WMHB chap 13

When he rose the next night he checked his email while waiting for Sookie to rise.


If it is what Sookie wishes I will remake Compton and try to teach him although I can’t guarantee the results since he’s already set in his ways.

I will contact the Magister before I leave to let him know what’s going on with her.

I have my reservations for Friday night. I’ll be flying into Palermo and should arrive just before first dark so should be with you shortly after.


Godric was just rising and knew he had a host of things to accomplish before his departure on Friday. His first order of business was with the Magister.

He arrived at the Magister’s office right on time. As he was walking in to the office someone else was walking out so the Magister took him right in.

“To what do I owe the pleasure Godric? It has been many centuries since we have had the leisure of having time to catch up with each other.”

“Carl, I received an email from my child, Eric, regarding his newest, Sookie Stackhouse.
I have been informed that her companion was sent to her final death by Mr. Compton and that the Sheriff of the area they were staying in was her Maker. He has requested to be able to torture Compton rather than having monetary recompense and she has agreed to let him for the next week while she makes her decision about what to do about him long term.

She has asked if her Maker’s other child, or myself, would be willing to bond with him.
She is examining all her options before she makes a decision one way or another.

Eric and I offer another option, let me remake him, become his Maker and try to change his ways. After the change will not be pleasant for him by any means because I will place commands on him. I will command that he not try to kill himself by any means, he is not to spend time alone with Sookie until he is able to control himself and that if he can’t say anything nice to, or about, her he will refrain from speaking to, or about, her at all. I’m sure there will be other commands at any given time but those three will stay in place as long as he is my child.”

“That is an acceptable alternative as long as you keep him in Europe for a minimum of one hundred years.

No one knows this as yet but Sophie Ann is about to lose her throne and someone else appointed. She has become a spoiled brat with absolutely no common sense yet she has the ‘me’ attitude. If she wants it, it’s hers by default, no one else may have it so you may want to warn your child to stay away from North America until her death has been confirmed by me at which time a quarter of her monetary assets will go to Ms. Stackhouse and the rest will be divided among her children

I have also heard from Lorena’s Maker, he wants a ridiculous sum for the death of his child. He knows she did wrong. He may not have been the most conscientious vampire when she was first made but he definitely did not train her to kill those who were under protection nor did he train her to kill indiscriminately. He feels Sophie Ann should have turned her over to him for punishment rather than exacting vengeance herself.”

“What if you offer to let him come and take part in the take over and let him get the killing stroke? Surely that would appease him?

Eric suspected that something big was coming quickly so he’s already warned those who are loyal to him, and only him, to go to ground. I know Pam and one other are with him already as are Sookie’s brother and her friends.”

“The Norseman really is taking good care of her and those she cares about. Is there any way he can convince them to remain where they are until the new Monarch is in place?

I am considering several different options of how to repay him since Sophie Anne will not be around to negotiate the deal. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Oh yes, as we speak she is in the ground with her newest child. They should rise tomorrow night. The newest I will remake myself. She is Ms. Stackhouse’s cousin and seems to have a way about her that will bring forth information with little effort on her part. She will become a valuable part of my entourage given enough time and training.”

“I will email him tonight to let him know what is going on. He will probably give them the choice of whether they wish to remain there for the time being.

I will be meeting them in three nights. Depending on Sookie’s decision, a tough one for such a young vampire, you won’t see me on this side of the Atlantic for at least a century, possibly longer.” They continued on with their conversation, reminiscing over times past and what the future may hold.

Eric’s reply to Godric:

I’ll let Sookie know of your offer when she rises.

We’ll meet you at the airport. That’s the night her guests are scheduled to leave.


Godric’s reply to Eric:

I spoke to the Magister tonight. He has given us the go ahead for the remaking if she so wishes it.

Things are about to happen which make it paramount that anyone Sookie cares about, including myself, leave and stay gone for a while. Would it be possible for her guests to remain for the time being?

She will have more money coming soon.

It will soon be dawn. I will see you Friday night.


Sookie rose, as beautiful as ever.

“How do you feel tonight my love?”

“Much better, more relaxed. Last night is just what I needed, thank you.”

