Godric and Eric were sitting in the living room. It was shortly after sunrise, the only time they truly had any time together without the younger vampires. The advantages to age?

“Eric, just how did you not get charged with treason?”

“I went to the Magister in private some months ago.

It’s well known he’s not fond of how The Authority has things set up, especially when it comes to appointing Monarchs rather than letting them fight it out as they used to do. He may have a warped sense of humour but he is a traditionalist in some respects.

I gave him a hypothetical situation and he told me, hypothetically, what would happen. We then discussed the actuality and he decided that the sacredness of the blood outweighed a treasonous act.

We’ve kept in touch. I had enough information for him a couple of weeks ago, we were just waiting for him to be back in the area so he could pass judgment. The fact that it came on the heels of Bill and Lorena’s judgments was just icing on an already delicious cake!

What about you? I haven’t dared ask this question before but I feel it’s time I heard the explanation of why you were suicidal last year and what really changed your mind.”

“You’re right Eric, it is time you had your explanation.

It had been months, close to a year, since I was right with the world. Truly I don’t know how it came to my wanting to meet the sun but I will tell you how Sookie managed to change my mind.

We were up on that roof. I was thinking how alike the two of you are: how wilful, how compassionate, how stubborn. I was also thinking that I could care for her if she would let me. I was looking for a way out that didn’t make me look weak just so I could get to know her better and she offered herself. She also loves you my child. She told me so that night and I can feel it in our bond. Whenever she looks at you her happiness spikes. When the two of you are together her happiness is nearly painful for me it is so profound.

She gave me that way out and she was right. I did need another to love and care for.

She let me see that there is still goodness in this world if we only look for it. We’ve become complacent with our time. We no longer seek out adventures, we stick with the tried and true.

She was right about something else the other night as well. She said she was happy. I am too. I’m glad she talked me off that roof. If she hadn’t I wouldn’t be here.

Yes, I realize you were there all along but you have your own life, your own child. I did not WANT you to need me as I needed you and was too stubborn to admit, to the one I have loved deeply for a millennium, just how bad off I was.

Tell me, why had you not claimed her?”

“It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying! She couldn’t be glamoured so getting her to leave Bill that way couldn’t happen, besides I found myself wanting her to come to me on her own terms, I didn’t want to force her and now, knowing what I know about her childhood, I’m glad I didn’t. She might have forgiven me eventually, but it would have never been an easy truce. She would have always doubted me, she wouldn’t have fully trusted me.

From the first moment I laid eyes on her I wanted her. This was even before being close enough to catch her scent. Her scent was better even than the cleanest AB-! I can only dream about what her blood tasted like.

As I’m sure you are figuring out, she is just as stubborn as I am, sometimes more so.

I can remember the first time I hired her for her telepathic services. Sorry, hire is the wrong word. I made Bill bring her in to find out who was stealing money from the bar.

She stood up to me! A 6’4″ Viking Vampire and she stood up to me! She said she wouldn’t do the readings I wanted unless I turned the guilty party over to the human authorities to deal with as they saw fit. Bill may have made her scared of me but she still at least respected my position, of which she was very ignorant.”

“I think she knew more than you think Eric. She’s very observant, if no one told her she more than likely figured quite a bit of it out on her own.”

“I know she’s observant, smart too. She’s not smart in a book learning way either, she lived more life in her short twenty-five years than most do in their normal life spans. Not all of it has been good and most of it was in her last few months of mortal life.

I have never seen a vampire go at something with such single mindedness when it didn’t have to do with blood, sex or battle yet she has spent the last year working on her hunting and tracking, improving almost nightly. She may not realize it but she has accomplished something she should be very proud of. I have never seen anyone improve their hunting and tracking at the rate which she has done. She will be a force to be reckoned with when she finally takes some time off to truly enjoy being a vampire.”

“You think she doesn’t truly enjoy her existence?

Once she got over her frenzies our bond shows that she is truly happy no matter what she is doing. She has embraced being a vampire like none I’ve seen before. She was born into this world to BE a vampire. It also shows that her love for you is deep, almost on par with your love for her.”

“Godric, how would you feel about my bonding with her?”

“I think I would like to hear your reasoning for it.”

“When she wasn’t even a week old I told her that even as a human she had the potential to be a wonderful mate. I still believe that.

She has a fire in her that pulls you to her. You want her to be the centre of your universe. You want to take care of her, protect her, let no harm come to her.

She is level headed as long as you don’t anger her and even when angered she is magnificent! When she has a few more years and has more weapons training I would be proud to have her at my back!

She’s feisty. She stands up for what she thinks is right and doesn’t back down until either she proves herself correct or you have proven to her that you are. There are no shades of grey where she is concerned, it is all black and white, right or wrong.

I have been intrigued by her since the first time she stood up to me. I wanted her before that but it was more my wanting another notch on my belt, and to take her from an unworthy vampire, than having any real feeling for her at that time.

The more time I spend with her, the more I learn about her, the more time I want to spend with her and the more I want to know. She has captured not only my heart but my mind as well. She makes me look at things from a different perspective, one I would have never considered before.

I love her Godric, more even than myself.

Eventually I want to pledge myself to her as more than a sibling or protector. I want us to be mates Master, mates for eternity.”

“Those are certainly some compelling arguments Eric. I will give my blessing as long as it is what she wants as well.

The pledging can wait. She’s not ready yet, she doesn’t know enough about the supernatural world in general and the vampire world in particular. She needs to learn more about herself and the world first but I will gladly give my blessing when she is ready.”

“I wasn’t going to jump right into pledging Godric. I simply wanted your opinion.

As long as she loves me, and allows me to love her, I am content.”

“I believe you are content then.

I am going to rest. Good day Eric.”

“Rest well Master, until tonight.”



  1. Wow, Eric gave a lot of detail as to why he loves Sookie. It was very sweet.

  2. Lovely talk between maker/child…
    Loved how they both care for Sookie and want the best for her.

  3. Great talk between my favorite guys

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