Conversations and a Plan

They were in one of Godric’s homes and she was asking questions.

“Eric, when do you have to be home?”

“I have a few more days here then I must attend to my Sheriff’s duties.”

“Good.  Godric, do you have any responsibilities, other than me, which require your attention?”

“I do not.  You were there when Nan Flannigan stripped me of my title.  You are currently my only responsibility other than a few businesses which I have majority shares in but I have managers for those.  They will be fine without me for a time.”

“I would like to go home.  I should let Jason and my friends know what’s happened although I am NOT looking forward to those conversations in the least and I need to somehow get my house vampire safe

“Of course you can go home child.  I will gladly accompany you.

I would like to spend some time with both of my children and with Pam.

Do not worry about the cost of modifying the house.  You are my child, therefore it is my responsibility to make sure you have a safe place to rest so I will pay for the modifications.

I am sure Eric has a place we can stay until your house is complete.”

“I do Godric, several places actually.

Sookie, there is something you should know now that you are a vampire and will be living in my area.  Every vampire who lives in Area 5 must spend twenty hours a month at Fangtasia on display for the Fangbangers and tourists.  In return you get a reduction on any taxes you pay on what you earn outside those hours.  Since you are a newborn you do not have to pay taxes so the reduction will be applied to Godric as your Maker and will be added to the reduction he gets for being on display as well.”

I knew about the vamps having to be on display but was hoping you would forget about it.  How long do I have before I must be there?”

“A month after your first rising or when your Maker clears you as safe around humans.”

“How long will it take on the house?”

“Depending on the extent of the modifications it could take a few days to a few months.  We won’t know until we have a contractor look at it.”

“I’ll tell the two of you what I want to happen so I can accomplish my goals.

I want to monitor the changes to my house.  I don’t want it to look any different than what it does now but I do want to make it safe for us.

I also have a long term goal once I have the money to do it.”

“You have many plans my Sookie, what is this long term goal?”

She smiled, “Something I’ve thought about since Bill brought Harlan around Merlotte’s the night the Monroe nest was burned out.

He was travelling, CoffinSurfing, to different places around the world and spending the day in the coffin in a strange vampire’s home.  His visit didn’t end so well since he was the fourth vampire they found in that nest.

I would like to do a combination of CoffinSurfing and a bed and breakfast for vampires.

I won’t invite them into my own home but I would like to buy Bill’s, fix it up and rent out the rooms there.  Make the whole house light tight so those who are able to rise earlier can get up and move around without being in danger.”

Eric walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her, “Lover, you are a marvel.  Only you would think of a B&B for vampires!  How would you like it if I went in it with you as a partner to give you some start up capital.  If it works as well as you think it will I might be willing to expand it to include some of my properties that I don’t use very often.

What do you think Godric?”

“I think she’s trying to move things along too quickly, however, the house won’t be on the market until his final death is confirmed so if she wishes to do it I don’t see a reason why not.”

She beamed at both of them, proud of herself.

“A partner would be a good thing, especially one who knows how to run a business and make it profitable so yes Eric, having you as a partner would be great.



  1. A vampire B&B is so unique! You could almost write a story about the different visitors etc.

  2. Clever girl and interesting idea!

  3. A B&B for vampires?
    Awesome…and I’m so glad Sookie and Eric are in this together!

  4. Vampy B&B interesting. Although you’d still have issues with FOTS people trying to burn it down if they knew where it was.

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