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I saw something on Pinterest the other day that got me thinking.

I’m currently in a crafty/DIY/home improvement type of mind frame so when I saw someone make a holder for their electronic charge chords, ear buds and wall charger it got me thinking because I was going nuts trying to keep it all straight in my work bag or purse.

What I saw was someone turning a piece of faux leather into a roll up holder for all those chords.

That seemed a little too bulky and not very pretty to look at, despite what they said so I thought I would go them one better.

I didn’t make mine but I did find something at Walmart today that seems to be doing the trick admirably.

It’s a wrist purse with room in the front for your phone &/or iPod/mp3 player then you unzip it and there’s credit card slots and a spot for paper money and change.




Room for my iPod &/or phone.


Charge Chord Organizer

On the right bottom is my iPod ear buds, above that is the charger for my iPod and iPad.

In the center is a wall charger adapter.

On the left is the chord for my phone/eReader.

Now they all fit in my purse, stay untangled and are easily accessible.

Problem solved.

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