In Between

A/N: Just a short little chapter to fill in some blank time. One more short little filler then we get to the meat :D.

I’m glad everyone’s enjoying the story.

The past months had been put to good use.

The modifications to her house were completed in a week. They had simply replaced most of the windows with tinted glass which filtered out all harmful light waves, similar to the glass used in higher end vampire friendly hotels and the bedrooms had had light tight shutters installed as extra protection. They had also installed a security system on the main house with extra security on the bedrooms in case someone like her brother managed to get in during the day. She had also had the whole house painted and installed a new fridge and microwave.

Currently they were working on plans to convert the attic to a place where she could practice her hand to hand combat and weapons training.

She was learning new things nightly. Right now they were working on hunting and tracking. They had discovered that her sense of smell and vision was better than average so she was able to find and follow the most obscure or hidden signs that most vampires would miss. Things like someone knocking a small piece of bark off as they climbed a tree or the slight change in scent if they changed clothes.

Hunting was fun! She got to put her tracking skills to good use and, if they were in the city or had glamoured someone to come out to test her, she got to feed from them once she had caught them!

The first time she had caught someone she had been hunting her blood lust was pushed to the forefront worse than ever. It took a command and both of them to calm her enough that they felt it was safe enough for her prey to leave.

The taste of the blood of someone who was running scared was so vastly different from that of someone who willingly gave of themselves that it took them nearly two weeks to bring her down from the high of that first catch and her first taste of wild blood.

Two weeks of being afraid to let her out of their sight for fear she would slip off and hunt down someone and kill them because the blood tasted that different from that of the fangbangers which were their usual fare.

The blood of the average fangbanger was rancid and unappetizing compared to the fresh blood of the fresh caught prey, the unwilling participant in the hunt if she were to escape their vigilance.

She was sexually insatiable during those two weeks. Not that Eric minded but it did make it difficult to fulfill his other duties.

Finally they were able to get through to her and get her to think of whatever it was she thought of that first time she successfully fought the sexual lust after feeding.

They, along with Pam and other area vampires, taught her what they knew about how to defeat an opponent whether the opponent was close to the same age or several centuries older. Even if she couldn’t defeat them she could most often debilitate them long enough to escape, using her tracking skills to prevent herself from being found.

The date of Bill’s judgment at the hands of the Magister was fast approaching.

Eric had paid her what she was owed for her work in Dallas and she had put most of into a special account that wouldn’t be touched until she could set the plans in motion for the Bed and Breakfast and the CoffinSurfing. She still planned to do it she had just had to put it on hold until Bill’s judgment had been handed down and his final death confirmed.



  1. Ewww. Interesting about the hunting, but still ewww!

  2. What can I say? Kill Bill! Great story. You make a like able Sookie vampire and that’s saying something!

  3. Awesome..Sookie is becoming more and more aware of her vampire nature…
    liked that She has an excellent sense of smell… she could be a great tracker someday.

  4. Glad she is learning and doing so well

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