. You won’t remember who you fed though, you won’t remember who you saw in these fifteen minutes. You will meet me here again in three nights so I may feed again and will continue to meet me every third night. You go buy your vitamin and iron pills and you will take them religiously every morning so that when I come to feed you will not become anemic.

We’re going to have a long relationship, you and I. Your mind may be sick as fuck but your body is still healthy.” With that she turned and they left him standing there, fingering the marks on his neck, knowing he had fed a vampire but unable to recall what she looked like or how she sounded.

“That was brilliant my Love. We need to get you home, climb on.” She jumped onto his back and they took off. They were soon back home where he told her to let go when he was still high in the sky. She slowly lowered herself to the ground, moving around in the air until she was standing in the back yard, pleased with herself. Unfortunately her time was nearly up so she zipped into the house and down into their bedroom before the sun could catch her. She was dead before she reached the bed and fell to the floor.

Eric found her like that a few moments later and lifted her onto the bed. He undressed her and spooned up behind her before letting the dawn pull him under.

The month passed quickly with lessons and feedings and spending time together. She was learning Swedish, how to fight, different ways to hunt, how to avoid being captured. She had even been punished a couple of times. The most memorable was also the most public and humiliating. She was hungry and wanted to hunt but he wasn’t ready to leave yet. He suggested a donor but she didn’t like any of the ones available in that establishment. She let her temper get the better of her and started arguing with him in public. She had broken rule #1: Master is always Master in public. No temper tantrums in public.

He used his Maker s command to have her kneel before him and to stay silent until he was ready to leave. “There will be no hunting for the next week. You will feed from donors or bagged blood only.”

She hung her head in shame. She really loved to hunt and feed from the lowlifes, putting them in their place. “Yes, Master.”

She stayed on her knees before him until he was ready to leave. He did make sure she had some blood before they left though.

On the way home he had asked her if she knew what she had done to be punished. “Yes, Master. I was argumentative and whiny because I didn’t get my way. I embarrassed you in front of other vampires.”

“That s right. Which rule was it that you broke?”

“I broke rule number one, Master. Master is always Master in public.”

“That’s correct. On top of a week of no hunting you will write me a ten thousand word essay on what it means to be 1. a child of a well respected vampire, 2. the slave of a well respected vampire and 3. the wife of a well respected vampire. You may use the time normally spent on the hunt to research and write your essay. You have until your punishment week is over to hand it in to me.

I still love you Sookie but I will not put up with disrespect, you know this. Punishment is my way of showing you that love while still demanding both your respect and the respect of the public at large. They see that although I may not have had control of you in that instance I quickly regained control and took measures to ensure that such a thing never happens again.

Rest assured, if it happens again the punishment will be more than double and there will be physical, unpleasant, punishment involved. Most likely the physical portion will involve some sort of public disciplinary action and your humiliation.”

“Yes Master. I am sorry I was such a whiny bitch. It won’t be happening again.”

They were just pulling into the driveway, “Thank you Sookie, now give me a kiss and go get your knives. It’s time to train.” She gave him a quick peck on the lips and ran into the house to get her steel knives to train with.

They had discovered that while silver stung the inside of her nose, it only happened if it was hidden from her so she could use silver knives without a problem in an actual fight. For training she used stainless steel so she didn’t accidentally hurt Eric since silver did harm him.
She reacted to iron the way other vampires reacted to silver, it burned her although it didn’t weaken her. That was one strength/weakness she had absolutely no intention of letting anyone know.

He had set up the targets in the backyard about 150 metres from her mark. She couldn’t consistently hit her target in the heart, hard enough to puncture the heart, at that distance yet.

Closer was better but the further you were from your target the better chance you had of survival. He started her at 25 metres and after ten throws would have her move back five metres, measuring her accuracy and consistency at each distance.

She had a one hundred percent success rate from twenty five to seventy five metres. At a hundred metres her incapacitation rate dropped to fifty percent then. Tonight he started her at one hundred and had her keep throwing until she had ten throws in a row straight in the heart.
“Eric, I need a break for some blood please.”

“Very well, go heat some up and bring me a glass as well.”

She was gone maybe two minutes. When she came back there was someone there with him. She looked at him questioningly. He waved her over with a huge smile on his face. It was obviously someone he was very happy to see. When she got there the other vampire turned around, “PAM! Oh Gods I’m so happy to see you! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? I have so much to tell you and not nearly enough time tonight to do so! Would you like a blood? I can go back and heat another for myself. How long are you here for?”

“No, thank you, I ate before I got here. I wanted to surprise you both, that’s why I didn’t tell either of you that I was coming. I want to hear everything you have to tell me Sookie but first let me have a good look at my sister.” She looked at Sookie with a critical eye. “You are looking well. Sweden and real blood seem to agree with you although I’m sure that not being in danger and some uninterrupted time with our Master may have had something to do with that as well.

I’m here for as long as you’ll have me. I needed a vacation and I couldn’t think of anywhere I would rather be or anyone I would rather spend it with. I sold my controlling shares of the bar to Maxwell Lee, put the other businesses in capable hands and here I am, ready for some adventure and exploring!”

Sookie squealed in delight, “You mean you might be moving here?”

“No might about it sister dear. I am here to stay as long as the two of you are here or until you tire of me, whichever comes first.”

Sookie grabbed her in a hug and grinned, “Wanna see my fangs?”

