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Review: My Sunny Vampire

I read and reviewed another of Stacy McKitrick’s books.

I gotta say:  the woman has style!

Romance isn’t generally my go-to genre but I will be reading each of her books as they are published!

My Sunny Vampire can be found here.

Review: Bite Me, I’m Yours

I have another book review for you :).

In case you haven’t figured it out I currently have a fascination with vampires which I doubt will go away any time soon since I’ve been fascinated with them since I was a teenager and I first read Salem’s Lot (which I still haven’t finished since my dad scared the bejeezus out of me while I was reading it!)

Bite Me, I’m Yours is here so go and enjoy.

I found this story at Net Galley.

Review: Eyes of the Enemy

Five stars!

Awesome book!

Net Galley


How Do You Craft During Revision? | Fiction All Day

How Do You Craft During Revision? | Fiction All Day.

I wrote this comment, I don’t think I’ve ever made it a full hour without going back through the pages I’ve just written to correct the spelling and grammar!  All those red and blue lines, for me, detract from what I’m doing.  Of course, it doesn’t help that I look at the screen as I type so I see most errors as they happen so my OCD English Grammar Nazi cringes and makes me go back to correct before it will let me go forward.
That said:  I find it easier to read others work in order to correct than I my own.  I don’t edit for profit but for fun.

That  comment gave me another idea for the UBC.

As the readers of my stories know I also beta for other authors.

Why do I beta/edit?  It’s fun.  I enjoy it.  Mostly though I see a really awesome story in the rough but the spelling, grammar and other errors are just glaring at me and shouting that I need to fix them before my brain explodes from trying to edit the story in my head.

I enjoy the challenge of making something which is barely readable into something which the reading audience will totally eat up and enjoy many times in the future..

There are some books which I have read many times over through the years because the story grabbed my attention from the first word to the last and then there are other stories which shouted BORING as loud is it could from the first word.  Guess which books are in my personal library?

Books like Karen and I Heard the Owl Call My Name grabbed and held my attention from the very first letter and I didn’t put them down until the books were finished.

Then there are the series books which I devour and then reread when I hear the next in the series is due out soon.

Why did I side track to books from editing?  Easy:  those books and series had my attention from the beginning and, in some cases, have managed to hold my attention through some twenty odd books without losing something in the story line.

These authors manage to stay true to their characters and the story.  They keep their plots straight, they don’t deviate and even the minor plots and characters have your attention.

The good attention where you’re wondering what so and so will do in the situation they find themselves in even when that’s not the part you’re currently reading.

There’s bad attention to.  Things like “Huh?  I thought she turned into this animal.’ or ‘I thought his middle name was this’.  These things do generate attention, sure, but it usually leads to flame wars, tears, rants and threats rather than the adoration of fans because of a well written work.

The authors who grabbed my attention and have held it have kept it through the years had the pre-readers, editors and content editors who would point out the glaringly obvious errors that would turn the readers away from your books to other authors who had those persons in their arsenal.

I have read some so-so stories that turned into series but the longer the series went on the more glaringly obvious the errors became until I just couldn’t stomach it any more and simply stopped reading that author because they didn’t seem to care enough to keep track of their own characters and plots.

With all of that said, and having done my own deviation from the actual topic of this post, I thoroughly enjoy editing others work.    It keeps my brain active and I derive my own joy from helping someone else become better at something they enjoy :).

Thanks for reading.

Book Recommendation

A couple of weeks late but as promised:  Lover Eternal, the next book in The Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

On other notes:  my muse seems to have taken off for parts unknown :(.  She didn’t leave a forwarding address either *grump*.

I am still reading fanfiction and will hopefully have something for the Spotlight soon.

I am still betaing/editing/prereading others fanfictions and have taken on someone new.  I will give a link when she starts posting the redone chapters.

On a side note I am refusing to watch True Blood season 7!  In my opinion they screwed things up way back in season 2.

Yes, I enjoyed watching the play between Godric and everyone else BUT they strayed so far from story canon that it was barely recognizable as coming from the Southern Vampire Mysteries!  Who of us wouldn’t have rather seen Eric/Alexander Skarsgard in pink/aqua spandex than the debacle that was Mary Ann/the maenad?

Season 3?  Some of it was recognizable but most of it wasn’t although I will admit that the actor who portrayed Russell Edgington, Denis O’Hare, did a superb job.  Isn’t it a sign of a good actor when they can make you hate a character they play?

Season 4 needed more naked Eric, ’nuff said and I haven’t truly watched since then.  I quit while the quitting was good!

I think that’s it for now so let me know what you think about anything I’ve said, a book YOU recommend, a rant, awesomeness, whatever :).

I’ve added a contact forme to this post, and will try to remember to do so to any other posts from here on out :).

Book Recommendation

Hello all, I have finally written another book recommendation!  It’s really a series of books but I’m sure you’re not picky about what I call it :).

Any Way, go read about my thoughts on The Black Dagger Brotherhood.  I’ll be posting about the next book in the series next week :).

I will be posting a one shot soon which I wrote for Sephrenia’s Writing Challenge.

The You Want Blood voting ends in about 90 minutes so if you haven’t done so, please go vote.  There are some truly awesome stories and authors, among others, which have been nominated.

New stuff

Hey all :).

I have some new stuff for you this week!

The Other Road Home chap 10 is up!

I have a new section called books.  It is for book recommendations and reviews.  Right now these will be my favourite books over the years starting with Karen.

I also have a new Fanfiction review for you :):  Switched by Mysecreto



More about me

Let’s see, where did I leave off last time?  Oh yeah, my music.
I read lots, as I mentioned.  Everything from Clive Cussler to Stephen King to Robert Jordan, Robin Cook, Spider Robinson & Heinlein!  I’m not reading quite as much right now but normally it’s hard to find me without a book some where on my person!
I LOVE movies!  We just watched Prisoner of Azkaban for the umpteenth time!  I just finished the fourth season of Paranormal state, too, on Netflix.
Hopefully I’ve got all my running around done now & can get down to the business of cooking and baking for Saturday’s brunch & Sunday night’s newest Dr. Who special (mmmmmmmmmm, Amelia Pond!)

I’ve got Saturday’s brunch, Saturday’s dinner and Sunday’s get together as well as a get together with an adored friend some time next week so I want to provide something for all of them.

Then there’s  the cookies I want to bake over the next couple of days.  I want it all ready to go for Saturday morning so I don’t have to do much cooking there & can, therefore, spend as much time as possible with my family!

I’m hoping that I’ll have more than enough so that Dad will have enough for a few meals, my brother will be able to take some stuff home with him and I’ll be able to take some to share at the other gatherings!

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