WMHB chap 3

Being a vampire was different, but a lot of it was the same too.

She still felt like Sookie, looked like Sookie and sounded like herself because she was still the same being she was before. Her core values were still the same although her allegiance had shifted to her vampire family rather than her human family and friends but that wasn’t really so different. If she had gotten married her loyalties would have shifted to him and any children they had together and included both his family and hers. Now, instead of a husband and children she had a Maker and his other child, her vampire sister, different but the same.

She was learning how to deal with her heightened senses. The heightened speed was the hardest to get used to although she hadn’t been in a really noisy place yet to deal with the hearing. Several times she had overshot her goal because she was going too fast and slid to a stop although Eric took her outside every night and would race her and let her explore other abilities. So far they had discovered she could levitate, move quicker than average, her sense of smell was above average and her vision was extremely exceptional.

The thing she liked least though was how she would have to act with him in public. She did NOT like having to be subservient to anyone, it went against her upbringing and her own core values. She was going to have to just suck it up and deal though because she didn’t want to cause herself, Eric or Pam any problems.

The most fun she had was tracking. Eric and Pam were teaching her how to follow different animals right now but he had promised that once they were sure she could control herself they would teach her how to track humans and then vampires and other beings.

Tonight though was to be her first trip to Fangtasia since being turned. Eric had Sheriff business to attend to, as well as a call to the Queen.

“Eric, I know you are supposed to provide for me but I want to work. If I pass muster tonight could I maybe work at Fangtasia?”

“Of course. I’m sure Pam would like the help. She doesn’t like having to deal with humans so I’m sure she would be more than happy to pass the making of schedules, hiring and firing and anything else having to do with humans over to you and you can still scan the patrons, maybe work the door but this all depends on how you do tonight.”

“That’s all I am asking, a chance to prove myself. I’m not expecting to be there working every night but even two or three nights a week is better than sitting home doing nothing.”

“Tell you what, tonight you can work the door with Pam and tag along with her while I deal with business. Don’t hesitate to call for me if there’s a problem or you feel you can’t handle the noise. I’ve already made sure we’ve got some O+ donor blood stocked and you’ll be feeding before my meetings start so you should be good to go in that area.”

“Good, I know I need the blood to survive and to maintain my control so as long as it’s available I’ll be fine.”

“I know you will Sookie. You’ve taken to being a vampire very well. I’m proud of how well you’re doing.

Once you have control on your own you will also be expected to serve the same time each month that the other vampires do enthralling the vermin. It is the price they pay for lower taxes. It also gives them a chance at a meal.

You won’t have to pay taxes for five years though so any moneys you make between now and then will be all yours.

Pam brought you some work clothes over so let’s see what she brought and decide what you’ll wear tonight.”

There were a lot of bags in their room and they laid it all out on the bed to look over and decide. There were corsets, short skirts, long skirts, tight blouses and mostly in black, red or black and red. They finally decided on a black and red corset with a short, filmy skirt and four inch heels.

When he saw the final effect Eric’s fangs ran full out, “Sookie, you are a vision. You will have a hard time keeping the men, probably women too, away from you tonight.”

“The only attention I want from any of them is a redhead to feed from before we start.”

“I’m sure that can be arranged mitt barn (my child). Let’s go.”

“ja Mästare.” They took off into the sky. He was letting her ‘fly’ her way there. She needed the practice and they had the time to allow for her being slower. Her flying was really more like a quick moving levitation right now but he had high hopes that she would have the full flying ability as she grew older.

They landed on the roof and were quickly inside, “Eric, I need a bag before I feed. I don’t have the concentration to pay attention because I’m so hungry.”

“Very well, you may go get one and look around for your dinner. You may bring whoever it is back to the office and feed before my meetings begin.”

She bowed, “Yes Master,” and she went out to the bar to get some blood.

While she was standing at the bar drinking a human male approached her, “I would be honoured if you would feed from me tonight Mistress.” What he was thinking though was “I want them ALL to die! I will pass it on to any of them I can get to feed from me!”

“Come along then,” she said and led him back to the office.

She knocked on the door and waited for Eric to tell her to enter. Once he did she opened the door and shoved the man inside. “Master, we have a Sino Aids carrier in our midst who is wanting to infect any who are crazy enough to feed from him.” Her fangs were out from hunger and anger but she was controlling herself admirably. She shoved him into a chair, “Master, may I try to glamour him please?”

“You may. Try it yourself first then I will help if you have any problems.”

“Could you hold him down please Master?”

He got up, went behind the man and placed his hands on his shoulders effectively holding him in place.

Sookie placed her hand on his arm and opened herself to his mind. What was in his mind was repulsive to her but she looked past it to the night’s memories, “James, you will go to the doctor and get yourself treated. You will forget your anger at the one who passed this on to you, you will forget your anger at the vampires and coming to Fangtasia tonight. You won’t remember any of us who are here. You will remember going to a fabulous party tonight where you made a pass at a blonde woman but nothing about what was said or done.”

His eyes were glazed over and he was staring into space listening to her. When she was done he came out of it, got up and walked out to his car and left.

“Very well done my child. That must come along with the telepathy. I’ve never seen anyone glamour as well or as quickly.”

“Thank you Eric. Now I really must find someone to feed from, that just made me hungrier.”

“Have another bag then and find your dinner.”

“Thank you Master. I’ll be back soon.” She left to get some more blood and find her dinner. The thoughts started swirling around her, making her dizzy, so she made her way back to the office. “Eric, could you have some blood brought in here please? I’m too hungry to be out there right now. The thoughts were swirling and making me dizzy.”

