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Sorry it’s been so long, I needed a short break so played hooky for a couple of weeks :). I have been here though, reading and responding, just not posting as much as usual.

There will be a post today, tomorrow and Monday so I can get caught up with the book reviews.

Any Who, on with the show :).


Holy Cow
Gulliver’s Travels

from Literati Girl

A Fierce and Subtle Poison
Half Wild (The Half Bad Trilogy, #2)
Brokeback Mountain
Paper Princess (The Royals, #1)

from Hit or Miss Books

The Chronicles of Dan Lee O’Brien
The Magic Mirror: Concerning a Lonely Princess, a Foundling Girl, a Scheming King and a Pickpocket Squirrel
Wishing Day
Britt-Marie Was Here
Death at Breakfast

from Journey of A Bookseller

Unexpected Fate

from Ballyroan Reads

Most Wanted
Holding Out for a Her
Black Inked Pearl
Waking Amy
Kissing Katie

from Comfy Reading

Graphic Novel Review: Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 1

from The Reading Bud

Free of Malice
Black-Eyed Susans

from Ajoobacats

Glass Sword

from Awkward Heather

The Perfect Tree
The Pledge
After Impact

from The Book Review Directory

Hyde: An Urban Fantasy

from SVM & TB Stories

Losing It

from Words Read & Written | The Ramblings of an Aussie Book Blogger

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