“That is part of my job as your Maker, to give you what you need whether you think you need it or not.

You’ve had a stressful couple of months. You needed some down time and fun.

I have a surprise for you over on the island, are you ready for it?”

“You mentioned a surprise last night. I’m ready. I think I just needed some time with my Maker. Time to come to grips with what’s happened most recently and time to come to grips with my new ‘holdings’.”

“I know it’s a lot to take in Sookie but you are doing remarkably well considering how new you are and how quickly everything has happened.”

“Thank you. I still feel overwhelmed but with you near it’s not as crushing. I’ll be fine once everything slows down and I have the time to think and learn about what being a vampire is and really means for me.”

“You surprise me yet again Sookie. You know what you need and you tell me. What you’re telling me right now is that you need me near and you are anxious for your lessons to start again so you can come to terms with who and what you are.

Godric has offered to remake Compton, to take him on as his progeny. He doesn’t know how well Compton will respond since he’s set in his ways but he is willing if it is your wish to do this.

He’s going to contact the Magister to get his thoughts on this and will let us know when he arrives Friday night.”

When they landed there wasn’t a soul to be seen. They walked into the house, “Why do I smell wet dog and several other scents Eric?”

“I don’t know, follow them and find out.”

She sniffed and immediately headed for the dining room where everyone was sitting, waiting for her to arrive. She stopped in the doorway and looked at them all, tears threatening to spill over,


“Sookie, this is your surprise. I brought your family and friends with us so you could spend some time with them and tell your story, if you want, since you didn’t get a chance to before we had to leave the States.”

She stood there, eyes red rimmed , looking at everyone and smiled. It was a scary smile because of the tears that had started to fall, leaving red streaks on her cheeks but it was still a smile.

She turned to her Maker and hugged him. She was beyond words at his thoughtfulness and the love and caring he showed her, totally opposite to the words her first love had ever told her about him.

She turned back to their guests, “I promise, I’m not going to try to eat y’all. What I am going to do is go wash my face, grab some blood so I can control myself and then I’ll come back and tell my story.

Laf, I assume you’ve been appointed peace keeper and placer of the twelve inch boot?”

He smiled and nodded at her. He knew she was still the same old Sook, now she just needed to convince the rest of them.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” She went into the kitchen, Eric following behind her.

She drained several bags of blood while collecting her thoughts. When she was done she smiled at Eric, stood on tip toe, kissed him and whispered, “Thank you Maker mine. This is the best surprise you could have given me.”

“You’re very welcome my child. Are you ready to tell them your story?”

“I am. I wasn’t very happy about not being able to see them all and say good-bye, now I can do that.”

They walked back into the dining room and she told them her story, leaving out only the gory parts.

Tara, naturally, was the first one to break the silence once she was done her story. Her face was a mixture of emotions, none of them pleasant. “You WANT to be a vampire? How could you? After everything that asshole ex of yours put you through? Surely you don’t mean you are enjoying your life? What am I saying, that isn’t a life! I don’t know what it is but it isn’t life!”

Sookie’s fangs popped down but she stood her ground, refusing to charge her friend and do her harm, “Tara, being a vampire isn’t what I wanted but I hadn’t really thought much about it either. Of all people you should be able to understand the importance of moving on with your life, turning the lemons life hands you into lemonade.

I thought you would have been happy about my still being around instead of finally dead, dead dead, not around any more. Was I wrong?”

Lafayette stood and moved behind Tara, ready to grab her if she should do something stupid in her anger. She was balling her fists, emotions flitting across her face to fast to read. She knew Sookie was right, it was better than not being with them any more but still! Why had it taken her so long to tell them?

“Why did it take you so long to tell us?”

“Would you rather I told you over the phone or had Sam tell you? Things have happened too fast. I wasn’t able to come and see you at first because you wouldn’t have been safe around me. No matter how much I love you the smell of your blood would have overcome me and I could have hurt you or worse, killed you! Would you rather have had me try to feed from you? Try to kill you in my efforts to get what I need in order to survive? Eric would have prevented me but that would not have prevented the trauma you would have suffered having to see me like that, nor would it have helped me.

