Book Review: Strange Case: An Urban Fantasy

Book Review: Strange Case: An Urban Fantasy

Strange Case: An Urban Fantasy


Lauren Stewart

Strange Case is the finale of Hyde: An Urban Fantasy and Jekyll: An Urban Fantasy.

3.5 stars

Strange case IS an interesting read and I’m glad I read the series but I wish I had waited until I was ready for more murder, kidnapping and mayhem.

It has a satisfactory ending, what you would probably call a Happily Ever After, but it’s still more of the same ‘guy gets the girl’, or in this case girl gets the guy.

I am still intrigued by Landon though. The guy, asshole, cop, whatever you want to call him (Mitch certainly has a way with nicknames) has caught my attention and I don’t think he’ll let go any time soon.  My mind is wondering though, why introduce such a wonderful character as Landon finds in this final book if the author didn’t plan something for her in the long term. I really do hope Ms. Stewart doesn’t have plans for the two of them.


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