My Two Cents’ Worth: Lips Of An Angel

Lips Of An Angel



It’s been a long while since I reviewed a fanfiction story for your consumption.

I’ve been reading jc52185 for a couple of years yet this is the first time I’ve read Lips of An Angel.

Unless my musical knowledge is totally out of whack it’s named after the song of the same name by Hinder

Lips Of An Angel is a very satisfying story. It’s set several years after Dead Reckoning but the Co-Dumb doesn’t exist in the least :D.

I gotta say, JC did an awesome job of fixing the after effects of the disappointing ending that was the SVM universe and she did it without significantly altering canon characters or changing history.

The author’s summary is:

Years after being forced apart, a longing phone call between Sookie and Eric sets Freyda’s ultimate plans in motion. What will the consequences be? Will they be able to make it out alive? Will they be able to make it out together?

Set years after Dead Ever After but written after Dead Reckoning so the events that happened in the last books won’t happen or will be a bit different in this story. Specifically, what was learned about the contract between Eric and Freyda in the last book won’t be in this story. The arrangement between them in this tale is different.

This wasn’t Sookie going in guns ablazing, it was a simple phone call that set years worth of plans into motion. Plans which were started long before Sookie was even a gleam in her father’s eye.

I read this one in one day and was enthralled from the first words to the last.

It’s slightly angsty and definitely lemon lite but a very enjoyable read.

Give me some sugar!

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