I love you Tara. I have since grade school and you stood up for me against the bullies. You are my sister in ways a blood sister never could be. Despite that, despite my love for you, if you can’t accept what I am now I will have no choice but to cut off contact. I don’t want to hurt you nor do I want you to hurt me or those I love. Which will it be Tara?”

Tara turned and left the room, a much safer alternative given the beings she was currently sharing the room with.

Jason was next. “Sook, are you really happy the way you are?”

She nodded her head, afraid of what she would hear him say next.

“Can I give you a hug then?” She was in front of him before he finished the question, her arms around him. He quickly put his arms around her, “I love you Sook. I’m glad you’re not finally dead. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me but I’m glad someone was there for you, that someone took care of you and is still taking care of you. All I’ve ever wanted was for you to be happy and it seems that you are. Just promise me that you’ll stay in touch. I may have lost my sun loving, breathing sister but that doesn’t mean I don’t still want to be a part of your life.”

Eric, would I be able to transfer some funds to Jason, or maybe put money in stocks for him so he will be provided for? We don’t know how long we’re going to be here so I won’t be able to watch over him in person but I still want to do something for him.

Of course you can, you have the funds, do with them as you wish to. I will be able to help you figure it all out once things have calmed down some.

“I’m happy to hear that Jason. I love you too now go sit back down so I can hear what the others have to say.

What about you Sam? You haven’t said anything yet but you look like you’re living in a storm cloud.”

“Sook, I’m not happy about your being a vampire, you know that. I’m torn between being pissed that you are and ecstatic that you aren’t finally dead. I love you Sook, have since I first interviewed you. I know nothing can come of it but that doesn’t change my feelings any.”

Lafayette was sitting at the back of the room, his jaw nearly on the floor. The only one that had lived up, or down, to his expectations was Tara and he hoped she would come around sooner than anyone thought. He suspected she was upset because her emotions were all over the place and she couldn’t settle on just one.

“Sam, you know I only ever thought of you as a friend, right?”

He nodded his head sadly, “I know Sook, that doesn’t mean I don’t still care for you though. I just wish…never mind, it doesn’t matter now.” I just wish she had listened to me and stayed away from those damned vamps! I could have kept her safe, I would have, too, but she never gave me a chance.

“Sam, there was no way I could have stayed away from vampires. I left out a part of the story, mostly for Jason’s benefit. Our cousin, Hadley, has a big mouth and spouted off to the vampire Queen of Louisiana about my telepathy and she wanted me for herself. That’s why she sent Bill, so he could get in my good graces and bring me to her, hand me over so she could have her very own pet telepath, the only one known of currently in North America, giving her a huge advantage over other Monarchs.

Sam, aside from that, I might have gone with vampires any way. They are silent to me, I can’t hear their thoughts. You have no idea how peaceful it is to be able to sit down and have a regular conversation, not be able to hear what someone’s thinking and how different it is from what’s coming out of their mouths. Yes, Weres and shifters are harder for me to read but the thoughts still get through, especially if I’m touching you then the thoughts flood in whether I want them to or not. Without touch I can filter it, block it out, but touching makes it imperative that those thoughts make their way into my brain.

There is no way, no matter how I feel about you or anyone else, that I could have had a normal type of relationship with someone who has living brain waves.”

“It was really that hard for you?”

“Sam, how can you even ask? You’ve seen me nearly collapse at the bar from the force of the thoughts. Having a multitude of thoughts which aren’t your own in your head drowns out anything else going on around you, making it nearly impossible to carry on a conversation.

Why the hell did you think I continued living out in the boonies after Gran died? I would have loved to have neighbours closer than three miles, other than Bill and I don’t want to go there. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible. I would have been able to hear the thoughts of all my neighbours. I would have never been able to be comfortable in my own home, or skin, again. I would have gladly rented out Gran’s house and lived in an apartment or town house but I haven’t found anything physical that is able to stop the thoughts.

Believe me, when I was a kid I tried just about everything from pillows over my head to tinfoil hats to try and stop the thoughts, nothing worked.

