WMHB chap 5

A/N:  Italics is Eric and Sookie speaking telepathically. Underline italics is Sookie hearing other people’s thoughts.

I keep forgetting to do this: I do not own Eric and Sookie nor do I own the other characters, at least not yet. They belong to Charlainne Harris for the original concept and Alan Ball for his True Blood interpretation of the original concept.

Now, without further words:

“Eric, tell me which car to load up and it will be ready by the time you are done your shower.”

“Load up the Lincoln then, it has more cargo space and will be more comfortable.”

She loaded up the car and the warmer. By the time she was finished he was getting dressed. “Eric, do you want me to drive for a while? At least until I need to feed?”

“If you would like. Feed well before we leave though, I don’t want to make too many stops.”

“Eric, the warmer is filled and in the car, I’ve had two bags already and will have another two before we leave. I’ll be fine.”

“Sookie, I don’t know how you do it but you manage to surprise me all the time.”

“Hey, Pam’s had 200 years to keep you on your toes, it’s my turn now, the difference is it won’t be my money habits that keep you occupied.”

“Is that so?”

“It is. The sooner I get my shower the sooner we can get to Dallas. Why don’t you go give your last minute instructions to Pam. I’ll be out shortly.” With that she went into the bathroom to get her shower, leaving a distraught Viking looking after her in wonder.

She was soon in the kitchen with them, drinking some blood and mentally preparing herself for a long drive with a distraught Viking.

Finally they were ready to leave with good-byes said and last minute instructions given.

It was a long, mostly silent, drive with them each in their own thoughts. He was wondering what had happened to Godric, how he could have disappeared, what could be done to find him and what resources Stan had at his disposal to help them find him.

Sookie was wondering what Godric was like, what she could do to help Eric find him, whether he would like her, if Eric needed her help.

A drive that, for a human, took three hours took them just under two hours to complete. Once they entered Dallas he called Isabel to let her know where they were and that they would meet her at the nest in two hours.

Sookie pulled over to the curb, “Eric, can you drive please? I need to feed before I get anywhere near humans and there are bound to be humans working at the hotel, even this late at night.”

They switched spots and she dug into the warmer for her meal. “Sookie, they will have live donors there for you to feed from.”

“That’s all well and good but it doesn’t do me any any good if I kill one of them because I’m too hungry. We both know I can’t be starving when around humans, the temptation is too great.”

She had just finished her third bag when they pulled up in front of the hotel they were staying in, The Silent Shore, and it certainly was silent. Vampires don’t make much noise as a general rule and there weren’t many humans, who are fairly noisy, around.

They went up to their room, put their things away and talked about protocol and etiquette since she would be meeting a Monarch for the first time. It wasn’t a whole lot different from meeting regular vampires other than having to be quiet and control her temper although she was allowed to speak up if she was having problems with her telepathy or was hungry.

They soon left for Godric’s nest where other vampires were going to be meeting them to hopefully give them information that could help them locate him.

“Isabel, has there been any news?”

“I’m afraid not.”

“May I introduce my newest child, Sookie Stackhouse.”

They greeted each other, “Master, may I wander please?”

“You may but stay on this floor and within the house.”

She bowed, “Thank you Master, Isabel.”

She took her leave and wandered the main floor, heading for the kitchen she had seen as they entered. There had been humans there and she wanted to read them if she could.

She heard the mundane, every day thoughts of Vampire’s humans, dismissing them from her mind until she heard tonight is the lock-in, tomorrow he will meet the sun. I hope they don’t figure it out before then, it will be a glorious sight to behold, the devil meeting his doom. She put on her best poker face and continued on into the kitchen so she could pinpoint the person thinking about a vampire meeting the sun. It was an older man, about 5’8, glasses, balding, slightly overweight.

Master, can you and Isabel come to the kitchen please?

We are on our way my child.

They were there quickly, “What is it my Sookie?”

Master, that man is a FOTS member, a traitor. Godric is scheduled to meet the sun tomorrow. I’m hungry Master, may I have some blood please?”

Thank you my child. Stay with him while I speak with Isabel, but only as long as he remains in the house and on this floor. You may. Stay in here, I will return momentarily.”

He left with Isabel and explained the situation to her. She was not happy, the man was her human and she loved him dearly.

“Can you restrain him for now? We need to get to Godric tonight or it will be too late.”

“Of course, I will restrain him myself but I must call the King first.”

Eric went back to Sookie while Isabel made her phone call, “Feeling better?”

“Yes Master, the blood helped. Are you going to get Godric tonight?”

“Yes, and I need you to come with us to tell us how many humans we are up against and to tell us, if you can, where Godric is.

“Of course, I will do what I can for my GrandSire. Are there any unattached donors? Straight from the source will give me a longer lasting effect to resist getting dizzy than bagged will.”

Isabel came in then, “Hugo, can I see you upstairs for a moment?”

