My 2 Cents’ Worth: Uninvited

My 2 Cents’ Worth: Uninvited

California Kat is one of those fanfiction authors with really great ideas and the awesome ability to put those ideas onto her screen and in our email inboxes.

The one I’m reviewing today is one of her trilogies which is currently a duology.

The series starts with Uninvited.

California Kat’s Summary:  Beginning in the middle of Season 3, Uninvited explores a different direction for the TB story following the van incident. As Sookie lies in the hospital fighting for her life, Eric must pretend to be the ally of his greatest enemy, Russell, in order to save Pam’s life. What if Russell looks into Eric’s blue eyes and recognizes the young man he saw so long ago? What if Eric has to run for his life? Will he leave Sookie behind—at the mercy of Russell and the vampire who almost killed her? Or will he take her with him?

The story starts with Russell, Eric and Sophie-Ann in the limo while driving from NOLA to Shreveport while Pam is still being tortured by the Magister and goes along with the story line for a ways. Sookie is fighting for her life in the hospital with Jason, Lala, Alcide and Tara standing watch.

That is where the similarities between Season 3 of True Blood and Uninvited end!

It isn’t Bill Compton who manages to ‘save’ Sookie this time. Instead it’s Eric and he manages to talk some sense into her.

Follow along as they have a couple of witches, Octavia and Amelia, perform a spell to rid her of ALL vampire blood, learn about Fae bonds and what they can, and cannot, do, learn about themselves and each other and start travelling the country in an effort to stay ahead of Russell and his minions

I thoroughly enjoyed Uninvited and I will reread it again at some point as I have most of her stories.

I LOVE California Kat’s work! If I had to put a fine point on it I would put her right up at the top with Ericizmine! High praise coming from a lowly reader who reads for the simple enjoyment and the escapism the stories offer. High praise from a fanfiction author who only wishes she were in the same league!

I borrowed the banner for this story from California Kat’s site.

  1. I love this story ! I personally love anything californiakat writes…
    She has great writing skills and she manages to give the right angst to her stories…
    and at the end we readers get our happy ending…

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