He called out to Pam who was there in seconds, “Master?”

“Bring Sookie two bags of O+ and a redhead donor. She’s too hungry to be among the masses right now. She will be out as soon as she feels up to it.”

She turned and left, coming back quickly with the blood and left just as quickly to find the donor. A few minutes later she was back with a redhead female who would have been quite lovely if she weren’t a heroin addict and dressed all in black.

“Is this one acceptable?”

“I don’t know, what will heroin do to me?”

“It will affect you the same way only you won’t have the long term problems. She is not for you this night.”

“Master, I’m feeling better, may I try to find my own dinner? I saw someone on my way in here but I needed to get away from the thoughts more than I needed the donor at that time.”

“Yes, come, I will go with you. I need to make my presence known any way. If you find you are not up to it just squeeze my hand and I will have you back here quickly.”

They left the office and she was able to keep the thoughts out. She saw who she wanted almost immediately and headed over to her. She tapped her on the shoulder, “Hello, I’m Sookie, would you allow me to feed from you tonight?”

She turned in her seat, “For a price I’ll let you bite me.”

Sookie was crestfallen but didn’t let it show, “Thanks any way.” They continued on until she found someone acceptable. Once they got back to the office she had to fight to maintain control so she didn’t hurt her meal but she managed.

“How do you feel now Sookie?”

“Like I’ve run a hundred miles in stilleto heels. I need to build up my resistance to everything here. Since you’ve got meetings tonight is it alright if I sit in Pam’s office? I don’t feel up to being in the public without you with me. Maybe I can work on schedules or something to pass the time.”

“That is acceptable. Tell Pam I said it was alright.”

“Could you call her please, or is she in her office? I really can’t be out on the floor tonight.”

“Come, I will walk you to her office. If she isn’t there I will leave you there and go get her for you.”

They had barely finished their request when Pam launched herself at them, “You mean I am FINALLY getting some help around here? Someone who can actually DEAL with humans without wanting to rip their heads off? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! If we weren’t vampires I would kiss you both!”

Eric and Sookie stood there, staring at her, “Who are you and what have you done with the real Pam Ravenscroft?”

“Eric, how long have I been asking for someone to do the scheduling and hiring/firing?”

“Since about a month after we opened.”

“Right, it took you making another child for me to have my pleas answered! Thank you!

Sookie, sit. I’ll go get you some blood and then come back to show you how things work around here. Maybe now I can get some quality time off!”

Eric laughed at Pam’s antics and left them to their work, shaking his head and mumbling something about ‘elder children’ and ‘don’t take advantage of her’, leaving the bond with Sookie open in case she needed him.

Pam was gone and back, double quick, with Sookie’s blood and actually took her time explaining things to her so she would understand. They were done in about an hour, “Sookie, let’s go see what’s happening in the bar.”

“I need another blood and I need to ask Eric first. I told him I wasn’t feeling up to being with all the minds tonight.”

“He’s in a meeting so text him. He will answer.”

Sookie: May I please go out into the bar with Pam?
Eric: Are you feeling up to it?
Sookie: Pam’s gone to get me another blood then I should be alright.

Eric: Pam, stay with Sookie at the door.
Pam: Yes Master.

Eric: You will work the door with Pam. Use your gift to sift through the undesirables.
Sookie: Yes Master

Once Sookie finished her blood they made their way through the crowd to the door and she was able to keep her shields up just fine. Even listening to the line up at the door wasn’t difficult and she managed to find several underage teens, two drunken idiots and a FOTS across the street. It was all taken care of with no problems what so ever. They were there for an hour or so when Sookie started to feel dizzy again. “Pam, I need to get back to your office quickly and I need some blood as well.”

They quickly made their way back to her office. Once they were in the office Pam called for some blood and stayed with her until the dizziness passed.

There was a knock at the door, “Come in Master,” was all that was said, all that needed to be said.

He stood looking down at Sookie, “You were dizzy again?”

“Yes, and I think I know why. I think it’s a combination of not being around humans for the last five weeks and being hungry. The more I expose myself to them the better it will get. Next time maybe I should just sit at the booth with blood in hand and slowly build myself back up so I can stand to be around them for longer periods. I managed an hour tonight before the dizziness hit again so I would like to try an hour in the bar and an hour in the office then another hour in the bar”

“Very well but no more than four hours three times a week, no consecutive days. You can do scheduling and other things when the bar is closed or at home.”

She smiled and simply said okay.

He smiled, “You were planning on something of the sort any way, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” was the simple reply.

“Good. Now, on to other business. The Magister’s office called and we are expected in two hours to hear his judgment against Lorena.”

“Does he ever actually give notice?”

“Not that I’ve ever heard of. Let’s go. Grab some blood from the bar, you can eat on the way.”

“Can you or Pam get it please Eric? I’ve had my fill of humans for the day & I will need what energy I can muster to face Lorena and the Magister.”

He picked up the phone and called the bar, “Put some O+ bags in a warmer and bring them to Pam’s office. The three of us are leaving and won’t be back tonight. You are in charge.” He hung up without waiting for a reply, expecting his order to be carried out without question.

Once the blood arrived they were off to see the Magister once again.


  1. So happy to see Sookie adapt and she has a lot of vampire abilities! Wow she will able to fly soon!And her glamouring is surprisely excellent for being a new born vampire. Can’t wait to see what the Magister has decided…

  2. Pam is so funny. Love her sometimes. Glad Sookie is doing so well.

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