Judgment of WTC

A/N: There are three trials, all short, all written, all HIGHLY satisfying! grin

We’re nearly there though, to the end. I do have other stuff written to post once this one is finished so it’s not like you won’t have me for long but I’m running out of ideas to write about since most of them have already hit the fandom soooooooooo, anyone have any wonderful ideas?

Nearly a year after she was turned Bill had his Judgment Day. Most of that time he had spent in a silver jail cell waiting for the American Human Justice System to decide it didn’t have the necessary facilities to deal with two vampires who had murdered five humans just for the sport of having sex in their blood, both with each other and the other victims. They were sick and depraved by any standards.

They arrived at the junkyard early to make sure they had a spot where they could watch their backs and be on their guard.

The Magister was not a pretty man but he did have a warped sense of humour. He enjoyed the unusual and if a punishment was unusual you could bet he would go with that punishment over the more mainstream one. Nine times in ten you would win that bet, too.

There were several lesser judgments before they got to the main event, the Judgment of William Compton and his Maker, Lorena Ball.

He had all the evidence gathered by both the Dallas Police and the Dallas vampires, including pictures of the scene after the fact, pictures of both Bill and Lorena covered, head to toe, in the blood of their victims.

The blood had been proven to belong to their victims.

They had statements from witnesses who had seen the people leave with the vampires from the bar where they found their victims that night.

He also had the evidence gathered by the Area 5 Sheriff. Things were not looking good for Bill and they were about to get worse.

“William Compton,” he said. His voice was deep and commanding. Just listening to him made her tremble with the need to get away from him. “You have been charged with heinous crimes.

You have been found to be in collusion with your Queen to deceive a human and remove her from her home, family and friends. This is in violation of the laws which were enacted when we came out of the coffin three years ago.

You have also been found to have murdered, in hot blood, a relative of this human in order to isolate her and make her dependant on you.

You have been found to have used the sacred blood in an inappropriate way by using it to try and influence her rather than killing her since any knowledge she gained about us could not be glamoured from her.

You have been found negligent in reporting to your area Sheriff upon arrival in his area.

You have been found to have murdered five humans and had sex with some of those humans, and your Maker, in the blood of their counterparts.

Your punishment will be death by stake. Your monetary assets will be divided five ways and distributed to the families of your victims. Your non-monetary assets will be given to Godric to be kept in trust for Ms. Stackhouse until such a time as he feels she is responsible enough to take care of them herself.

Ms. Stackhouse, you may wield the stake which ends Mr. Compton if you so wish it.”

The onlookers were deafeningly quiet! A precedent had just been set! A former human would be allowed vengeance for the death of a member of their family while they were still human!

This precedent would be used for years to come in the judicial dealings with vampire/human court cases!

“I would Magister, thank you.” She had thought about this decision long and hard. She had considered the words of both her Maker and her Lover and her own feelings on the matter. No matter how much she didn’t WANT to be the one to wield the stake she knew she HAD to in order for her to feel safe again, to know that he wouldn’t be coming back.

“I am being condemned for something my Maker commanded?” His voice was as calm and cool as always, belying the fact he was an inferno inside.

“No Compton. You were released decades ago. As such you could have refused her summons or command. You chose to do her command, making you responsible for your actions.”

Bill looked at Sookie. There was something unreadable on his face. “Sook-ay I do love you I didn’t…”

Godric and Eric stepped out of Sookie’s way. Now was her time to shine.

She rushed forward and grabbed the stake from the stand beside the Magister. She met Bill’s eyes and pushed the stake through his heart, ending his miserable existence before he could speak another lie.

She walked calmly back to her place behind her Maker to watch the rest of the proceedings.


A/N: Yes, out of character for Sookie, to actually kill someone whether they had hurt her or not BUT two differences. 1. She’s a vampire now and she’s been embracing her vampire nature for a full year now. She has had time to contemplate things and rationalize her decision in a way she can handle without the shitload of guilt we see her carrying in the books AND without being an annoying ass about it as we see in the show. 2. In my mind her acceptance of the supernatural way of dealing in blood and gore is her own supernatural pre vampire showing through. At this point she doesn’t know she’s part fae BUT it’s written in her genes that she’s super natural so she has an easier time accepting it even if she doesn’t understand why.


  1. I love how they set a legal precedent! Great idea.

  2. Yes Yes Yes…loved this!

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