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The Right Way To Love God? « FreedHearts

The Right Way To Love God? « FreedHearts.

This post seems to fall in line, at least a little, with my views.
For a very long time now I’ve felt that each and every religion is really worshiping the same Deity no matter the name they actually give him/her/shim.
God, Jehovah, The Great Donut King in the Sky and all the others, organized or not, that worship some form of God are really only worshiping the same being.
I realize this is not a popular view, and in some cultures would probably at least get me stoned, but it is my view regardless.
Thank you.  I’ll be Pressing This so I can add my own views and this comment.

I wrote the above in the comments section.

The title is misleading IMO.

If you read the blog you will see that you can love God regardless of your affiliations.

To me faith, or Christianity if you prefer, is a private thing.  I do occasionally discourse with family and friends about my beliefs but for the most part my faith is just that, MY faith.  I believe in an all powerful being but that being is called many different things by many different religions.

Just because that Being is called so many different things does not mean it is not the same Being though.

Look at it this way:  Mom is still Mom whether she’s called by her name, Mom, Mum, chauffeur, coach or teacher.  It’s the same with God.  God is still God whether you call him/her/shim God, Jehovah or The Great Donut King in the Sky.

I don’t think the Being is offended by all the different names as long as they/we are thinking about him/her/shim.

Yes, I realize this is not a popular view and I realize that in some cultures this view would mean at least a stoning for being so blasphemous as to not acknowledge that ‘fill in the Deity’s true name’ is the one true Deity but these are my thoughts and I own them.


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