My 2 Cents’ Worth: With Benefits

With Benefits is an AWESOME story and I’m not just saying this because I’m betaing it either, lol.

I was always a good girl. All proper and polite, apologies and smiles. You know the type – getting home early, no parties, no smoking, no hard drinking. No sex. That’s how I used to be. And look where it got me. Maybe it was time to stop trying so hard and let loose. Maybe it was time for change. Bill could go f..k himself. I had a better plan. And it didn’t include him.

What happens when Sookie finds out what Bill is up to all on her own?  Who does she turn to?  What do they do?

With Benefits has a little bit of everything from cleaning the house and shopping to sexy time and angst.

It interrupts Club Dead while Bill is still missing and they don’t know where he is at all.  Sookie finds by, of all things, SNOOPING!  Can you believe it?  Sookie snooped!  She got what it is said that eavesdroppers get for her troubles, too:  troubling news.

With Benefits is currently a WIP but there are only one or two chapters left, I think.  There are currently 32 chapters and 700+ reviews!

Please pay the author, kardamon, a visit and let her know how much you enjoy her work :), I promise, it’s more than worth the effort!

If you speak Polish, or can at least read it, she also has szansa and Więcej grzechów nie pamiętam as well as some other English stories and one shots.

Give me some sugar!

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