Another Judgment

A/N: This one is short, just 345 words, but it makes the point, I think, that you don’t flaunt the laws whether they’re vampire laws or human/vampire laws.

“Very well.

Sophie-Anne LeClerq.” The atmosphere surrounding the junkyard was charged now! A Queen being brought up on charges? Unheard of! “You,” he continued, “have been charged with distributing the sacred blood for the purposes of money gain.

You have been found to be in collusion with Mr. Compton to deceive a human and remove her from her home, family and friends. This is in violation of the laws which were enacted when we came out of the coffin three years ago.

You have been found lacking in all ways. You are stripped of your title as Queen. The Authority will appoint a new Monarch within the month. You will also pay back all monies gained through the sale of the sacred blood to Sheriff Northman since it was his private monies which you were paid with.

You will be staked.

Any assets, apart from your children, will be distributed among your children and Ms. Stackhouse. If you have not paid Sheriff Northman by the time of your final death any monies owed him will come from your assets.”

She glared at Eric, he simply smirked back. He had played his hand well and come out on top, again.

You could tell she was communicating with at least one of her children. The Magister burst her little bubble, “Sophie-Anne, your children are currently silvered and will remain so until you have met your true death. No harm is to come to Sheriff Northman, his progeny, his Maker or his progeny or any of the vampires in Area 5. They are under the protection of the Authority until such time as it is deemed unnecessary.”

Her face was unreadable but her voice belied the volcano inside, “you OBVIOUSLY have no idea just who the fuck I am!”

“I know exactly who you are. You are no longer the Queen of Louisiana and you have spent far too much time in my presence.”

He stood and took another stake from the stand and ended her long and not so great reign of the state of Louisiana.



  1. Ha! QSA totally deserved that. Short but sweet.

  2. This was great!

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