Frequently Read Fanfiction

In no particular order the following links go to the home pages, or profile pages, of some of my favorite authors.

I’m putting them here, on their own page, so I can more easily find them when I want to read something they have written :D.

I hope you enjoy them too.

Meridian Does E/S and Godric/OC Original Characters). Listed below are her E/S fics.

Slippy Slappy Seal Sex–This is a crack fic. If you do not have a funny bone, do not enjoy puns, don’t want to read anything having to do with Sookie/Sam or simply cannot deal with anything requiring brain bleach then do not go here.

E/S One Shots

Eric Northman: After the Show–Infrequent updates and a totally different take.

Sookie Takes Charge—You want bad ass Sookie?

The Moon–Set after season 7.

Valentine’s Night–What starts with letters exchanged between E & S ends up as much more.

TB Fixes: Final Season


California Kat has many more than what I have listed below, these are the ones I’ve enjoyed the most.

Back and Forth Universe–Much angst, winner of awards.

The Un-Iverse Series–My favorite. In fact I believe I have referred to it as MY Uninvited, lol.

Salt Water–An alternate season 7 starting episode 4.

Who’s Your Daddy? Vampire Sookie anybody? This is one of her wind down stories so updates are infrequent.

Kelpie’s Korner–These are not ALL Kelpie has written, just the ones I most enjoy reading.

A Prize In Every Box–a funny look at what IS a serious health condition.

Already Married–My fav or Kelpie’s, unfortunately it’s also the one causing massive writer’s block *sigh*.

Behind the Camera–Fun loving actor Eric. Responsible Mommy Sookie. Godric’s in there as well.

Limes and Coconuts–Fluffy, feel good one shot.

Plot Bunny Palace—She adds more sometimes so this way it’s easier to access them.  Link to the ones I added.

Miss Pharao


A Christmas Dream–The only one of Mommy4Thomas’s stories I’ve read but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I Dream 3223 There are many more than I’ve listed, especially one shots, but these are the ones I’ve read the most.

Faux–Started as a one shot for a writing contest but quickly grew to be a full story with a very satisfying ending.

The Big Bang

Come With Me Now

Twenty Questions

My Secret O There are more stories :D. These are just my faves.


La Vie En Rose–sequel to Getaway

Switched–Hilarious look at what could have happened if the Maenad had chosen a different madness/sacrifice.

The Tilted Kilt–Eric in a kilt, need I say more?

Victory In Trouble

Little Bits–Bits and pieces of stories

Shave and A Haircut



Forget Me Not–Translation of her Polish story Więcej grzechów nie pamiętam

With Benefits

Kitty In Az–Kitty also writes for other fandoms.

In the End

I Never…Did

All I Want

American Android

Over Six Feet Of Sin

Strength Of the Soul

Whispers On the Wind

The Thief Who Stole Me

Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

Fairy Tale Amber

Dead and Loving It



The Twelve Gifts of Christmas

Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn Ya


Thanksgivin’ Fixins

Everything and More

From Time Immemorial

It’s Already Gone

Bonfire Of the Vanities

6 Months To Live

Galatea’s Descent

On Shots


All In–All Human. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right? Right?

The Venifica and the Vampire


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