Eric turned to her and asked, in Italian “Are there any unattached donors? Sookie is a telepath and has been having problems maintaining control with it since turning. She needs straight from the source so she can be around humans tonight for as long as possible.”

Isabel replied, still in Italian”The donors were given the night off but she can feed from Hugo tonight. I am renouncing my claim on him and demoting him to houseboy, for the use of all, until our Sheriff returns and can pass judgment.”

“Very well. Let us know when he is available then.”

He turned to Sookie, whose mouth was agape, “Come, let’s slip outside for a bit.” He took her hand and led her out, “You did well tonight. Is that why you wanted to wander? So you could listen to the humans?”

“Thank you Master. Yes, that’s why I wanted to wander. I wasn’t looking for a traitor, I was just listening in to see if anyone was thinking about Godric and what their impressions of him were without seeming to be nosy.”

“Whatever the motivation, thank you. We now know where my Maker is and once the King arrives we will be able to lay a plan to retrieve him.

Isabel has said you may feed from the traitor since he was hers. She has renounced her claim on him and he will be confined to the nest until their Sheriff can make a ruling as to what to do with him.” He heard Isabel looking for them, “Come my love, Isabel is looking for us.”

“Eric, Sookie, can we speak in private for a moment?” He nodded assent so she led them to her office. “My office is soundproof so you may speak freely here without other vampires hearing. Sookie, with your Maker’s permission can you listen to Hugo to see what else he may know? The more information we have going in the better chance we have of retrieving him with few casualties on either side.

Also, you may feed from him when you are ready. You may feed to his near death. Just leave enough blood so that he will live for his punishment.”

“If my Master will allow it I would be happy to listen to him for you. As long as he’s with me when I feed I will do as you ask, leaving him barely alive and unable to function. May I practice my glamour on him as well? I have an idea and with your and my Maker’s permission I think it will work.

I won’t feed until just before we go so the effects will last further into the night, hopefully until we return. Could we take some bags with us? We still have some in the warmer and can add more. I’m sure Godric will need blood and, depending on the number of humans there are and how hard I have to work to keep their thoughts out of my head, I may need some as well.”

They discussed her idea for the glamour and Eric and Isabel decided to allow it.

“You need to listen soon. The King will be here in ten minutes. Once he arrives things will begin to happen and you may not have time then.”

“I am ready whenever the two of you are once I have another blood.”

“You may go get your drink then. We will come for you in a couple of minutes.”

“Master, Isabel.” She bowed to them both and left the room.

“Isabel, what is your motivation for nearly draining him?”

“I believe he did this because he is upset with me since I refuse to turn him just yet. He has a young daughter and I want him to be able to spend time with her while she’s still young and wants to be with him.

I want him to fear us and I believe her idea for the glamour will do exactly what needs to be done.

The King will be here soon, she needs to listen to him now.”

They found Sookie and took her to him. He was in a totally empty room, chained to the wall, totally naked and gagged so his screams wouldn’t be heard by the donors once they returned. Tears streaked his face and it looked like he had been struggling against his bonds.

When the three of them came into the room he was struck with fear. What were they going to do to him? He didn’t want to die, at least not here and now, not like this.

“Hugo, I am here to find out what you know about the Fellowship and what they are planning to do with Godric. If they harm my GrandSire my Maker and I have been promised immunity and told we may do what we wish with you. You will not enjoy what we do. You will be begging for death, craving it, for weeks, months before you will be given your one true death.”

Eric was thinking about her brilliance in this. Fear was a powerful motivator. Hugo didn’t know that most of what she said wasn’t true, he didn’t need to know, but just the thought of months of inescapable torture would most likely get them what they needed quickly.

She placed her hand on one of his arms, “Please remove his gag so he can answer me.”

Isabel did as requested. “Thank you.

“Hugo, how did they get Godric?”

“He was out prowling around one night and a couple of vampire hunters came upon him unaware and managed to trap him in a silver net.” What he thought was totally different, he was digging a hole to sleep in for the day. Fellowship people saw him so once the sun was up they erected a dark tent over the place, dug him up and took him to the church.

“What are they planning on doing to him?”

“They have been draining him and selling the blood, using the money to fund their movement against the vampires. He is to meet the sun at sunrise this morning.”

“Why are you a part of this? Why did you not tell Isabel when you learned he was there?”

“I was angry at Isabel. We had another argument about her turning me, or not.” I didn’t tell her because I had heard him tell her he wouldn’t be back that night, he would be sleeping in the ground. I told the Fellowship and they followed him. It was totally my idea that they take him in the first place. I love her, I want to spend an eternity with her.

“Thank you Hugo.” She got directly in front of him and lifted his face so he was looking directly into her eyes. “Hugo, you will stay in this house until told otherwise by the nest Master. You may not go outside, not even into the backyard. You will speak to no human unless the human has been approved by the nest Master for you to speak with. You will not make any phone calls except the one to your ex-wife to tell her you can’t see your daughter this weekend because you have an out of town meeting first thing in the morning and need to leave tonight to prepare.

