Review: BDB: Dark Lover

Review: BDB: Dark Lover

Dark Lover


J. R. Ward



Okay, so this isn’t really JUST a book!  It’s a series of books!

I have read this series several times and LOVE it each time!

Ward has recreated the Vampire myth in a very unique way:  They are alive and cannot survive for long off human blood, instead they must drink the blood of their own kind and of the opposite sex!

The series starts with Dark Lover:  an unconventional love story with an actual plot!

There is only one way to become vampire:  You must be born into the blood in the conventional way.  You live a mostly regular human life and if you’re very, very lucky you know who both of your parents are.

Wrath, The Blind King and member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, was born into his role of reluctant King.

Beth believes she is all human.  Her human mother died giving birth.  Her vampire father, unknown to her, followed her from birth until his untimely death at the hands of their enemies, the Lessening Society.

Watch as Wrath and Beth argue, fight themselves and each other, and fall in love only to have her nearly torn from him when her change happens when he’s nowhere near her.

I’ll write next week about the next book in the series:  Lover Eternal.

  1. These books seem so intriguing…

  2. The BDB is ADDICTIVE. Srsly. It’s a compulsion that, when you (re-re-re-re-re-re) read the first one, you MUST continue all the way through until you get to the last book yet published. Then you start all over again… Annnnnnd again. They truly are the very best series of books I have ever read.

    • Who do you think got me hooked on them? 😉

      Did you manage to read The King yet?

      • 😀 <—my guilty look
        Naw, not yet… *cries a little* I've decided that before I can read LAL and King (yup, I'm THAT far behind…) I need to (re)try reading the Fallen Angels set since they all do (somewhat) tie in together….and I have NO time for any of it yet. My first try w/ them didn't go so well because I expected them to be "exactly" like the BDB, and…they're not. Different people (for the vast majority), different tone to the story, everything. Now that I've been away from the BDB for a while, it might be easier to sink into FA…I hope!

      • Awwww. What helped me get through all of them was we had no internet for about six weeks, lol.
        Really fun trying to beta when you have no internet, lol. Ohhh…my story writers seem to all be on vacation at the same time so if some of you, and you know who you are, need help I’ve got some time on my hands *sigh*.
        Best part though was I suddenly had a fuckton of free time to read :D.
        I’m trying to read another Anne Rice–Pandora’s story (not sure of the title) but for some reason I have a really hard time getting into that one. I think I’ll have to jump ship on this one, again, though
        My ereader is calling my name, but so is fanfiction, wordpress…you get the picture.

      • You might be in more of a mental mood for it later – life’s too short to spend your time reading something you don’t absolutely love. And besides, you really might like it more at a later date. (Never read it myself, but that’s the theory I have about books/stories I just can’t get into, lol)

        Everything seems ok for right this second, but you know how quicklyT HAT can change, so I’ll definitely pass the word along – thanks!!

        Happy reading! 😀

      • Yeah, I know, this is the second time I’ve tried.
        I WAS reading The Sword of Shanarra before some hot vamps distracted me.

      • *evil chuckle* Yeah, gotta give those hot vamps some creds… YUM!

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