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I met the challenge

 I had fun writing the story A Little Conversation for Seph’s Writing challenge this past May.  I will hopefully have inspiration when she has another contest.

you don't have to be crazy

This would be me!




I am a member of the Blog Umberilla.


I completed the most recent Ultimate Blog Challenge.


Net Galley

I am a member of Net Galley.  I read and review books for them.



What’s so special about me?



Glad you asked! 

I’m a Southern woman, born and bred!  I may be transplanted to this cold place but I still have my southern roots and wouldn’t give them up for anything! 

I may have been born six weeks late, waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy back in 1966 but that just means my body is getting old.  At least that’s what the aches and pains and parts that don’t work so well any more are telling me.  My mind though?  My mind is still 100% my own!  It’s not breaking down in the slightest. 

What was I writing again?  Oh yeah!  I remember now!  *smirk* 

As most of you know I write fanfiction for the Southern Vampires Mysteries series and the television show it inspired, True Blood.

This, *points to above sentence* is my relaxation and saving grace.  My writing has gotten me through some tough times and I thoroughly enjoy it!

I became a Mom for the first, and only, time in 1995!  It was twins! 

Nothing has been as rewarding, or as hellacious, as their growing years!  Their accomplishments give ME a sense of accomplishment.  I DID SOMETHING RIGHT!  I celebrate with them, I cry with them, I discipline them.  In fact, as a late Mother’s Day gift, and as an English assignment, one of them wrote me a Thank you letter! 

I’m a sister, a lover, a friend and a whole bunch of other things.

I’m not perfect, far from it, but I’m the best at being me.  Who else would I be?  The Pope?

I am currently working on a Story for Gyllene’s HEA Contest since the muse struck.  Since she has returned from vacation, or is it taking a vacation from her vacation, I’m taking full advantage.







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