Strawberry Shortcake

1 box white cake mix which will make 2 cakes (square or round, it doesn’t matter)

2 tubs cool whip (I use lite but whatever you want)

Lots of strawberries

Lots of sugar

2 4L Ice cream tubs or other very large containers with lids

The day before wash and cut up the strawberries into one of your large containers and sprinkle them liberally with sugar in order to bring out the juices.  Put the lid on and shake!  Put them in the fridge to stay cold and become one with the oodles of sugar you put on them.  Save a few for garnish if you like.

The day before make cakes and set them on rack to cool over night.

The day of:  break apart cake and  sprinkle in second large bowl, top with strawberry mixture, cover with Cool Whip.  Keep layering in this way until you run out of room in the bowl or run out of one of the ingredients.  Pour strawberry juices over top, garnish with uncut strawberries.  Store in fridge until ready to eat.

This is SO nummy that it rarely makes it into the fridge in the first place!  Seconds, thirds, fourths….yeah, my family’s nuts for this stuff!  If I would let us it would BE the meal instead of the awesome ending to the meal!

Give me some sugar!

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