“Of course, I want to see what ever you have to show me. I understand you need a shopping trip? Has big, bad Master been hard on your clothes?”

“Some of it has been his doing, yes, but some of it has been hunting and some of it has been training. My clothes have never lasted long around vamps any way. Maybe we should buy some stock in a big box store in order to pay for our clothes. Oh, I made a vampire joke my very first night! Eric had told me that you would talk my ear off and I simply told him it would grow back!” She grinned from ear to ear.

Eric had drifted over to the lawn chairs set up so they could enjoy the moon and stars and sat down. His two girls got along like a house on fire. He was going to miss the one on one time with Sookie but she needed someone else too. She had never had many good friends and cherished the ones she did have so he was more than happy to let her have some time with Pam.

“I would love to Pam but I managed to be disrespectful in public tonight and got myself punished. I can’t go hunting for a week!” Her perked up at that, listening to what they were saying now.

“How did you manage that? I don’t think he s ever forbidden me to hunt!”

“We were at a bar and I was hungry. They didn’t have any donors I wanted and I simply wanted to hunt. I love hunting by the way which is probably why he’s forbidden it. I let my wants get ahead of his needs and started arguing with him about it, breaking rule number one: Master is always Master in public. I had to kneel before him the rest of the time we were there and I’m forbidden from hunting for the next week, I’m restricted to donors or bagged for that time and I have to write a ten thousand word essay on what it means to be: 1. a child of a well respected vampire, 2. the slave of a well respected vampire and 3. the wife of a well respected vampire, so yeah, I messed up big time. I can go hunting with you a week from tonight though if he allows it. Meanwhile, when can we go shopping? It’s too late tonight, there’s only about an hour left and I’m usually dead about fifteen minutes before that.

I’m going in to have some more blood and take a shower. Eric, will you be down to tuck me in?”

“Of course I’ll be down. Would you heat us up some blood while you’re in the kitchen? We’ll come in to get it. I need to show Pam where her room is. The three of us can go shopping tomorrow night if you like. Maybe travel to Stockholm and rent a room for the weekend? Get a little sight seeing in?”

They both chorused “YES!”

It has been a year since she was turned. Pam is in and out, always in touch but not crowding them. There have been many shopping trips, lots of sightseeing and training and hunting. They have been happy together. Tonight the two of them are going to celebrate the wonderful year they’ve had together.

He had been planning this for weeks, he wanted it to be perfect, just as his child was perfect.
He had made dinner reservations at a very exclusive restaurant. It catered to vampires only, humans only allowed as pets. The lighting was low, the music soft and soothing.

The decor was stunning. Candelabra chandeliers hung from the ceiling at varying heights. (no fluorescents or incandescents here). There was a waterfall at one end of the room with the water burbling happily, falling over rocks and forming a shallow pool at one end. Some seating was intimate with couches, loveseats and chairs dotted around the center of the room. The other end had bistro style seating for those who wished to partake of the vampire centric menu. There were pillows throughout for the pets to kneel on. The room was painted a deep, metallic blue with the pillows and chairs being silver coloured.

There were a few couples scattered through the room, even a few pets kneeling by their Master’s sides.

“This is breathtaking. I never knew there were places designed specifically for vampires to come and be intimate.” She stood on tiptoe and gave him a kiss worthy of his teachings. He gave her a full fanged smile and held her in his arms, returning the kiss with passion.

She was dressed in an evening gown made of silk, strawberry in colour with tiny dots of silver throughout. She had on nude stockings and silver heeled sandals. He was wearing a tuxedo with a blue dress shirt and silver tie. They made a stunning couple.

They sat at one of the bistro tables. She looked at her menu and gave him a questioning look, it had human food names but was all, apparently, made of blood so they could partake if they wished. “Eric, I haven’t had anything solid for a year now. This is the perfect place to spend the anniversary of my turning.”

She ordered the red velvet ice cream with chocolate blood sauce. He didn’t order anything, wanting to simply feast on his wife. While they waited they talked about how the last year had gone.
“I didn’t think I could ever be this happy. I thought I would miss the sun, my coffee, my friends.

While I do have the occasional pang I wouldn’t have changed anything in the last year. I love you and would gladly do it all again if it meant you were waiting for me at the end of the road.”

“My Sookie, child, you have filled this last year with laughter and light. You have made it the happiest of my existence. There is only one thing I would have changed.” He got down on one knee beside her and pulled a little ring box from his inner breast pocket, flipped the lid open and turned it around so she could see it. It was a simple platinum band with a sparkling diamond flanked on either side by a ruby. “Sookie, you married me once in the vampire way, once in the human way and once in the way of your people. Would you do me the very great honor of renewing our vampire wedding vows and becoming, once again, my wife for all time?”

She gasped and looked at him with all the love in her heart looking out at him through her teary eyes and held her left hand out to him. “I would like nothing better than to marry you again.”


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  1. Yeah this story was so wonderful! Loved how Sookie adapted to her undead life and she understood that her new life was so full of love and new opportunities! So happy that Pam left Lousiana to stay with them…Yes Sookie has a life worth living now not the one CH or TB gave her!

  2. That was a nice story. Liked how you made her so flighty. It was pleasing to read of a Sookie who didn’t second guess herself & others. Her zest for everything around her made this a delightful read. Thankyou.

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