Judgment of Lorena Ball

“Ms. Ball, you have been found to have murdered five humans and had sex with some of those humans in the blood of their counterparts.

Your punishment will be to meet the sun. Your monetary assets will be divided five ways and distributed among your victims families. Your non-monetary assets will be go to your other child who will be given her freedom and not be considered an asset.”

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt t?!


I will NOT submit to this!”

She was fighting her guards, silver and all. She would NOT meet the sun! It wasn’t HER fault they had been found out! It was that bitch’s fault! The one he had cried about for nights after he discovered he could no longer feel her. Even in the midst of all that wonderful fucking and feeding and killing he had been crying like a baby, something about having failed his mission, that he would be killed because he hadn’t delivered the bitch!

Like she cared about some mission? She could have gotten him out of that if he had only confided in her but noooooooooooooo, cry baby didn’t love his Maker!

She was hissing and growling, trying to escape her guards but they had a good grip on her, they were not going to lose her

“You have no choice in the matter Ms. Ball. I’m judge, jury and, in most cases, executioner. My word IS the law.

“Sheriff Northman, I believe you have other charges against another vampire?”

“I do Magister. You have the paperwork and charges in front of you.”



  1. Another vampire? I can’t wait to find out who! And I’m glad Lorena’s other vampire cold will be free.

  2. Oh poor little thing…what goes around comes around Lorena!

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