Review: Marked By the Vampire

Review:  Marked By the Vampire

A five star review!

Marked By the Vampire

by Cynthia Eden

Marked By the Vampire is another book that had me hooked from the beginning!

Dr. Olivia Maddox studies murderous paranormals to try and determine what makes them monsters.  She is sent to Purgatory, the only Paranormal containment facility in the United States, to study the inmates to try to figure out what makes them so murderous.

Shane is a vampire sent  to Purgatory for supposedly heinous crimes.  They meet on the ferry, one of only two ways on or off the island, and he is hooked by her with nothing more than a look.

Is Dr. Maddox simply human or is she something…more?

They both thought they could trust their friends and mentors.  One of them is most certainly wrong, but is the other as well?

Give me some sugar!

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