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My Brain Was On Vacation

When I signed up for NanoPoblano my brain must have gone on vacation and left me behind.

For some strange reason I thought it was for the story they’ve got going around. That was only a part of it. I’m also supposed to make a post a day for the month of November sigh.

Making a post each day isn’t a hardship; I’ve done it several times before for different challenges or because I actually had something to say. Or because I was insanely behind with my updated story posts. Yeah, that last one.

I’m not going to try to play catch-up because that would just be stupid and bug you all but I will try to write a post a day for the rest of the month.

Turns the key, hoping her brain will start so insanely early on a Sunday (when I wrote this post) morning!

Remembrance Day




never forget


In honour of our Veterans this post is going out 2 hours and 11 minutes later than usual. 11:11 am is the time WWI ended and the time when we stop what we are doing and give a minute of thought or prayer to those who didn’t make it home, served, are serving or will serve our great countries (States and Canada).

Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures has an excellent post AND she linked to one of my favorite songs on YouTube. Give her a visit, you may learn something new.


I wrote this over the weekend and posted it at This ‘n That. It’s a mini-rant about the lack of Christmas spirit and the fact that, in my mind, Christ and our Veterans are forgotten.

Since today is November 11, Remembrance Day, I thought I would expand on that a little bit.

I know a lot of people (I live with one) think that without the military there would be no wars. I generally laugh in his face. There was war long before there was an organized military.


I do agree with the sentiments of Edwin Starr though, it isn’t good for nothing!

This video has the lyrics.

I have mixed feelings about war in general, though. I don’t agree with the reasons wars are started. Greed. (I am by no means an expert so these are just my thoughts and feelings on the subject.)

I can agree with why they are continued…to end the greed and the oppression. To free those who were caught in the cross-hairs.

Far too many innocent lives have been lost because of war. There is no ‘safe’ place to have a war. The battleground is quite literally someone’s backyard, someone’s neighborhood. Someone’s husband, brother, son, daughter or mother is lost forever because of war.

I have friends and family who served: voluntarily or conscripted. It doesn’t really matter WHY they served, it only matters that they did. I count those who never made it home to see their loved ones again among the innocents who were lost.

They knew what they were getting when they served; that doesn’t mean they wanted to die. It does mean that they wanted to serve with pride and with dignity. They wanted to free the oppressed. They wanted the innocence to continue. They wanted the children to be children and play children’s games like catch and hopscotch. They wanted those mothers and fathers to be able to watch their children grow up and become adults so they could watch their own children…

They didn’t always get their wish. Some of those children never made it home at night. Those who did might have been lucky, or they might have arrived home to find their parents were no longer among the living.

My heart bleeds for the children, and the parents. My heart bleeds for humanity.

So, what is war good for? The loss of innocence and lives.

Thank you to all those who have, are, and will, serve in our militaries. Without them, we might just not be at all.

To Continue A Theme…

Virtual Bubble Wrap!

Now this one I can sort of understand but really? Virtual? Some things are just better when they are done live and in person!

I can’t see me getting any relief from constantly clicking (or poking a screen) just to pop some bubbles. Then again, I don’t see me relaxing playing most online games either.

There are a few I play to wind down: Plants vs Zombies 2 is my current game for unwinding. I’ve also played Angry Birds 1 and 2, Bejeweled and a few others.

Say What?

I was over on NanoPoBlano yesterday morning, just looking at different things and came across a link for a virtual stapler! I think my brain stalled for a moment before I clicked.


A virtual stapler?


Then I thought back to what was said BEFORE the link: for stress relief! Let me tell ya, rolling around on the floor while laughing yourself silly is great stress relief! That’s pretty much what I did snort. It didn’t help my headache in the least, but it did help with feeling better.

Think I’ll send it to my boyfriend. You know, the guy who wouldn’t know how to relax if it bit him in the butt? Yeah, him.

Book Reviews

I have some more book reviews for you.

Nano Poblano Blog Hop Story 2015


Nano Poblano Blog Hop Basics:

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The Story:

Eli stumbled into the compartment, flush and out of breath, and took the only available seat next to an old woman and a child. After months of planning, he suddenly had a bad feeling about this and stood right back up again, but at the same time, the train started moving.

He cringed, wishing he had planned this trip differently.


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