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The Other Road Home Chap 5

That’s right folks, chapter 5 is up!  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I am also adding a recipe section to my blog!  It will be more than Southern Fried clogged arteries too!

The recipes will be some of the staples in our household, things we eat regularly.  Some of them will have the associated link since a lot of my recipes come from online.  Some of them will be wonderful southern comfort food (I am Southern, born and bred), others will be desserts, other nationalities, etc. 

If you have a favourite and would like to have it added please send it to me here, FFN, facebook (my link isn’t working so I’ll fix this at a later date), twitter or, if you have my email you can do that.  If, after three times trying it, we decide it is yummy, I’ll add it here with full props to the one who sent it.

More about me

Let’s see, where did I leave off last time?  Oh yeah, my music.
I read lots, as I mentioned.  Everything from Clive Cussler to Stephen King to Robert Jordan, Robin Cook, Spider Robinson & Heinlein!  I’m not reading quite as much right now but normally it’s hard to find me without a book some where on my person!
I LOVE movies!  We just watched Prisoner of Azkaban for the umpteenth time!  I just finished the fourth season of Paranormal state, too, on Netflix.
Hopefully I’ve got all my running around done now & can get down to the business of cooking and baking for Saturday’s brunch & Sunday night’s newest Dr. Who special (mmmmmmmmmm, Amelia Pond!)

I’ve got Saturday’s brunch, Saturday’s dinner and Sunday’s get together as well as a get together with an adored friend some time next week so I want to provide something for all of them.

Then there’s  the cookies I want to bake over the next couple of days.  I want it all ready to go for Saturday morning so I don’t have to do much cooking there & can, therefore, spend as much time as possible with my family!

I’m hoping that I’ll have more than enough so that Dad will have enough for a few meals, my brother will be able to take some stuff home with him and I’ll be able to take some to share at the other gatherings!

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