WMHB chap 11

A/N:  All Characters belong to Ms. Harris and Mr. Ball (hey, you think that’s why Lorena’s surname was changed from Ball in the books? Alan Ball/Lorena Ball? Just a thought.)


Eric was immediately on the phone calling the Magister, yet again, “Northman calling for the Magister.”

“One moment please.”

“Northman, to what do I owe the pleasure this evening? You wouldn’t, perhaps, have caught Compton would you?”

“Why was I not informed that he had escaped?”

“It was just discovered. His guards are guards no more and I’m having an independent security firm check things to find out who, what and where the escapes are happening.”

“I do not have him but the Sheriff in Olbia, Italy does. Sookie’s companion has now met her second, and final, death. Fortunately Sookie had enough mental capacity to call the Sheriff to ask for help rather than try to take care of the idiot herself. She is safe, for now, and I am flying out tomorrow night to meet up with her. We will not be returning any time soon, if at all.”

“It will be a shame to lose you and your experience Eric but I can understand your wanting to get the hell out of Dodge. As for Compton, the offer still stands to bond him to one of you since he is, technically, Sookie’s property now. If you decide to stake him tape it and send it to me so I can distribute his holdings between Ms. Stackhouse and her companion’s Maker.”

“Is there any way we can keep the Queen on her side of the pond? Ultimately she is the reason he was sent to Bon Temps in the first place.”

“I have my ways. I will see what I can do. It may take some time to do this correctly so stay vigilant until the problem can be taken care of. I will let you know, through your lawyer, when it has been accomplished.”

“Very well Magister. I must get going if I am to meet Sookie tonight.”

They hung up and he contemplated their conversation. There were about to be some very big goings on here. It would definitely better serve their interests to be far, far away when the shit hit the fan.

He made his way to Fangtasia to do the last minute things there and pass on the word, to those few he trusted, that sometime in the near future there was going to be a take over. He didn’t know who or when but it was imminent.

It was soon time to meet the humans at the airport. He was trying to figure out exactly how to tell them that she was no longer who, or what, they remembered. She still had her core values, she was still the same Sookie Stackhouse, she just had enhancements now.

Finally they were all on the plane, the four humans (well, one shifter and three humans), Pam, Eric and Thalia (Godric was taking a commercial flight in order to minimize suspicion). Once they were in the air he began, “As you know Sookie has been through a rough time this last couple of months. What most of you don’t know is that she is now my vampire child. I will let her tell you the details of her story since it is her story to tell if she so wishes. Just know this, she really is still the same person, at her core, that you all know and love. Yes, she is vampire now but she still loves each of you as she always has, she just has enhancements now which only ADD to who she really is. She hasn’t changed in that way. She is still the same sweet Southern Belle with impeccable manners which her Gran instilled in her

I will be meeting her first since she recently had another attempt on her life and I don’t know what her mental state will be so it will be best if all of you go on to our final destination while I meet her and gauge whether she will be ready tonight or not.”

Tara was angry. Her best friend since grade school had gone and got herself turned into a vamp? No way in hell was she going to put up with that shit!

Jason was being himself, angry at first and then not really caring as long as he got sex with someone out of the deal-preferably the hot blonde chick across the aisle!

Lafayette had always been the kindest to her of the people she knew. His theory had always been that it was all good as long as you weren’t hurting nobody and he knew Sookie, better than most people did. He knew she could, and would, only hurt someone in self defense or in defense of those she loved. That wouldn’t change for her.

Sam already knew but it still stung. The loss of her warmth, her laughter. Why hadn’t he forced Bill’s hand earlier? Why did it take him three fucking weeks to get up the guts to go and confront him about Sookie’s whereabouts? He knew now, without a doubt, that he didn’t have a chance of winning her any more. He never did really. She had only ever loved him as a friend, maybe even a brother, never as a lover or boyfriend. He resigned himself to what was to come, leaned his seat back and went to sleep.

Eric was thinking that that had gone better than expected, no outbursts or tirades. He glanced at each of her friends and her brother. The only one who looked even remotely like he would support her was Lafayette and he could understand why. As an openly gay black man he had been at the bottom of the majority pool for his whole life, he had had to face a lot of prejudice, take a lot of flack. If nothing else he would be able to offer her a different perspective, the perspective of a small fish in a large pool of sharks.

“Lafayette, may I speak with you in private for a moment?”

“Sure.” Eric could smell the fear rolling off him but he could admire a man who was willing to face his fears in order to help a friend who needed him.

They went to the front of the plane so the others couldn’t hear, “Sookie really is going to need a shoulder to cry on. I’m there for her, she knows this, but it will help immensely having someone from her old life to help and give her the mental support she needs right now. She’s had a very rough couple of months and she hasn’t shown her anger, yet, over her choice being stripped from her. Losing her former life, the changes her body has gone through, and will continue to go through for a while yet. She’s going to need you and anyone else who will support her more than ever over the next few days. Will you help her?”

