WMHB chap 14

In the states things were not going as planned for Sophie Anne. She had lost one child already to the bombing in Dallas, she had another in her dungeon, two acting as her guards and a newborn who had all the flightiness of a newborn and no self control whatsoever.

On top of all of that the only friend of the telepath’s she could find claimed to not even know her let alone where she currently was. The council wasn’t taking her calls, the AVL wasn’t taking her calls and the only questions Ludwig or the Magister would answer were ones not related to her telepath! Apparently Bill had escaped at the same time as his Maker and he couldn’t be found either.

Of course they had both escaped with her help! She wanted that telepath! She was hers! She belonged only to her! So what if Northman had turned her! That could easily be rectified IF she could only find the bitch!

Where had it all gone wrong? She sent him out on one paltry mission to acquire what would be a much sought after asset, a telepath. He never failed at bringing someone in for her although he had never been particularly brilliant at it either

She was looking over the information they had gathered on the girl, looking for anything that might point to where she was or how she had slipped through the Queen’s fingers so effortlessly. There was no new information there. The girl couldn’t be glamoured for some reason, was truly a telepath who could only read humans easily. Were’s and shifters were more difficult, she hadn’t met any other beings that they were aware of, and she couldn’t read vampires at all. There was no family history beyond her parents being killed in a flash flood when she was seven, an older brother, deceased grandparents and her Hadley.

Even her vampire registration didn’t reveal anything they didn’t already know, of course they didn’t require much beyond name, age and sex of the new vampire, address and Maker and since the Magister had been present for her turning she couldn’t exactly go behind his back to try to find out things because he kept no humans and his security was usually so tight you couldn’t slide a hair beneath their noses without them seeing it and questioning why it wasn’t on the head of the person it belonged to.

The Queen was not in a good mood these days and it was showing in her temperament. She had never been the kindest vampire, nor had she shown compassion or anything else which might hint at someone who wasn’t a spoiled brat who had gotten her way one too many times just after she was turned.

She had been turned when she was in her middle teen years, about the time she would have been married off to a hopefully wealthy family to hopefully bring forth more children to the blood line. Anyone who had met her since her turning were infinitely glad she had not become a mother in her human years. She was a petulant, spoiled child who did not take ‘no’ for an answer and severely punished anyone who tried it. The Viking was the only one who had managed to give her the slip in many centuries and this was adding to her current bout of sulking and snapping at any and everyone. Without anyone there to temper her temper everyone was afraid to approach her, even her beloved Hadley.

One of the guards was announcing someone new to her court now, a vampire by the name of Simon. Her brow furrowed. She knew that name from somewhere but where?

She nodded at him in the standard vampire greeting, “Simon, what brings you to my court this fine evening?”

“Ah, Ms. LeClerq, do you not read your mail? I wrote last week that I would be here this evening.”

She looked thoughtful. She had instructed her clerks and secretaries to not trouble her with any mail unless it was about Sookie Stackhouse or Bill Compton. Had something slipped through?

“My secretary must not have written it down on my schedule Simon. How may I be of service to you?” It couldn’t hurt to be polite even when she simply wished to rip his head off his shoulders for interrupting her night.

“Did the Magister not give you a letter from me?”

“He gave me some letters a few days ago.”

“Have you not read them then?” He was getting angry now, he would be more than pleased to tend to his task tonight. She really shouldn’t be allowed to rule any longer.

“I have not, why would I? I have clerks and secretaries for such drivel.”

“Do they not tell you what is in your mail?”

“Not unless I ask them specific questions, no.”

“I am Lorena Ball’s Maker, or at least I was. Because of your foolishness I have lost my only child and one of my two grand children. I have come for my compensation.”

“Just what do you want in compensation?” She was starting to get a little uncomfortable with this conversation. “It was her child that lost something that was very special to me.”

He scoffed, “The telepath was not special to you. You are simply mad because she did not fall into your line, an unreasonable line I might add. In case you have forgotten we are supposed to be falling in line with humans to make it easier for us to live in the open. You are not making that any easier.

For the loss of my child I require $250,000,000 and that doesn’t even put a dent in the mental anguish you have caused me and her children. By the way now, not only does William belong to the telepath but Judith does as well so for the loss of each of them I require another $5,000,000 for a grand total of $260,000,000.”

She spluttered, the outrage! He expected her to pay such an outrageous sum for such inferior vampires? Not bloody likely!

Something didn’t feel right, slightly out of sorts. She checked her bonds with her children. Andre was in downtime so she wasn’t getting much from him. Hadley was still sending the emotional spikes that most newborns sent and her guards were calm and ever vigilant so all was apparently as it should be with them. What was going on?

“That sum is outrageous! She was an inferior vampire as was William. I will not pay such a sum!’

He smiled wickedly at her. She was wary now, wishing she had one of the Berts standing behind her but she had been foolish, telling them she would be fine, that no one would be fool enough to try to kill her when she had the advantage. She was beginning to think she was wrong. “If you won’t pay that way, you will most certainly pay with your undead life!” With that he flung a wooden skewer, piercing her heart. She was disintegrating before he had brought his arm back down to his side. He smiled, “Come in Russell, it’s time for you to claim your new throne!”

With that the chamber doors were flung wide and the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, walked in with a huge smile. “Thank you Simon. Your debt to me is now paid in full.”

“It was my pleasure Russell. I have gained my vengeance and you have gained a new Kingdom, long may you reign.” He bowed and left to find Judith to explain things to her so she could try to find her new Mistress.

A/N: Yes, this Sophie-Anne is a ditz. So was the one in the show, I couldn’t abide her! I have one in the works where it’s the Sophie-Anne from the books, it’s just taking me some time to get my thoughts together on it. This is also the Russell from the books. This one isn’t psychotic!


  1. Awesome ! Queen Sophie Anne has met her final death! I’m so glad! Another bitch gone….

  2. Never liked Skanky Anne from Books or Show. Greedy Witch. Hope your Russell is more in line with book Russell. him I loved. Glad Simon got his revenge.

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