The Search

Eric had been to Compton’s house several times over the last few months. She had even been allowed to accompany him on two of those occasions.

They hadn’t found much but what they had found was incriminating and made her blood boil!

They had found someone to hack into his computer, email and media accounts only to discover that it was their very own Queen who had sent him to procure her. She wanted her own telepath by any means necessary, damn the consequences. They followed his progress reports from the night he first arrived in Bon Temps.

Everything from how he had avoided reporting to the Sheriff to how he had stalked Sookie for a month before he finally made contact was in those reports. There were even pictures of her at all times of the night and day. Some were singles, some she was with family or friends. The most inflammatory, to her at least, were the nude pictures of her. Some of those pictures were even sticky with what her instincts, and her own nose, were telling her was his semen! The bastard had masturbated on her pictures!

There were even letters from the Queen to him telling him to take whatever measures necessary to isolate her, to make her dependent on him for all her needs.

There were letters from him to the Queen detailing the death of her Grandmother, including things which hadn’t been released to the media like what she had been killed with, and her cat, the apprehension of the supposed attacker, how her friends were trying to get her to listen to reason and at least be cautious around him. The most incriminating, the absolute worst though, was his detailing how he had talked the drainers into attacking him (not much of a talking into if what she read from their brains was any indication) and how she had ‘saved’ him from them, refused to even touch the vials of his blood and been smart enough to wrap the silver chain they had used around her neck and arms to try to prevent him from feeding. He also described how they had beat her up so badly he had ‘felt the need’ to heal her to ‘pay her back’ for rescuing him.

He had watched as she was beaten to a bloody pulp! Listened as she cried out for help!

She was beyond angry now! It took almost a week for her to regroup and put her anger to good use. She put her anger into her training. She shelved some of it to use when she staked him!


  1. I’m glad she knows the truth about Bill now. I hope she gets her revenge!

  2. Fucking asshole!
    I hope Sookie could kill him herself!

  3. ooohh Hope she keeps that anger to take out on Scumbill

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