You are terrified of every vampire in this building but still you remain. Each evening you will be waiting outside the Master’s chamber door and offer him your blood to atone for what you have done. Each sunrise you will offer him your blood before he goes to rest.

You will do all the menial jobs in the house and will be a willing donor for any who wish to drink from you, you will be unable to say no to any as long as you follow the standing rules for donors. Once someone has fed from you you will no longer get aroused from that particular vampire, whether it is a nest mate or a visitor, once they feed from you you will no longer be aroused by their feeding from you.

Only the nest Master, my Master or myself can make any alterations to these instructions and only myself or my Master can lift these instructions or glamour you in future. Are we clear?”

“Yes Mistress.”

The three left the room and arrived in the living room just as the King did. Eric put his hand on Sookie’s shoulder and knelt, pulling her with him, “Your Majesty,” and she followed suit. The King looked like your typical geek. He was just missing the pocket protector to complete the look.

“Everyone rise. No formality tonight. We are here to form a plan to bring Godric home. What have you found out Isabel?”

“I will let Sookie, Sheriff Northman’s newest progeny, answer Stan. We just finished interrogating him and she was quite magnificent.

Sookie, if you would?”

“Thank you for the compliment Isabel. Your Majesty…”

“Stan, please. No formality tonight, this is not court.”

Sookie looked at Eric and he nodded. It would be okay for her to use his first name. “Thank you Stan. Hugo is in love with Isabel, wants to spend eternity with her but they had been disagreeing over the fact she won’t change him yet. He heard Godric tell Isabel that he wouldn’t be home, would be sleeping in the ground, that day so he called the Fellowship and told them, even suggested they drain him and use the proceeds from his blood sales to fund their works. They didn’t exactly take Godric unaware as he said. He was followed that night by FOTS members and once he had gone to ground they erected a light tight tent and dug him up, took him to their church and have been draining him ever since.”

“Anything else? Where is the traitor Isabel?”

“He is chained in one of the empty rooms Stan.” She went on to explain about their plans for Hugo until Godric could pass judgment.

“Brilliant. Who’s idea was the glamour?”


“How old are you Sookie?”

“In human years I was 26, in vampire age I’m just over a week.”

“So brilliant for one so young, you have done well and are a credit to your Maker.

Are there plans in place for the retrieval Isabel?”

“There are Stan. Sookie is a telepath so will be going with us to give us numbers and, hopefully, a more definite location within the building so there will be minimal loss of life. Once we get the numbers and location we will simply go in, find Godric and bring him home. We do not plan on harming any humans, instead using our glamour or simple scare tactics, but are prepared just in case. We are also taking a warmer of blood since Godric will most likely require some and Sookie is anticipating her own need as well.”

“Well done. Eric, take your child to feed then we will leave.”

“Come Sookie, the night is growing short, we need to get Godric and then return to the hotel.” He led her back to Hugo, “Sookie, I will tell you when to stop. There is a very fine line between leaving just enough for survival and leaving him drained. You may begin.”

“Hugo, tonight is your first night as a willing donor,” she said just before she struck, sinking her fangs into his jugular and drawing deeply over and over again until she heard her Maker tell her it was enough. She felt human, warm, full of health and vitality.

“Sookie, can you hear how faintly his heart is beating, how shallow his breath? That is the fine line. Half a draw more and he would be beyond help.

“Thank you Master. I hear the differences. Let’s go, I’m feeling warm, healthy and vital. I’m hoping this will last as long as we need it to.”

“Hold one moment Sookie. I want you to take more of my blood as well. You may need the extra burst of strength or speed and I would feel better if you had it.” He put his wrist in front of her mouth and she bit tenderly, taking only a couple of mouthfuls. She felt the change, almost imperceptible, her shields slid into place and were more stable than ever.

“Master, I believe that was what I’ve needed for the last week. As soon as I took your blood my shields slid into place and are stronger than ever. I don’t think I’ll be having any more problems but I’ll be prepared just in case.”

They met everyone in the kitchen where they were collecting blood bags into a warmer. “Sookie, I believe your preferred is O+?”

“It is Stan, although I can drink anything except B+.”

“With what you brought we have plenty for both you and your GrandSire, it is his preferred type as well. That is why we have so much. Since he is the local Sheriff and nest Master he needs his strength as well. We must leave, the night is growing short. Eric, fly to the church with your child and learn what you can. We will meet you in the surrounding woods as soon as may be.”

They bowed, “Majesty,” and left, taking to the air as soon as they were outside, Eric carrying her since she wasn’t fast enough, yet, for their purposes this night.


  1. Sookie is so good as a vampire! Her telepathy is better than before..Eric is so proud of her!

  2. Go bad ass sookie with her telepathy and glamour skills, not to mention her analytical ones.

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