You’ve seen me flinch back from your touch when you would reach down to help me up when the thoughts forced me to my knees, you know touch amplifies things and still you doubt what was best for me?

Fuck you Sam Merlotte. I thought you were my friend but it turns out you are a typical guy trying to get into my pants, to hell with what I actually needed, to hell with what made me comfortable, to hell with what I could live with!” The tears were running freely down her cheeks now. She felt gentle waves of comfort and surges of pride coming from Eric. She turned into him, hiding her bloody face in his chest. He picked her up and carried her to their room where she could feel free to let her emotions flow without the threat of condemnation.

“Sookie, do you want to be alone or do you want me to stay in here with you? I could also send Pam in, the choice is yours.”

“Could you just give me some time please? I’m going to take a shower and then I’ll be out, I would appreciate it if Sam was in his room or something. I’m so angry with him right now and I don’t want to do something I’ll regret later.”

“That can be arranged. I’ll be with the others when you’re ready, or just call to me and I’ll be here.” He kissed her on the head and left her to take her shower, knowing she was doing what was best for her.

He went out to the others and sent Sam off to contemplate what Sookie had said. The rest stayed and played cards until Sookie decided what she wanted to do.

She was in the shower a good long while simply enjoying the warmth of the water and the force of it beating down on her. When she came out, wrapped in a towel, Sam was standing in the bedroom doorway, a lascivious smile on his face and anything but lustful thoughts in his head.

She sent a panicked surge through the Maker/child bond. “Sam, what the hell are you doing in here?”

“I wanted to talk to you Sookie.”

“You can say whatever you want to say once I’ve calmed down and with at least Eric present. I don’t want to hurt you Sam but I have no compunction about protecting myself and you know that so get out, go somewhere else for the night. I can’t be around you right now.”

He had a gleam in his eye, a gleam she had seen before. She backed up as far as she could go and saw Eric standing in the doorway, arms folded across his chest, waiting to see what would unfold. With him there she found her inner strength. “Sam, I would suggest you get out of here before my Maker and sister make the decision for both of us.”

He didn’t listen and lunged at her, stake in hand. She levitated up to the ceiling, holding her body flush against it, knowing back up was there if she should need it. “Sam, you might want to leave before I lose control.”

He was stalking her now. He wasn’t going to let her land and do anything to him but she had a trick or two that he didn’t know about

She caught his gaze, “Sam, you will leave and go back home. You will not remember me or anything about me. You will not remember being here. If anyone mentions me you will deny knowing me. If anyone tries to glamour information about me out of you you will still deny any knowledge because I do not exist, I never have.”

He left in a daze to gather his belongings.

“Eric, could you please make arrangements to get him home? I have a feeling that something bad is coming and I don’t want it to find me here and could you please send in Lala? I need him right about now.”

“Of course. The shifter will be on the next flight out and will be delivered to his bar safely, after that I can’t guarantee anything. Lafayette will be in in a few minutes.” She floated over to him and let him hold her for a few minutes then let him go to make the arrangements.

She got dressed in one of Eric’s shirts and a pair of drawstring pants since she had no clothes with her and heard Lala coming down the hall. When he appeared in the doorway she flew into his arms and held on. He just held her and patted her on the back, calming her the way he had done when they were children and the other kids had been picking on her. He even sang some of the goofy tunes from their childhood to try to get her to smile.

Finally she looked up at him with a watery smile and led him to the couch in front of the fireplace, “Where’s your brush girl? You go get it then sit right here in front of me and Lala will brush your worries away for you.” She was soon back with her brush. With each stroke she felt the stress melt away from her a little more each time.

“Lala, how could he have done that to me? I’ve been nothing but nice to him all these years yet he turned out to be just as mean as the kids on the playground all those years ago?” She was sniffling, trying to hold back the tears which were threatening to overflow again.

“Sook, he’s jealous and angry at himself for not stepping up to the plate soon after he met you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man look so defeated. I’m proud of you though, you handled yourself well, like the lady you are and always have been. You have no cause to be ashamed about anything you said or did today. He’ll get over himself eventually.”

