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Gotta Be Somebody

MissPharao has posted chapter 6 of Gotta Be Somebody

Miss Pharao has some awesome ideas for this story and they are slowly coming to fruition.  The story’s a little slow right now but it will pick up in a couple of chapters.

Chapter 6:  A murder and we learn a little more about Queen Sophie-Anne, Bill’s possible motives and a job offer.

Kardamon has also posted chapter 8 of Forget Me Not

We learn a little more about Sookie’s dreams, we learn whether Jason becomes a were-panther and Sookie has a ‘discussion’ with Bill.

Question:  I have many different authors on my notify list:  Would you all like me to let you know when those stories update?

I know some of you have a lot of the same authors on Notify  or you belong to FanfictionMinions, who just happen to have more than one fandom represented, as I do.

Just as a sampling I have California Kat, Queen of Area 5, MissRon80, KJWrit, MySecretO, MistressJessica1028, kleannhouse and a host of other authors.

Please leave a comment if you would like me to pass on the story update information.


New Chapter: Something New

Chapter 3 of Something New is now up!

I’m looking for a Beta.  With the release of the VERY UNSATISFACTORY final book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries, book 13, I am in the process of writing it so they get their HEA.  I haven’t read Dead Ever After and have no intention of doing so.

After reading the reviews and rants about the nonsensical ending to what was a wonderful series, at least until the last three or four books, I have decided to not continue on with reading any of Charlainne Harris’ writing.  I do have other books on my list of what I want to read.  Authors like Terry Brooks (Shanarra series), P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast (House of Knight series) and many others.

I will be continuing my SVM and TB fanfic, at least for a while, though since I do still have many ideas, but I think the majority of them will probably fall under the True Blood Tag since it is still ongoing and they haven’t written the Sookie we have all grown to either love, or hate, down and out for the count yet.  Truly, I hope the producers of True Blood give us, and Sookie and Eric, what we want:  An ending which is at least feasible!  Preferably they will have them end up together but that is still, hopefully, a ways down the road. 

Until next week, enjoy!


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