WMHB chap 2

A/N: I redid this chapter, it makes a lot more sense now with what comes after. Enjoy.

The next few days passed with feeding, learning about the vampire world and each other and her becoming accustomed to being a vampire.

They talked about their human lives and she learned about his life as a vampire and how vastly different it was now compared to when his Maker turned him.

Talking about her family hurt though, it hurt her unbeating heart. She was still too close to her humanity, to her human life for it not to hurt.

Her Maker understood this, that she was trying to let go, to realize she would probably still be walking this earth long after her family and friends passed on. She would never fully realize it for several years though, when a dear one would die and she would still remain. She would never get sick, never see the sun again, never have a church wedding or a normal family and unless she was caught in the sun or met the pointy end of a piece of wood or her neck met the sharp edge of a sword she would never go to the great beyond. She wouldn’t see those who had passed on in the great hereafter.

She was curled up in a ball on the bed, tears staining the pillow case, as these thoughts flitted through her mind. She was angry but not at her Maker. They had never had a chance to talk about whether she would want to be turned, they barely knew each other at all. She was angry with Bill and Lorena and the Queen. Bill for deceiving her, making her believe he loved her, would do anything for her. Lorena for creating Bill in the first place, for not teaching him how to treat people. The Queen for sending him her way in the first place. There’s a thought! How did the Queen learn about her telepathy in the first place? It’s not like she went around advertising her skills for hire, she tried to keep it quiet since most people thought she was a freak because she would sometimes respond to the thoughts in their brains rather than what came out of their mouths and her Crazy Sookie smile was simply creepy, it sent goose bumps up and down the spine and set people’s teeth on edge.

Eric lay there beside her, holding her and singing the old lullabies, remembering his time as a human. How much he had loved his family.

“Eric? How did the Queen learn about my telepathy? Very few knew about it and fewer still believe that I could really do what I said I could do.”

“That is an interesting question. Who knew about your ability?”

“Just my family, Sam, Tara and Lafayette.”

“Is it just you and your brother?”

“There was a time when there were four of us. Me, Jason, Tara and my cousin Hadley but we haven’t seen Hadley since she begged some money from gran and disappeared into the underbelly of the world.”

He quirked an eyebrow, “What did this Hadley look like?”

“She had the Stackhouse looks: blond hair, blue eyes, quite a looker when she wasn’t doing drugs and made the effort to look nice, about my height but a little fuller in the hips and stomach, why?”

“What was her last name?”

“Dalhousey, why?”

“The Queen has a child by that name and you described her looks to a tee.”

“You mean she’s been around all these years and never even bothered to send a card or call? Well, I guess that tells me how she truly feels about her family and how the Queen found out about me!” She was off the bed in a flash and out the door, running as if a monster was after her. He took off into the air to keep an eye on her, letting her blow of steam and get it out of her system. Maybe there was one more to add to Sookie’s ‘I want to kill” list?

They were currently at the house which sat on twenty acres and was heavily forested so she had plenty of space to run and plenty of trees to uproot if she felt the need. Yes, there went one now, flying through the air and knocking a couple of others down before it landed with a crash.

Finally he heard her screaming and knew it was time to let his presence be known. Sookie, are you feeling better or do you still need to run?

How could she Eric? How could she bring this on me? It’s her fault Gran was killed.

He landed beside her and pulled her into his arms. “You will have your vengeance if that is what you wish but for now it is just a few minutes until sunrise, let me carry you home.” He lifted them into the air and soon had her in the shower to wash all the dirt, twigs and leaves off and then she was in bed just as the sun rose over the horizon.

Eric was awake for a half hour or so after sunrise. Usually he spent that time going through emails and his Sheriff’s duties, today he spent that time thinking about Sookie. He had desired her since the first time she had come into the bar on the arm of Compton, trying to clear her brother’s name in the murder of those women in Bon Temps. She was a challenge to all who came across her and she made you want to do better, be a better person. She inspired you to do better because she was such a good person herself. He thought he could love Sookie, given enough time. Could she love him though? She had said she had been attracted to him right from the beginning but was too stubborn to admit it to anyone, to loyal to hurt Bill in such a way as to leave him and attach herself to another vampire. No, not just another vampire, his boss and Sheriff. He could only hope she would be ready to take it further soon but he was a patient vampire when he needed to be.

Yes, he was more than willing to give her the time she needed to find out whether she could love him. She already loved him as her Maker but he wanted more. He wanted the love of a wife, it just took a millennium to make him realize what he had been searching for all these years: his other half, his soul mate.


  1. Yes there is another name to add to that list: Hadley! I’m understanding how Sookie is feeling right now! Being a vampire wasn’t her choice and of course it will take some time to adapt! Eric wants her love not only as a maker but as a mate as well.That’s wonderful but is Sookie ready for that?

  2. Hope she gets to at least punch Hadley in the face for running her big mouth. Eric is so cool taking care of her.

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