“Lala, no, he won’t. I glamoured him to have no knowledge of me, it’s better that way. I’ll miss what I thought we had, a friendship, but I won’t have him trying to run my life any more. It was getting old before I was turned and it’s even more unacceptable now.”

“Girl, it’s about time you let him have it with both barrels. You’ve let others run roughshod over you since we were kids. You’ve always been kind hearted and now you’re going to have a great mix of the compassionate Sookie and the Sookie who won’t let anyone tell her what to do. The one who’s proud of herself, has confidence in herself, the one who will tell those in her life when they are getting on her last damn nerve. The Sookie who will give them fair warning that they need to stop what they’re doing or face the consequences. You are going to make a magnificent vampire Sookie, those who know you will be in awe of you, will want to do anything for you just so you will be happy. It won’t be because you are a badass, it will be because you are calm and confident in yourself and your abilities, you will mix your compassionate self with the bloodthirsty vampire. You will be a force to be reckoned with down the road.

I love you Sooks, always have. You’ve been the sister I never had, the family I always wanted. You’ve given me a kick in the pants when I needed it, a shoulder to cry on, a date to the prom, a friend, a confidante. You’ll be magnificent when you come into your own.”

She looked up at him and smiled, “Thanks Lala, you always know what to say. It’ll be dawn soon and I need to feed before I go down for the day.

I love you too ya know. You’ve always been there for me when the world got me down, you’ve always known what I needed in the moment, the only one other than Gran that did, at least until Eric came along.”

“Sooks, if you need to feed I’m offerin’.”

She shook her head, “Thanks Lala, but no. Eric’s got some bagged donor blood here for me.”
He smiled at her and they left the room with their arms around each other, smiling. When they got to the kitchen Eric was waiting for her, blood in hand. She let go of Lafayette and thanked him.

He went on to his bedroom to grab some sleep. Sookie’s emotional outbursts always tired him out but he was glad they had a chance to talk. She really was exceptional, now if she would only see it in herself. He sighed and climbed into bed, falling asleep moments after his head hit the pillow.

“Are you feeling better Sookie?”

“Yeah, I am, thanx. I really needed what Lala had to offer tonight. Thanx for bringing him along. He’s always known what to say to bring me back down to earth. He’s about the only one who’s never been really judgmental towards me.

I was surprised by Jason’s reaction though. I thought he would be angry but he wasn’t.”

“I have a small confession. I told them about your being vampire on the flight over.”

“Thank you for telling me but I already knew.” She smiled at him, “None of them were exactly surprised to see me as I am, that’s a pretty good give away that someone spilled the beans.”

“I am proud of the way you handled the shifter though. I would have simply torn him limb from limb.”

“I had the urge to, as you well know, but with everything that’s happening I didn’t want, or need, one more death on my conscience. I also thought it might seem strange to anyone who might be hunting for me that everyone in my former life had simply disappeared. This way he’ll be there but unable to remember me or answer any questions about me which will hopefully delay them finding me although preventing it altogether would be much more preferable.”

“Come, I can feel the sun starting to pull. You, Pam and Tara have an appointment at the spa tomorrow night and I intend that you make it there so you can continue to relax.

I also got another email from Godric. He has agreed to remake Compton, to drain him and give him his blood in order to try and reform him and the Magister has given his approval if that’s the way you want to go about it.

He also mentioned that Sophie Anne’s regime is about to come tumbling down around her ears and has asked if I could find a way to keep your friends here for a while, at least until the new regime is in place.”

“Can we discuss this tomorrow night? My brain’s on overload and I can feel the sun pulling stronger now.”

He smiled, “of course. Come.” He ended up carrying her the last few feet because she died on her way to bed.

She’s so beautiful, even more so now she’s a vampire. I could watch her for hours even if she was doing nothing but sitting in a chair or sleeping. What is this I’m feeling for her? It’s more than what a Maker feels for their child, it’s something I haven’t felt since I was human, if then.

Sookie and Pam had a great time at the spa the next night. Eric had booked them for the works with mani/pedis, massage meant specifically for vampires, facials, make overs, everything. Tara opted out, saying she couldn’t be with Sookie right then.

