Back In Dallas

The week after the Judgments she accompanied Godric on his business trip to Dallas so he could check on his holdings there. She was able to renew some acquaintances while there. Isabel was there and didn’t hold a grudge against her for being the one to discover that her human, Hugo, had been a traitor. They were even able to spend part of an evening with each other. They went to the movies, some chick flick which was popular right then, and went to a vampire friendly cafe to just talk and have a drink.

Sookie felt renewed after an evening out on the town, away from her Maker and her brother/Lover for the first time since she was turned. She returned to the nest with a bouncier spring to her step and a brighter smile on her face. It was nice to have some down time where she didn’t have to learn or worry about anything. An evening to just be and reflect on what the last year had been like for her.

She was snuggling into her Maker’s embrace, preparing for her day’s rest, “What has you so happy my child?”

She smiled, “It has been nice to have a night off Godric. No learning, no worrying, no planning, just being. The last year has been a whirlwind of learning about what it means to be a vampire, how to be a vampire and worry about what if Bill had escaped or not been condemned to death. I guess it was all weighing on me and I didn’t realize how much until I was away from it for a little bit.

I had fun tonight with Isabel. We talked and she helped me to see a few things which I hadn’t been able to because I’m so close to them.”

“What did you learn?”

“I learned that I fit in with everyone else, I’m not the exception to the rule any more. No vampire is the same. We are all supposed to follow the same rules but we are all different, individuals.

I spent my human life trying to fit in, to be normal when it just wasn’t possible. I don’t have to try any more, I just am. My telepathy set me apart from the rest of the human race, a fact I had to live with each and every day. I wasn’t happy, for the most part, because I couldn’t see the bigger picture. I couldn’t see that each human is different from the others as well. They each have their own set of abilities or disabilities. There really is no ‘normal’ because no one IS the same, they’re not meant to be the same. Everyone is created differently for a reason, we just don’t usually know what that reason is.”

“I’m proud of you my child. Life, whether you are mortal or undead, is about learning.

You have learned and accomplished much in the last year. You have a single minded determination which is rare to see if it isn’t connected with some sort of lust and it has served you well this last year. It will continue to do so the older you get.”

She smiled at him and went under as the sun rose for the day.

She was able to spend a couple of nights with Eric when they returned home. He even took time away from the bar in order to spend the time with her. Godric had even consented to her having the time without his presence. The first time she was allowed to spend more than a few hours away from her Maker since he was only a bond call away and he thought she now had the control she needed in order to do so.



  1. Sounds like Sookie enjoyed her night off with Isabel. But I think she’s the one that’s driving herself so hard!

  2. Yes indeed Sookie accomplished more in this past year as a vampire …she finally fits in.

  3. Sounds like she is growing up well

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