Book Review: Dorothy Must Die

Book Review: Dorothy Must Die

Dorothy Must Die


Danielle Paige

dorothy must die

Rated: Ages 14+

Stars: 5+

Not since Son Of the Witch have I been riveted by an Oz tale as I have been by Dorothy Must Die. I first learned of this book from Awkward Heather over at Reader, Writer, Dreamer and I gotta say WOW!

It’s not often I pay attention to a book review since I disagree with them a lot of the time but Dorothy Must Die is a definite must read for your teens this summer! I read it in a day so it’s not like it will take TOO much time from their game playing and swimming.

A strong female TEEN AGED heroin! How awesome is that? Amy Gumm’s life isn’t easy by any means but she does have a roof over her head, clothes on her back and food in her belly.

Like any teen aged girl she dreams of getting the heck out of Dodge, or in this case Kansas, and making something of herself away from her alcohol and narcotics addicted mother and the bullies at school.

Amy gets her wish although certainly not in the way she expected. Instead of taking the Greyhound to Hollywood or New York or even Kalamazoo, she takes a tornado with her mobile home as the vehicle, and lands in Oz. Thankfully, or not, on top of any witches.

Things have changed in Oz, and they haven’t changed for the better.

It seems the sweet and innocent Dorothy Gale returned to Oz and the fame went to her head. Her last name was certainly a foreboding in this series of novels and novellas.

In my own head I’m imagining a 50′ Dorothy in a silk and satin gingham inspired dress with 6″ heeled ruby slippers. She’s extremely egotistical and even more shallow than she is egotistical. Things have gotten so bad that those around her, except for the Cowardly Lion, the Brainless Scarecrow, and the Heartless Tin Woodman, all have Perma-Smiles affixed to their lips just so their displeasure with how things are going won’t show so much.

I LOVE the fact Amy isn’t someone who second guesses herself (much). Sure, she has her doubts but she has some maybe friends (who keep telling her not to trust them or anybody else) and her mom’s pet rat for company. She’s strong and doesn’t shirk her duties, even if that duty takes an unsanctioned left turn into the Scarecrow’s lab to rescue a flying monkey and gets her boss, the head maid, killed in the process.

Or facing down the Cowardly Lion.

Or…I’ll let you read it to find out about the rest of the cast.

Enjoy Dorothy Must Die, I certainly did!

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