Awareness, like unawareness, just happens.  You’re dead then you’re not.  There is no taking time to let your brain catch up with your body, no grogginess, no yawning to get oxygen to the brain.  You are simply aware from the moment the sun sets until it rises again.

Red, hazy, BLOOD!  She was aware this time, aware enough to know it wasn’t scent causing the lust.

There he was, her love, her lover with that which she needed most, blood.  She gulped it down, going for more and more again until her thirst was quenched.

Another thirst was upon her now but she wanted to learn how to control it now, while she had the time, rather than later when she wouldn’t have the time, and someone willing, if she was unable to control herself.

She launched herself at him again, started ripping her way through his clothes.  (Why in the world would he be wearing clothes when he knew this would happen?)

She put her mouth to his ear, inhaled his scent.

She sighed, his scent, so much like her own and Godric’s yet different as well.

“You really should spend my feeding times naked, so much easier to access that which I desire most, second only to the blood I need to survive,” she whispered seductively.

He grinned lasciviously, “I thought you liked a challenge my love.”

She laughed, a full throated, from the belly laugh.  Her first in many days.  “I do enjoy a challenge but getting you out of your clothes is hardly a challenge.  How about we make my challenge for the night something a little more……challenging?”

“What would that challenge be then?”

She smiled, “How to keep you IN your clothes each time I feed.  I need to learn how to control my lust, we both know it.”

He pouted, “but I so enjoy these lustful times with you my Lover, why would you not want them to continue?”

She ran a finger over his pouting lips, put a finger between them, felt him suck it in and nibble on it, “Who said I didn’t want them to continue or didn’t enjoy them?  I do.  Immensely.  It’s just that I’m sure there will be times when I won’t have time, or it’s inappropriate, whatever the case.  I still should learn to control myself.”

She felt their Maker’s presence in the room, “You are right Sookie.  There will be times when it will be inappropriate or there won’t be time.  I’m just surprised you realized this so soon after your first rising.”

“So how do I do it?  Stop myself from attacking him, or someone else, after I feed?”

“Come, I have a donor for you.  We will work on this now since you seem to want to learn it.”

Reluctantly she lifted herself off of Eric and followed Godric to the living room where her donor was sitting in the same chair as last night.  He was standing behind the girl, waiting for his youngest child.

The girl’s blood was enticing, so sweet, so alluring…….She felt her bloodlust starting.  She looked within herself, saw where the red haze was coming from.  It was coming from something so very basic, as old as when the first vampire came forth.  It was a well deep within herself.  The well that held a vampire’s basic instincts.  The instinct to hunt, to feed, to fuck, to kill.  She saw the red haze trickling out of the well and simply blew it away from herself.

She looked back at her Maker, and her breakfast, and calmly walked over to them, taking her place behind the chair and in front of Godric.  She felt calm now, in control, at least for the moment.

She tilted the girl’s head to the side, caressed her neck right above the vein and was once again amazed that such a simple thing could cause such a reaction in a person.  She licked her lips in anticipation, willed her fangs down, bent over her meal and very gently punctured the flesh with her fangs.  Easy, so easy to pierce the flesh.  She drank and drank until some instinct within herself told her it was time to stop.  She sighed and followed that same instinct which told her to seal the puncture marks.

She willed her fangs back up and gripped the back of the chair, hard.  She could feel the sexual lust rising, see the red haze.  She tried blowing the haze away as she did before.  It didn’t work.

Once again she launched herself at him but this time he caught her, pinned her arms to her sides.  She struggled, fought against the hold.  She was growling and snarling.  She wanted him so badly!  He was whispering to her, wise words.  She struggled to listen, to find the thread of his voice.  “Think Sookie, think of something which does not appeal to you, like maggots on a days old carcass.”  She searched her mind for something, anything, which would qualify.  Her first thought was the scene in Bill’s room the night before but that only started her bloodlust again.

She found it, her thought, her secret that only Gran had known.  She concentrated on it, willed it into her mind and all thoughts of sex and blood simply disappeared.  She stopped struggling immediately.  As soon as she stopped Eric loosened his grip on her but did not let go entirely.

She turned in his arms, felt the erection her struggle had caused and smiled naughtily.  “Eric,” she purred, “Thank you.  Now, would you please fuck me into oblivion?!”

“With pleasure my lady.”  He picked her up and moved them to the bedroom where she landed on the bed the three of them had shared that day.

She could smell his scent on the bed.  She looked at him, a question on her lips.  “Yes, I shared the bed with you and Godric this day.”

She crawled over to the side where his scent was strongest, wiggling her ass at him as she moved across the bed, and was knocked over by a very horny Viking.

“You are playing with fire,” he growled.

“So teach me how to put it out,” she growled right back.  She wiggled against him, using her body to arouse him further.



  1. The red thread was a pretty cool idea. She’s got good control so far.

  2. Sookie’s desire is burning deep iside her…
    Eric knows how to put it out!

  3. Glad she is doing so well.

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