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MindMake | Has LEGO Become The Apple of Toys?

MindMake | Has LEGO Become The Apple of Toys?.

Found my Press This button! lol

I’m Impressed

I’m impressed with myself!

I’m one of the world’s largest procrastinators.  If something can be done tomorrow, next week or next month the odds are pretty awesome that they won’t get done now simply because I have other things I would much rather be doing.  Most of those things I would rather be doing most often involve reading on some level.

When I started Ultimate Blog Challenge earlier this month I honestly didn’t think I would finish it since most of what I start usually ends up being abandoned but I didn’t abandon this one.  In fact I think I’ve actually done more than 31 posts since I started it.

I am going to try to turn over a new leaf and attempt to update this blog at least once a week then do the challenge again when it comes around because I’ve found myself actually having fun while doing it.  Of course it has helped that I asked an all important question over on facebook and got a quick reply.  That quick reply lead me to discovering how to do a hashtag for Twitter in my post settings which lead to my discovering how to schedule posts.  Scheduling posts meant I could actually write the posts when I had time on the weekend then schedule them so they would go out daily rather than when I remembered to go back to the draft and post it.

It has been a fun month full of discoveries about myself and my life and remembering how much I really do enjoy a challenge.

As a result of this challenge I’ve got some new followers waves hi to all of you and I’ve discovered some awesome blogs along the way as well.

I don’t know where the next few months will find me but I will be doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge again in a few months.  Maybe my muse will come back?  Please come back?

Until next week take care of yourselves, live, love, laugh and have fun.

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