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Ajoobacats Blog | Saving the world one book at a time

Ajoobacats Blog | Saving the world one book at a time.

Okay, I will admit to being a bit OCD about my books, physical or otherwise, but I can’t say I’ve ever gone so far as to say my ebooks must have never touched my feet or shoes.

I will, however, go so far as to say I do generally only have one book on the go at a time. This was ingrained in me from childhood and I find it much, much easier to keep characters and plot points straight since I’m not thinking about what’s happening in one book versus another which simply means I don’t confuse myself.

I will freely admit to her 2: not marking up a physical book and at the very least leaving it in the same condition it was in when I got it.

4: no sounds whatsoever while reading. Noise, no matter what kind, is very distracting and I find it hard to get back into the head space I was in. I find the same applies when I’m blogging, betaing and writing as well.

and 10:  I’ve always had a book on the go since I learned to read.  Currently it’s Lover Eternal from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Unfortunately my copy is missing a few pages so I need to see about finding a different copy sigh.

I will even add one of my own: If I find glaringly obvious errors it’s a turn off. I’ll be sorely tempted to not finish the book or series, especially if there are a lot of obvious errors. If I’m doing the writing I’m so obsessive about spelling, grammar and continuity errors it’s a wonder I ever finish writing a story since I can’t, absolutely can not, continue onto the next word if there’s an uncorrected error. The advent of built in spell check in Firefox, Chrome, Word and Google Docs has made this particular obsession even worse since they both underline, in red, any error!

If I’m betaing or prereading I have to force myself to read through the copy first, just so I can get a feel of where it’s going, before I start making any corrections or suggestions.

The funny part of my little obsession is that my brain will automatically fill in the missing word or correct tense which, on occasion, will drive me bonkers, especially when I’m going over someone else’s work for them because it means I have to do twice the work and force my brain to see what’s there instead of adding what it thinks should be there.

Oh, and before I hit draft:  not having my mouse work is annoying at best!  The right click on my laptop doesn’t work so I have to use the mouse, hard to do when it isn’t working :(.

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