WMHB chap 16

The next few nights were spent sightseeing and relaxing, enjoying themselves once they had talked to Godric about her decision about what to do with Bill.

When Tuesday night came they flew to Olbia and met with the Sheriff to let him know about Bill. They even got permission to use the villa she and Isabel had stayed in until he was well enough to be tortured some more since it would be much easier than carting around a one legged vampire who couldn’t see or speak.

They also had their meeting with Simon and Judith. None of them could figure out how Lorena had turned out the way she had since Simon seemed to be at least as nice as the average vampire they had met over the last few months.

When he saw the state Bill was in he was angry but once the situation was explained to him he calmed down and it was agreed that in exchange for him she would give Judith her freedom. She had no problems doing that. Judith had done nothing to her, it was all her Maker and brother who had caused so much pain.

Sookie didn’t make the next months easy on him by any means. In fact sometimes she was downright cruel to him. He had hurt her too much for her to even consider being nice to him.
Anything she did to him she got Eric’s opinion on first. Bill didn’t know it but she felt everything she did to him right down to her core. More often than not the dawn found her sobbing over the night’s events.

Finally, after three months of letting him recover she deemed him recovered enough to be tortured again. She went youngest to oldest, letting Pam get her licks in first. For a full week they hardly saw her. She made sure Bill knew exactly what she thought of him and what his plans had been for her sister!

Each of them took a turn with him, with a week between each so he could recover, just to be tortured yet again.

Finally it was Sookie’s turn. She had decided she didn’t want to torture him, she simply wanted to end his existence so she could get on with hers!

She had her vampire family there with her and they supported her 100 per cent!

“Bill, there was a time when I was intrigued by you but those times are long gone. You deemed them unworthy of even remembering the moment you kidnapped me!

I am going to continue my existence and I am going to SUCCEED at whatever I try!

You know why? It’s because I love being a vampire!

I’ve got a wonderful Maker who listens when I speak, cares what I think, does things for me which I would have never thought him capable if I had continued on with you so I will simply say thank you for allowing me to have such a wonderful Maker!

My sister is pretty awesome too! She took me shopping. She spends time with me because she wants to, not because she’s been commanded to, not because it’s a job but because she genuinely likes to spend time with me!

My GrandSire, well, what CAN I say? He created the wonderful vampire who is my Maker, I don’t think I need to say more than that about him!

Bill, I would like to say it’s been nice knowing you but I would be lying. It’s been hell on wheels. I’m glad the trip is over.

Enjoy hell Bill for that is surely where you will be going!” She sunk her stake into his heart and watched as he disintegrated before her eyes.

She turned and walked out of the room, crumpling once she was through the door. Eric was right there to pick her up and hold her, letting her deal with her feelings about what had just happened. He sung the old songs from his childhood for her and sent pride and love through their bond, letting her know how he felt without saying a word.

“Eric, please get me out of here! He’s not worth my tears or broken heart. Can we leave Olbia tonight for somewhere new and exciting, get my mind off of this for a few days until I’m ready to deal with it with a more level head?”

“We can, how does Greece sound? That’s where Thalia is from and she wants to go home.”

“That sounds perfect!”

They caught the next flight to Athens. Unfortunately this meant flying in their coffins since the flight left at dawn but she was just happy to not be in Italy any more.

They stayed in Greece for six months, seeing the sights, meeting different vampires, making friends and connections, training and learning

They learned Greek history. Godric was a font of information. At one point Greece was part of the Roman empire and he had travelled all over the empire both as a human and as a vampire.

He told them the history of that part of the world from when he was a newborn vampire until he left the area some two hundred years later!

When they left Greece they headed north to Britain then to Norway and Sweden. They travelled across Europe and Asia learning about vampire history in the area, different fighting techniques, different weapons, different languages.

Sookie was in her element. She loved to learn but never had much of a chance as a human because of the telepathy. She couldn’t control it back then so being in a classroom of open brains was simply not going to happen.

One night she pulled Eric aside to talk. “Eric, can we settle somewhere now please? I want to go back to school. I want to learn more about vampire history, I want to learn languages. Simply put I want to learn Eric.”

“Do you have an idea of where you want to live?”

She grinned at him, “Sweden or Norway. I want to be as close to your roots as possible. You loved your homeland as a human and you’ve never lost your love for it. It shows. Eventually I would like to make it my adopted homeland.

There’s so much I want to do Eric and this European tour has helped me realize that it’s within my grasp now. I have many lifetimes to learn what I want to learn, go where I want to go, do what I want to do.

I want to thank you for turning me. If it weren’t for you I would have never had this chance to do things I always wanted to do but never thought I would be able to.”

He sat down in a chair and pulled her onto his lap. He nuzzled her neck and hair, “We can settle wherever you wish. You can learn whatever you wish. We can travel when and where you wish.

You are a first in so very many ways my love.

I have never heard of a child thanking their Maker for turning them, never.

Godric and I were just talking about settling in somewhere for longer than a few months. Pam is anxious to get back into a routine. She loves to hunt and hide but she loves our business ventures, the reliability of the day to day routine, too.

I will get everyone together and we’ll discuss this then make a decision from there.”

When they all met it was decided that they would settle in Sweden. It was Eric’s homeland and she wanted to learn more about him.


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  1. This is one of the best vampire Sookie stories out there. I love that she decided to kill Bill instead of remaking him or bonding him. I love that the queen lost her head and that Russell took the state. I like that Sookie, Eric, Pam and Godric traveled around Europe and then settled in Sweden, she learned a lot.

  2. I love vampire Sookie fics! Sorry to see this one end. Thank you very much for writing.

  3. Oh so so wonderful! I really liked this story! So happy to see Sookie satisfied with her life…she wants to study and she really appreciates all the opprtunities this new life can give her..all of this with Eric by her side…Great job!

  4. Poor Sookie. Beaten. Severely beaten & continually raped. Murdered. Made a vampire. Attempts on her undead life. Hostile human friend. Another human friend attempts to stake her. Has to decide what to do about a vampire who committed a blood offense to her. Has to avoid the Queen who wants to control her. All this in less than 3 months. Gah! Lucky she has Eric. Finally a HEA for her & a family who cares. Busy story. You did well writing it without turning it into a comedy. Thankyou.

  5. Is there an outtake for their romantic night? Loved the story.

  6. HaleWhitlockWinchester

    Good story, sweet ending too. Love how you make Eric in private, he is sweet but not really OC, just good.

  7. Sweet end. Glad she is happy

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