Outwardly Sookie didn’t show how hurt and disappointed she was by Tara’s attitude but Eric could feel how much she was really hurting through their bond. He didn’t really know how to help her though.

Pam had her own ideas of how to help her sister. Retail therapy was her cure all for anything that was bothering her and she hoped it would help Sookie take her mind off things for a while and give her subconscious a chance to work things out.

“Sookie, how do you feel about a little retail therapy tomorrow night? We’re going to the mainland to see your friends off and Godric’s due in tomorrow night as well.”

“I think retail therapy is your cure all but I could do with a little self absorption and it will be wonderful to see Godric again.

I need to figure out what to do about Bill though. Eric and I have a meeting with the Sheriff Tuesday so I have until then to figure things out although I would like to do it sooner so I can forget about it and enjoy myself.”

“Eric did ask me if I would bond myself to Compton and I must say, as tempting as it would be to make him do what I want him to do I don’t really want to do it. I want nothing to do with the scumbag. If Eric were to command it I would do it but I don’t think it would be beneficial to any of us because neither one of us likes or trusts the other so we would be second guessing the other’s choices.”

“Godric has offered to remake him and the Magister has given his approval but is that the only option other than torture and death? Final death is too good for him, he won’t suffer enough and even with torture it is still finite, you know there’s an eventual end somewhere down the line. If he’s remade there’s no going back, it’s irreversible and permanent.”

“Yes, remaking him is permanent and irreversible but there are other options although you won’t like them in the least. You could simply let him go on as he is, you could bind him with silver and command him to follow you, do as you say. You could let him meet his final death or torture him to his final death. You could send him back to Sophie Anne and let her torture him and put him to his final death.

There are many options Sookie but which one could you live with the easiest?

This is not about his comfort or what HE would like best. This is about what you, as his Mistress, feel will be best for him and for you. I think there is only one option you will be able to live with Sookie. Of course you should talk all of this over with Eric and get his input.

Think about it a minute. Would you be able to rise each night knowing you had to be with him, feel him inside you with a bond? Would you want to?”

“What does it mean to be remade, what does it entail, how long does it take?”

“The mechanics are the same as being made the first time. He would be drained and he would be made to drink another vampire’s blood, thus making him the child of the vampire whose blood he drank.

He would have the same impulse control problems as a new vampire, his thirst would be as a new vampire. He would still have the memories of this life as a vampire the first time but everything would be new again to him.

It would take only one night to remake him since he already has the majick inside him but once the new blood is in him it will rewrite him right down to the cellular level. Everything will change for him but everything will stay the same as well. He will still look as he does now, sound the same and probably still be a stick in the mud but he will be relearning what it means to be a vampire, how to control his impulses, how to feed without killing.

He will remember everything from this life but have no control over his new life other than what his new Master or Mistress lets him control and I can’t see anyone letting him control much of anything for a while. I somehow think you will have more control and freedom than he will for quite some time to come.”

“So, even though he is currently older than me, once he’s remade he will be younger with the strength and control of a newborn?”

“Yes, you will be stronger and have more control although you have always had better control than he has as far as I’ve been able to tell. You’ve also known when not to push Eric’s buttons, or at least when to stop pushing. You know when to actually listen and do what he tells you without being told five times. Bill has always, even back when he was a new vampire, pushed Eric’s buttons. I still don’t know why Eric didn’t end him long before you ever met either one of them.”

“Pam, thank you. I’ll discuss this with Eric tonight or tomorrow to get his thoughts on it.

I also want to plan a night with Eric soon so I need some things for that.”

Pam looked at her, eyebrow raised, “Romantic designs on our Master? What are you looking for so I can figure out which stores we should hit. I was planning on shopping tomorrow night once your business is concluded.”

Sookie told her what she was planning and what she wanted. Pam was giddy with excitement knowing their Master would appreciate the little things Sookie was planning, especially the gift she wanted to impart to him.

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  1. I liked Lala’s speech! Tara and sam are so annoying! I’m surprised about jason’reaction but I think it’s good for both of them to reconnect as siblings

  2. So glad Lala is there. He should have went to the spa with them instead of stick in the mud Tara. She is annoying. Sam is lucky she let him live.

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