They took her to see Bill: her Maker and her Lover.

She knocked on his hotel room door. She sniffed, sex and blood were in the air.

There was scuffling behind the closed door. She used her keycard to gain entry.

He was there, bathed in blood, dead bodies surrounding him.

She was there too, smiling maniacally, bathed in the blood of the dead.

Her fangs descended. Her mind was frenzied. She wanted it. She needed it! She lunged for it but was prevented. “No my child, the blood of the dead is sacred. Come, we will find you some fresh.”

He pulled her out of the room, away from that which they all craved. She was struggling, fighting his hold. She wanted it!

They got to their room. He still held her. Without the smell she was slowly calming. He held her close.

Comfort! Yessssss, comfort and blood. BLOOD! “Masterrrrrrrrrrrrrr, feed, blood, need it!”

She was wild again. Snapping, snarling, growling. The scent! Where is it? Want it! She saw it!

He let her go and she grabbed for it, drained it. “MORE!” Over and over again she drained the glasses, the bags, until finally the haze receded. She could think clearly now.

“Master, I am sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“There is nothing to be sorry for. You are newly risen. You have not yet learned to control your blood lust. You will though. We will help you. That is part of a Maker’s job, to help his child learn to control her lusts, to show her there is a time and place for each.

That was a good lesson though. Tell me, what did you learn?”

She thought about his question. “You are there for me. You won’t let me do anything I shouldn’t.”

“That’s right.

Now that you have fed it is time to teach you something else. It is time you learned to feed from the living.”

“Must I?”

“You must. Would you like a scene like in the other room to happen because you didn’t know how to feed properly? I will order a donor for you and then go take care of Bill and his Maker. It will go through the human justice system first but since they don’t have the necessities to deal with it it will be handed back over to vampire authority.

Eric will stay with you.”

They sat on the floor, cross legged, facing each other, “Eric, how do you control the lust?”

“I have a thousand years on you Sookie. It took some time and much practice but I learned and you will as well.

More often than not I simply don’t breathe in the scents around me unless I need to or have just fed. It’s usually the scent of the blood that starts the bloodlust.”

“You still breathe?”

He laughed quietly, “Don’t you?”

“Yes but I thought it was my body remembering when it was still human.”

“That’s only part of it. Do you know what the larynx is?”

“It’s what enables us to speak.”

“Do you know what causes the sounds we make?”

“Air moving over and around the larynx.”

“How do we get air?”

She huffed, “We breathe.” Her eyes lit up after a moment. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I get it! We don’t need the oxygen but we do need the air movement in order to vibrate the vocal chords so we can make sound!”

“You got it Sookie. Now, Godric is on his way back and your donor is waiting in the hall. It is time for another lesson.”

Her donor was sitting in a chair and Godric was standing beside him waiting for his child.

“Are you ready Sookie?”

She could smell the man’s blood from across the room. She could feel her blood lust rising. She stopped taking in air. The lust that had started was still there but it didn’t get any worse. She smiled, pleased with herself.

Godric looked from her to Eric and back again. He could feel her hunger but she wasn’t approaching. “Eric, what is going on?”

“I believe she is trying something she just learned about.” She nodded her head.

“What would that be?”

“Not breathing as a way to control the bloodlust.”

He nodded, “Always a good lesson now come, it is time you learned to feed from a live and willing donor.”

She walked over to him, still not breathing. He placed her behind the man and he stood behind her. He leaned them over the man and pointed out a vein in his neck. “Do you see the blood pulsing beneath his skin?”

She nodded, still not daring to breathe.

“Caress it, run your finger over it lightly.” She did and was amazed to see the vein rise slightly and the pulse increase a bit.

“Can you hear the pulsing of his blood through his body?” She nodded again.

He smiled at her. “It’s okay to breathe again. Remember your earlier lesson?”

She took in a shallow breath, “I do.”

“Good. You are doing well.

Now, will your fangs down. Just think about them and what you want them to do.”

She thought about her fangs coming down so she could feed and there they were!

She gave him a fangy smile so he could see.

“Very good, now lean over him and gently sink your fangs into his neck.” She bit and was awash with the warmth from the blood, the scent, the man’s own thoughts. His thoughts were all sexual in nature so the combination of his blood and his thoughts was quickly sending her into sexual lust.

No sooner had she removed her fangs from his neck than she launched herself at Eric. She was ripping his clothes from his body once again only this time she wasn’t stopped. She would either complete the act or stop herself.

She growled at him, ripping his pants open and rubbing herself against his hardened member. She was purring now, rubbing herself all over him, marking him as hers.

“Eriiiiiiiiiiiic…need…you…now!” She punctuated the last word by impaling herself on him. She howled with pleasure, pleased with herself, pleased that she finally had this gorgeous man buried inside her. She rode him through three orgasms before she found herself underneath him, his cock still buried inside her. She was growling and scratching at him, begging him to finish what she had started.

He happily complied, seeing this for what it was: her relieving her lust before it consumed her. There would be time enough later for making love and teaching her what it meant to be loved thoroughly.



A/N: My muse loves reviews! This story IS finished unless someone comes up with a totally awesome idea, lol. I will post once a week. This way I have time to get the next story finished, proofed, proofed again, input and then can start publishing. MWAH!

  1. That was a neat trick Eric shared with her about not breathing. I guess we know why Bill didn’t feel Sookie die now.

  2. So happy for Sookie it’s Godric who teaching her to control herself while feeding… just imagine if Billy boy would have been her maker!
    I don’t blame Sookie in wanting Eric though!

  3. lol for out of control sookie.

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