“Of course I will. She’s been there for me and Tara through a lot of shit, it’s the least I can do for her during the hardest time of her life.”

“I’m glad to hear it. What about the others? What will they do?”

“Tara’s an easy read. She’s mad as a disturbed hornet’s nest and I doubt she’ll ever get over it. She’ll blow her stack, say things she doesn’t mean. Sookie will get her feelings hurt, forgive Tara and then they will avoid each other until Tara decides it’s time to forgive and forget. I don’t know if she’ll be able to though. Anger is her go to emotion, you rarely see a smile on her face or hear her laugh. She’s the one you’ll have to watch the most. She won’t try to hurt Sook physically but, other than Jason, she has the most ability to hurt Sookie emotionally.

Jason’s angry but not for the reason you think. He’s mad that she’s making him feel this way. He doesn’t like having to acknowledge his feelings, doesn’t really know how to, so when faced with them he lashes out. He’ll be fine in a couple of days but he will lash out. She’ll see his anger, accept it and forgive it but it will take a fuck of a lot longer for him to forgive her, and himself for failing her when she needed him most.

Sam is acting like he already knew. Knowing Sookie he’s the one she called when she woke a vampire so he’s had a few days to get used to the idea. He’s still hurt though. He’s carried a torch for her since she first started working for him but she only ever saw him as a friend or a brother and has always acted like that towards him. He’s facing the loss of any dreams he’s had about winning her heart. He’ll lash out as well but not as severely as the others. She’ll tell him off, forgive him, they’ll go their own ways for a few days then things will be awkward between them for a week or so then things will be back to normal.”

“You know these people well.”

“Yeah, I guess I do. I’ve known Sookie, Tara and Jason my whole life, they’re the acceptance I never really had from my own family. I’m there for her whether she wants me to be or not. I’ll let you deal with her temper and I’ll deal with any fall out from the rest of them. They’ll listen once they realize they’re hurting her. They won’t listen to the one they’re hurting, only hearing what they want to hear in her words, but they will listen to the impartial third party. I’ve always been the voice of reason among us and they know that. They’ll be fine and if not they know my size 12’s will find their way up their behinds and become lodged there until they accept and apologize.

As I said, Tara’s the only one we really got to watch out for and I seem to remember tying her to a chair worked wonders as a child.”

“Thank you for your insight. The dawn is coming so I must take to my coffin. I suggest you and the others try to sleep as well. It will be a long night if Sookie is able to see you.”

“Thank you for taking care of her, or having someone else capable, when the rest of us couldn’t. Now I’m going to try to get some sleep too since the others already are.”

With that they went their separate ways to get their rest.

The humans woke sometime in the afternoon, in time to eat something and freshen up. The vampires rose about thirty minutes before the plane landed.

When it did land Eric sent the others on ahead to the Island of Panarea while he went to the luggage claim to gather their luggage and Sookie.

He had no sooner stepped up to the luggage carousel than she was around his waist pressing kisses to any part of his body she could reach.

“Michelle, I assume this is your Maker?”

“It is Sheriff, thank you so much!”

“You may call me Henry. There are still those who would take my child from me. May we make an appointment with you in a week’s time? I spoke to the Magister after I spoke with Michelle and he has a unique proposition for us. Compton’s Maker’s assets have been signed over to Michelle. These assets include Mr. Compton. We have been offered to have him tied to one of us, to be a Maker by proxy. I am awaiting her decision on how she wishes to proceed. I have a surprise for her but first I need to speak with her and gauge how she’s doing.”

“I understand it’s been a few days for the two of you and a lot has happened during that time. She has a great head on her shoulders and conducted herself very well before and during the…incident. You can be proud of her.

If it helps any I was Isabel’s Maker and would like my repayment in being able to torture him, stopping short of giving him his final death.”

“Sookie, I realize a lot has happened in a very short time frame and you have some decisions to make soon. Right now though the only one you need to make is whether to let the Sheriff torture Bill since he is, technically, your property now so yours to do with as you will.”

She was hanging on to him for dear life. If he was interpreting her feelings correctly she was scared, angry and unsure. She was simply looking at the floor, listening to what was being said but not absorbing any of the information.

“I’m sure I can be proud of her. She seems to be in shock so if you would keep Mr. Compton occupied for the time being we will get back to you with her decision soon. If you will excuse us we have some catching up to do.”

“Of course, have a good reunion.” He ambled off to catch his plane back to Olbia.


  1. Gosh I knew that only would be the one most supportive Sam is still living in his illusions of him and Sookie being together and Tara Jason are their usual selves…Wonder what Sookie decides for Bill!

  2. Glad Lala is there I really love him the best of the four who came with Eric. hmmm Thalia came too huh?

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