Book Review: Vampire Miami

Book Review: Vampire Miami

Vampire Miami


Phil Tucker

You’ve heard of CSI: Miami. You’ve heard of CSI: Las Vegas. But have you heard of Vampire Miami?

I hadn’t either until last week.

I liked Vampire Miami a lot more than I anticipated I would.

It’s not a romance.

It’s not a love story.

It does have the supernatural and the vampires are more like what we associate with Dracula than what I generally read.

The United States was torn apart by a war between the vampires and the humans. Five years after signing the treaty which handed Miami and Los Angeles to the vampires those two cities are what you would expect: martial law states where the vampires rule although they do try to seem benevolent by allowing movies to be filmed and Amnesty International and the Red Cross have access to help the humans living inside The Wall.

There are the ritzy areas: places where everything seems to be as it was before the treaty was signed

There are the slums where all you see are burned out or looted buildings, overturned cars and, I think, some tumbling tumbleweed.

Then you have the areas in between the two. Places where humans have formed communities for their own safety.

Enter a 17-year-old young woman from New York City. No longer a child but not quite an adult. A young woman who’s father has inexplicably gone missing so has petitioned the courts to be put into the custody of her grandmother who lives in Miami.

Include a little supernatural which is so rare it has only been seen three times in a hundred years.

Now imagine the mayhem that girl could cause in such circumstances.

  1. If I just read the title, I would have no interest in this book. I really like the cover artwork, but it still would sound like a cheesy teen vampire book. However, your review made me want to read it. I’ve added it to my to-read list. 🙂

    • Glad you liked it :). It really was a good book and I’m bummed that I won’t have the money to get the next in the series until at least Friday, if not longer :(. Unless, of course, it goes free and I hear about it :D.

      • How many are in the series?

      • Four, the next is Vampire LA (Los Angeles)
        In case you’re wondering, and I do mention this occasionally onsite. A lot of the books I read and review I get for free for my ereader from Kobo and Amazon. There are email lists that hit my inbox every single day. I also do some pre-reading for published authors some times. Alas, it’s all for free, but I get to read some awesome books!

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